"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Monday, January 23, 2012


Although fighting a bad cold (flu?) since last week,
I'm trying to focus on some progress with my projects,
sitting in front of the wood fire,
drinking hot chicken broth (yum!),
and watching some Jane Austen DVD's...
Hey, not so bad, after all !

As I told you before, one of my 2012 projects is
"A Gardener's Journal Quilt"
and I managed to piece Block N° 1.

There are 9 blocks in total, and I'm aiming
to piece them all (without joining them together),
so that I can bring them with me to Spain, and do all
the stitcheries, while there.
(We're leaving by end of April, until November)

Here are the fabrics I chose for the borders,
as well as the DMC embroidery threads.
I like preparing every project, using lovely boxes.
This helps me staying organized...

Crochet is also giving me so much fun,
and I added a 3rd row to my
"Gipsy Blanket"
 (taking a full picture is difficult because it's wide)
There are 13 squares width, and I'm planning to make 16 rows in total

Other projects (including 1, maybe 2 Ufo's )
are still simmering in my mind, but I'm not hurrying,
enjoying every stitch.
Tomorrow is another day...

Enjoy your sewing, my friends !

Monday, January 9, 2012


Well, the festivities are all behind us,
Xmas decorations have been put back to sleep,
A gooooood rest was taken, as well...
New year, new projects  !
Here are  my humble beginnings :
AaaaaHem !  Tadaaaaa
"Japanese Boxes"
From Quiltmania nr 81
A very simple, yet effective pattern,
giving me the opportunity of using all those Japanese
fabrics from my collection.
(The picture doesn't show the right color for
the upper triangles border, which are rusty red).
I'm planning to handpiece one row a week...

Aaaaah, crochet !
You might remember this recent post  of mine (clic),
about those delightful Turkish yarns...
Well, I finally started my "Gipsy Blanket", as I'm calling it,
and I can tell you it's pure blisssssss !
I'm planning one row a week for this one, as well,
for a total of 17 rows...

Another wonderful project (clic)
is on my working table, and I'm now busy
transferring the cute stitcheries on a beige background...

Of course, I won't let down some of my UFO's
(including handquilting),
and I will tell you more as I go, I promise.

I also chose my  focus word for 2012 :

- P E R S E V E R A N C E -

Until next week,
Enjoy your sewing my friends !

- Days are slowly getting longer...
- Some pheasants looking for food in the field, early this morning...
- Two of my kids coming for supper, tonight...
- Coffee brewing in the kitchen for a nice cuppa'...