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Friday, October 25, 2013

Infected !

This morning, as usual, I went into my blog to check my "reading list", and see what my bloggers friends have published... (For this, I simply click on the red B of Blogger on the left side of my blog header)
To my BIG surprise (and disgust) I then discovered more than 20 PORNO messages and pictures, coming from a certain blog, named ".Santi Yago - Flirty Not Dirty ", which of course I didn't open.

YET, I'm curious to know how someone could enter into my Bloglist and pollute it like this ????

I'm gonna STOP using this "Friendship Threads" blog (created 7years ago), send a complaint note to Blogger... And then I'll think about creating another Blog, but certainly not with the same server.

have you already experienced such a bad trick ??  I hope you didn't, it s VERY FRUSTRATING AND DISCOURAGING...


  1. Be sure to let me know when your new blog is launched so I can continue reading & following! xo

  2. Yes, I read there is much SPAM on the blogs. Maiby you can use an robot for the SPAM. Sorry, for my bad English writing. I am Dutch. Let me know, when you chanche your blog. Hughs Wilma

  3. One of my posts has had some "comment" entries that are not only weird but not even understandable English. I don't know if those go out to my readers, but I just go in and remove them. They seem to be coming from some third-world country. I can understand why some bloggers have moved to the "prove you are not a robot" comment section. I don't like it but I sure do understand.

  4. Hi Nadine,
    I'm sad to hear that happening to your blog. I did have some trouble a while back where someone was taking the content of my blog and putting it on there own. That was a pain in the neck!! Hope you get this sorted and you do wonder how could they get in there and do that to your blog?
    Regards, Anita.

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