"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Monday, March 19, 2012


Time flies...
Yet, some progress have been done on my current projects.

A Gardener's Journal Quilt
(Anni Downs)
6 blocks (out of 9) are now ready for adding the embroideries.

Crochet - "Gispy Blanket"
10 rows completed (7 more to go + borders)

"On the Bench"
I couldn't resist appliqueing those little cuties for a wallhanging...
Now I'm pondering : border, or not ?
What do you think ?

LORI started this fantastic adventure, and created a blog for the purpose.
The idea is to make a very special quilt, just for yourself.
I decided to be part of the fun with my "Little Baskets"
(loooong-term / handpiecing  project in CW repro fabrics)
13 new baskets have been added to the 60 I had made so far,
 and I'm planning many, many more.
Some generous friends even sent to me some repro fabric squares,
so that I make no two alike, and I'm so grateful, because
CW repro fabs are still so seldom in my little corner...
If you want to know the reason for this quilt,
you can read it HERE

Some crosstitch
Is also tempting me.
Shhhhh..... Surprise !


As you might know, we're now living 6 months a year in Spain
(from April to November)
and we're leaving in about 3 weeks (just after Easter).
 I'm now busy sorting out my "things",
writing lists (and lists of lists) filling boxes with my projects,
so that I take everything I need... "but not too much!" says DH.  LOL

I guess my next post will be written from there...
In the meantime, take care, dear friends, and...
Enjoy your sewing !