"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Catching up...

Finally !
I have experienced some problems with my PC, lately.
Couldn't open my emails, nor send any,
and my blog was behaving badly.
Main bugs have now been chased away, yet some of them
still got to be solved.  We'll see...

Anyway, although many hours were spent (wasted) on the computer,
I managed to add a nice stack of 26 stars (Robyn's Block a Day Challenge),
plus 38 little baskets (Marian 's Wednesday Baskets Day), in total for February.
I'm quite happy with this progress

Some progress was done as well on my crochet summer shawl,

and I just can't wait finishing it for our next annual sejourn in Spain
(from 1st April to end of July)
Evenings can still be chilly there, in spring...

This coming March, I will focus on my crochet projects,
as well as on some additionnal little baskets.
The 6-pointed stars will have to rest in their box for a while...

Enjoy your sewing, my friends !


  1. I see beautifull baskets and stars. Your chrocet is also very beautifull. You are very busy.

  2. If you keep it up, your projects will one day be complete. How wonderful to have several things on the go.

  3. Hi dear Nadine, great to see you are back!!
    I mailed Robyn and Marian last week about your problems.
    Love your little stars and baskets! And what a lovely shawl! Such gorgeous crochet-work!Hope it will be finished before you leave for Spain.
    Love, XXXXXXX, Ria.

  4. You still managed to get quit some work done Nadine! Your baskets look lovely and your crocheting... beautiful!!!
    hugsssss, Jolanda

  5. Hello dear Nadine, we have missed you!!
    Ria did let me know what was happening and I'm so sorry you've had computer issues... hope they're all resolved very soon.

    You've made some wonderful progress!!
    Your shawl is lovely too and will be fabulous for your annual sojourn. We'll miss you xx
    Looking forward to sharing your crochet progress in March :)

  6. Love your stars and baskets!
    And the shawl is beautiful, good idea to take it with you to Spain.

  7. Don't you hate when that happens! Glad your computer woes didn't stop you from being productive. The stars and baskets blocks are wonderful!

  8. testing :)
    It's me again to see if this is a better way to reply... or not
    Robyn xox

  9. Hello Nadine! I have not visited for a while so needed to catch up with you. You are making great progress on your blocks. Will the stars also become a large quilt?

    Love your summer shawl. I just got my yarn yesterday in the post to make a summer scarf using hand dyed Mulberry silk. I ordered it from Nina in Hungary. Do you know her work? She dyes both yarns and stitching threads. I have a couple of patterns picked but have to choose which one to use. I finished my rainbow shawl last night so now I can start this one. By the way, did you ever find the Scheepjes wol yourself?

    Hugs from Holland ~


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