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Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Morning Star Count (2)

Inspired by Jessica at "Life Under Quilts", I just finished my first star early this morning...

I'm very pleased with the result,
although still pondering whether I'll use a dark or light background ???
Here it is on both options :

Your opinions would be highly and gratefully appreciated! (Note : the background fabrics on the pictures are not necessarily the ones I'd use. It's just to get an idea)

I'm planning 7 stars in total.
This first one will be placed (appliqued) in the center,
surrounded with 6 other stars, each one of a specific color.
The border will be made of multicolored hexies,
as a reminder of the central star...
At least, this is how I see it up to now, HeeHeeeee ;>)



  1. Your hexagon star is lovely! I really like it on the black background, as it makes the colors really "pop"

  2. The star is beautiful. I agree with Anne, the black background makes the colours "pop", the whitish-light gray helps the colours stand out in a soft way, I could myself see using this.

    I wouldn't use something coloured, though, that takes the viewpoint away from the stars, above all when you're planning to do some colour-play with the contrast of multicolour vs. specific colour.

  3. The black is GORGEOUS!!!
    I agree with Anne and Julia!
    What a lovely hexie-stars!
    Love, Ria.

  4. Your hexastar is very beautiful.
    Nice colours.

    Greetings, Manuela from Germany.

  5. Great star! To throw in my opinion, I like the light pink batik background .. it softens the whole thing. But really, do what looks best to you. Definitely make a few more stars before you decide though!
    Thanks for linking up ~

  6. I'm with Jessica on this one. I like the pink background, but I don't know why! All your fabrics seem to dance...

  7. Your star fabrics are beautiful. I like all three backgrounds you show. It'll be a difficult decision!

  8. Dark, definitely! Love the contrast and how bright the batiks look. The pink is okay, but not as stunning. Hope you put this up on Hexagon Alley when you decide!

  9. Definitely the black fabric...it makes the stars pop out from the fabric...this will be just stunning!


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