"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Baskets, Appliqué... and some crochet.

5 new baskets pieced this week.
Slowly, but surely, the pile is growing...
(sorry for the belated report : my camera batteries were "dead").

While sorting out my shelves, I found an old project
(6 years old, I think) :
"Ladies Garden Club"
of which I had only pieced the background.
I suddenly felt like doing all appliqués and had so much fun.
I think this will be perfect for next spring.
The pattern is from Linda Brannock in her book
"Mrs Jump's Farewell"
(unfortunately out of print).
It measures 50" / 60", and I'm planning to add some embellishments on the ladies' dresses
(buttons, lace...) and some embroidery on the flowers.

It's not a secret, you all know I'm addicted to crochet (especially to those cute "Granny blankets")
Yet, this time I wanted a light shawl for those fresh summer evenings.
So I've started this simple pattern (chain stitch - double crochet), with a thin yarn, and a crochet nr 4.
Shape : a big rectangle - 70" long / 25" heigth.

Thanks for visiting, my friends!


  1. Hi dear Nadine, love to see your cute little baskets!! Althought I just held my little diamond stars....... ;)) .... They were just calling so loud!!
    Crochet is also so much fun!
    I also croched a few shawls for the daughters and two of my friends. So great!
    And what a lovely ladies! They sure look like great fun!
    Enjou al those lovely projects!!
    Love,XXXXXX Ria.

  2. Hello Dear Friend Nadine - I love seeing your photos and projects. Glad you are posting more lately. I'm doing some crocheting myself but my current project is filet, using white crochet thread. I'm also doing some knitting but I need to get busy with WIP quilt projects as well. xoc

  3. Wow, you're getting to work on a lot of fun things. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Sheesh....those baskets are too darned cute! And that applique piece is going to be beautiful. I love crotchet, too, but haven't done it in years. Maybe I should go find my tub of yarn and start something! lol

  5. Love your little baskets, what size are they? Your Miss Jump project is cute and the shawl is lovely!

  6. Lovely bakets you have made this week!

  7. Such fine work... a delight to behold.

  8. Oh how I love your garden quilt. It will be fun to see your embellishments

  9. Hi Nadine,
    I love your quilt with the ladies on it. Your crocheting is beautiful.
    Cheers, Anita.

  10. Oh I do love those little baskets Nadine... they're on my one day wish list :)
    Your Ladies Garden Club is wonderful and so nice to pick up again after a long time.
    I love crochet too and your shawl is so lovely!

  11. You used wonderful colors for the hollyhocks. A good finish on a project that has been in the works for a good long while.


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