"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Back from Spain...

Hellooooo, dear friends !
We're back to Belgium, until next September,
in order to avoid the big Spanish heat,
and taking this opportunity to "refresh" our Belgian home
(painting, wallpapers, etc...)
Some things need to be done, from time to time, don't they ?

Of course, we had a wonderful time there,
and I must admit I didn't sew so, so much - ahem! -
Oh well, I did what I could, this is no competion, right?

Hereunder is a picture of my "Dutch Treat" project,
that I'm making in memory of my beloved mother.
This is reverse applique and I enjoy it very much.
One block at a time, I'll get there...

I need 64 blocks (8x8), out of which 38 are ready, up to now


My Spanish quilter friends are getting crazy with EPP,
and watching them going everywhere with their little projects
made my fingers itching for starting a new EPP quilt, HeeHee...

I had the perfect new companion with this book.
Do you know Jessica, of Life under Quilts ?
Oh, she really did a wonderful job with this book!
It's a must for every English Paper Piecing lover,
and full of inspiration...
Jessica is now starting a new quilt, made of 7 hexies stars,
and I've decided to follow her.
So here are my 7 stars, cut and pinned on big white sheets of paper
(paper table cloth, actually)

I guess there will be a center star, which I chose to be multicolored :

and then one of each color :

It took me 2 afternoons to sort out my fabrics and cut them,
but now I can paper baste and piece to my heart's content!

Well, this was quite a looong post,
I'd better go back to my sewing...

Have a good time, my friends !


  1. Hi Nadine! Great to see a blog post from you again. Just read your email so stopped in to visit. It is hot here now too but hopefully not too long. We need cool weather to quilt. :-)

    Hugs from Holland,

  2. Mooi en welkom terug in België. Groetjes Wilma

  3. I love the arrangement of color in those hexagon stars. Your reverse applique is looking good too and it is wonderful to see you back!

  4. Welcome home Nadine!!! Love to see some
    photo's of your trip. Have to share with us!!
    lol. Love your patchwork project, cool colours.
    Cheers, Anita.

  5. Wow Nadine,
    your stars are so wonderful. How they come together?
    Hugs Grit

  6. Hello Nadine,

    Greetings from Brazil. I love your blog very much. The hexagons remind me when I was in high school. My teacher taught us to make a bedspread with hexagons, which were too difficult to me.
    Best wishes,


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