"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Hello, dear friends !

I've recently been checking my blog archives over the last 7 years,
and the fact is that I'm posting less and less for quite some time...

Not that I'm not sewing/quilting/stitching,
I'm happily swimming among MANY lovely projects,
as well as finishing some Ufo's...
It's just that I feel like having nothing very interesting
to tell you, except some small progress here and there.
(You all now I'm a handpiecer, and thus a slowcooker)

I 've been considering closing my blog,
but I'm sure I'd miss it somehow
(after all it remains a cherished
journal of my quilting life).
Moreover, I don't wanna become "Anonymous",
when visiting you all...

With years, Blogland has become huge,
and it's taking more and more time (out of our quilting time, let's be honest)
to visit all friends and give them the attention they/you all deserve.
(My own blogs list goes over 400 quilters blogs)

I think I just need a step back and some Outernet for the moment.
My head is filled with inspiration up to the point I don't know where to start with...
Consequently, I want to re-organize my quilting/sewing,
enjoy my family as much as I can
AND of course keep visiting you from time to time ;>)

So, don't worry, I'm just a buzzzzzzzy, buzzzzzzzy bee !



  1. You're sweet friend! And I'm glad youd didn't decide to stop your blog....
    Well, you are right....: the time we spend on the internet, is also time we could be stitching... ;) But there is so much to learn and see in Blogland..... I'm not always responding everywhere, but I love to see all the quilty stuff others work on...
    Love to you and keep on stitching; and enjoy your vacation!
    XOXOXOXO, Ria.

  2. I know what you mean. The World Wide Web can suck you in, and forget about time, tasks and projects. But it can also inspire and connect. I hope you keep on posting your projects. Even if it's once in a month or so.
    I love reading what you are creating, although I too don't always have time to respond. Big hug!

  3. You write so eloquently and I understand perfectly. I hope you drop in when you can and when you feel up to it. Happy stitching!

  4. I have been there several times. Family is more important than blogging. Do what is important to you! :)

    I will miss you - but certainly understand.


  5. I understand, too. My number of posts has dropped each year. Hope you will check in as you are able.

  6. Comme je te comprends.... je suis exactement dans le même cas...c'est pourquoi mon blog a disparu et réapparu finalement plus d'une fois... prends ton temps et ne poste que quand tu en as envie, nous aurons toujours plaisir à venir te faire un petit coucou ! et merci pour tes récents messages sur mon blog !


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