"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Friday, March 15, 2013

Mid March Catching Up...

I'm so sorry I couldn't post earlier,
but life really caught me up,
not to mention that loooong winter we're having here.
Can you believe it's still snowing, and the T° goes down to minus 14°C ?
Quite unusual in Belgium, with spring at our doors !

OK, let's see where we are in Nadine's sewing/hooking room...

Quilting / Handpiecing

11 little baskets added to the growing pile...

together with 6 diamond stars...

I must say that the more I go, the more I'm really pondering
about those "egg duck" background diamonds.
1) about the color, and 2) the blue diamonds give a hexagon shape when pieced together,
so why not cut hexies ??
I think I'm gonna keep piecing the stars and let the background aside, until I find the answer.

Another story...
When my mother passed away, 20 years ago, I fell in a deep depression which, fortunately
led me to quilting that helped me so much! 
So I promised myself that, some day, I'd make a quilt in her memory.
Two years ago, I decided to start the "Dutch Treat" quilt, as mom' was of Dutch origin,
but I realized that I was still crying a lot, while piecing the blocks.
So the box was closed, waiting for better times... yet not forgotten,
and I kept collecting indigo blue fabrics for the purpose.

Last week, I decided to try again, and found such an inner piece and sweetness, 
quietly piecing a block that I just knew the time had come.

The precious box will now be staying on my working table,
until that love project comes to a finish.


My summer shawl is almost finished :
two rows to go + a nice edging, and it's done.

Learning from mistakes...
Last year, when in Spain, I fell in love with this variegated yarn

As I'm always in a "blankets" mood,
the silly me bought... 20 balls of it(!) HeHee....
Yet I didn't know that crochet requires loooong colour changes,
if you want to get the right effect,
and I was quite disappointed when having some trials,
as any pattern seemed to "disappear" into the many colours.
What to do?  What to do ?
A wise hooking friend then advised me to choose the simplest pattern possible,
and then to focus on a nice plain border...
I opted for double crochet, and here is the beginning of the blankie...
It measures 55" width and I'm planning it 65" long.

Lesson learned, I then found the right variegated yarn for hooking!
(what a woman wants...)
See what I mean ?

And to finish, my colourful "Gypsie Blanket"
is slowly reaching the end, with still 5 (looong) rows to complete
(mind your eyes, it's "flashy!)
It's rather big (60" width and 65" long, up to now)
but I can't hang it ouside, due to the bad weather.

Our grand-daughter Lily (3 years old) is crazy about that blanket,
and I guess it won't stay long at home, when finished...

Hey, hey, are you still there ??
Phew! Long post, huh ?
OK, I'll stop it here with a package I got yesterday :
inside was a crosstitch project I ordered to keep my hands busy,
while in Spain (light luggage, please! says DH)
I'm planning to hang it in our kitchen.
when done, of course, HeHeeeeeee....

Thanks for your visit,


  1. Well a real busy bee you are :)
    And how wonderful your tribute to your mum,hope you can enjoy the memories while working on it.

  2. Hé lieverd, wat een prachtige creatieve schat ben je toch!! Ik schrijf maar even in het "Dutch".... ;)
    Wat een mooie dingen allemaal!
    Ik begrijp helemaal je gedachten over het eigeel in de diamond stars...Misschien nog even wachten om te zien hoe het samen lijkt met nog meer sterretjes...?
    Kreeg een brok in m'n keel over je Dutch Treat Quilt..... You're in my heart, girl!! <3
    Ik wou dat ik zo'n gevoel had bij mijn moeder....
    En die prachtige Granny's!! M*O*O*I, al die frisse kleurtjes; geen wonder dat Lily die zo mooi vindt! Past precies bij zo'n plaatje van een meisje!
    Geniet ze; vooral van je kinderen en kleinkinderen en je stitching, ofcourse!

  3. I love all your projects! But I am going to comment on only one, and that is the "Dutch Treat". It does take such a long time to come around to where you can work on things and have that inner peace, instead of a horrible agitation and doing them just to keep yourself busy.

    My parents were killed together in 1989. In the months and then turning into the years after, I couldn't sleep at night so I would sit up and write or make notes. One of the papers had a very rough drawing of a concept I wanted to express in some kind of artwork, but I can't draw or paint, and I didn't quilt at that time, so I had no idea how it was ever going to be done.

    I started quilting in 2003 and maybe 5 years later I found a hexagon idea which would be the perfect "paintbrush" for my "vision" and I had hoped to work on it during the entire 20th anniversary year of their deaths, but some other very difficult losses around that time plunged me into a series of dark, horrible depression so I did little besides exist.

    I've recently been thinking about that whole idea again and "it's time" to start gathering fabrics and playing with them, and it will start falling into place exactly how it's supposed to.

  4. And off I went, forgetting what I originally had wanted to mention.

    I lived in Belgium as an exchange student when I was 18 (I'm now 53--YIKES!) , and have been looking for many, many years for the two families I lived with. Had little chance of finding them until Facebook gave me some hope. It's been time-consuming and only half-way successful (so far) but I have found the first family. Yeah! I've been in contact with the mother of the family, although difficult because my French is only "fair" for reading and nearly non-existent for writing, and she doesn't understand much English, but somehow it has worked ok. Anyway...She is now living in Huy, a short distance from where she was living when I was there. Are you far from there?

  5. First of all, your granddaughter is beautiful!!
    I was so charmed by your story of your mother's memory quilt. "To every thing there is a season..."
    Blessings to you

  6. I see you too like to be busy with many projects at once. I cannot work on just one thing at a time. :-)

    Love your summer shawl with its pretty touches of glitter. I also love your gypsy blanket.

    Your granddaughter is such a pretty little girl.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  7. Hi Nadine,
    What a lovely story about your Mum and the quilt you started. I'm glad you found quilting along the journey, it really is a comfort for the soul. I find the same peace in knitting actually. I'm glad you already know that since Lily loves that blanket it isn't staying with you long!! lol. I love the yarn that came home with you from Spain, it is really lovely. We're off to Italy in 5 weeks and I get the feeling some yarn will come home with me from there too!! lol.
    Take care sweet pea.
    Cheers, Anita.

  8. My goodness, Nadine! You have been one busy lady. Love your little baskets, stars and Dutch Treat blocks. Lily is beautiful! Will she follow in her grandma's talented footsteps?

  9. I love all your projects, and the stories behind them. Kids and grand kids are good for keeping finished projects from piling up somewhere. That piece wants to go with her, I'm sure.

  10. It looks like old projects are getting done. Good for you. Little by little. I'd stop the colourful crocheted blanket and finish is so that your cute little granddaughter can enjoy it.

  11. You have been really busy Nadine! Such lovely projects. I love the baskets you are working on. And the thread from Spain is just beautiful!

  12. OMG have always known you as a busy bee but all this!!!! Too much to take in hihihi, but you keep on going please!!! Lily is adorable! XXXD


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