"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Heartful Wishes ...

Dear friends,

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas time,
and a very happy New Year,
in love, joy, peace and health !

Thanks for your visits this year,
Thanks for your encouragements,
Thanks for the inspiration,
Thanks for your friendly care,
And above all...
Thanks for being you !


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Celebrating the Season with a finish...

Started in August 2011,
here's my version of Bronwyn Hayes "Wish Quilt"
(hand-pieced & hand-embroidered)

I just sandwiched the quilt top yesterday evening, and have now started the hand-quilting.

The original pattern was totally red and white,
but I used some green fabrics, as well...

and also put in some additional appliques,
such as ...

holly leaves, cardinal birds, a big snowman button...

tiny stars...

and pine trees .

There may be some little "uggly ducks", here and there,
but that's me and I made it with all my heart,
the cherry on the (Xmas) cake being that my
youngest daughter came for lunch yesterday,
and immediately begged it for her home...




Monday, October 1, 2012

New Chapter ... Nouveau Chapître ...

Last weekend,  Michelle, a French quilter friend proposed a weekly Web-meeting on scrappy projects, and I immediately jumped into this opportunity to bring some of my on-going/unfinished projects to a finish.  It's been more than one year since my "Klosjes" are sleeping in a drawer, so it's time to bring back those cuties - at least once a week -on my working table ... See you on Tuesday, Michelle !  ;>)

Ce week-end , notre Michelle-Giroflée a eu l'idée géniale de nous proposer une rencontre Web hebdomadaire (le mardi) afin de progresser sur nos projets scrap.  J'y ai tout de suite vu l'occasion de remettre sur la table - une fois par semaine - mes bobines, endormies dans un tiroir depuis plus d'un an...   A mardi, Michelle !  ;>)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ups and Downs...

September brought some sad moments to our family,
as our dear "Nonna" (my mother-in-law)
passed away, after having suffered from Alzeihmer for 10 years
She was a very courageous, simple woman,
who emigrated from Italy to Belgium in 1955.
I will always remember how she heartfully welcomed me, as a daughter,
how she celebrated the little daily  joys of life,
her genius in domestic economics,
and the way she kept her family all together with her wonderful cooking.
With her, I learned what the word Family really means,
which is such a precious legacy...

Rest in peace, dear Mamma.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


A Spanish friend had her birthday, last week,
and had asked me to make her an appliqué table-runner,
 as her B'day present...

- Here it is -
She was very happy

No pattern, it's a personnal design.
Fused appliqué + blanket stitch...
with a label, of course !  ;>)

The village also organized
 a local handwork small exhibit, as usual.
Not so many quilts, this year,
but gorgeous lace...

Lovely Nosegays...
Wool work...
I just love that bag !

Wonderful lace, everywhere !

Such talents!  I was in awe...



Sunday, August 12, 2012


Hello, dear friends !

I've recently been checking my blog archives over the last 7 years,
and the fact is that I'm posting less and less for quite some time...

Not that I'm not sewing/quilting/stitching,
I'm happily swimming among MANY lovely projects,
as well as finishing some Ufo's...
It's just that I feel like having nothing very interesting
to tell you, except some small progress here and there.
(You all now I'm a handpiecer, and thus a slowcooker)

I 've been considering closing my blog,
but I'm sure I'd miss it somehow
(after all it remains a cherished
journal of my quilting life).
Moreover, I don't wanna become "Anonymous",
when visiting you all...

With years, Blogland has become huge,
and it's taking more and more time (out of our quilting time, let's be honest)
to visit all friends and give them the attention they/you all deserve.
(My own blogs list goes over 400 quilters blogs)

I think I just need a step back and some Outernet for the moment.
My head is filled with inspiration up to the point I don't know where to start with...
Consequently, I want to re-organize my quilting/sewing,
enjoy my family as much as I can
AND of course keep visiting you from time to time ;>)

So, don't worry, I'm just a buzzzzzzzy, buzzzzzzzy bee !


Saturday, May 12, 2012


To all mothers, have a very happy mother's day !
Have a great day, dear friends,
enjoy your kids,
and take time to smell the roses !

And what a better day to show the beginnings of
 the new project I've started :
Dutch Treat 
In hommage to my dear, beloved mother,
who was of Dutch origin...


The book

My fabrics

and my first 2 blocks
(they're straight... it's just the angle of the picture)




Enjoy your sewing, dear friends !

Monday, March 19, 2012


Time flies...
Yet, some progress have been done on my current projects.

A Gardener's Journal Quilt
(Anni Downs)
6 blocks (out of 9) are now ready for adding the embroideries.

Crochet - "Gispy Blanket"
10 rows completed (7 more to go + borders)

"On the Bench"
I couldn't resist appliqueing those little cuties for a wallhanging...
Now I'm pondering : border, or not ?
What do you think ?

LORI started this fantastic adventure, and created a blog for the purpose.
The idea is to make a very special quilt, just for yourself.
I decided to be part of the fun with my "Little Baskets"
(loooong-term / handpiecing  project in CW repro fabrics)
13 new baskets have been added to the 60 I had made so far,
 and I'm planning many, many more.
Some generous friends even sent to me some repro fabric squares,
so that I make no two alike, and I'm so grateful, because
CW repro fabs are still so seldom in my little corner...
If you want to know the reason for this quilt,
you can read it HERE

Some crosstitch
Is also tempting me.
Shhhhh..... Surprise !


As you might know, we're now living 6 months a year in Spain
(from April to November)
and we're leaving in about 3 weeks (just after Easter).
 I'm now busy sorting out my "things",
writing lists (and lists of lists) filling boxes with my projects,
so that I take everything I need... "but not too much!" says DH.  LOL

I guess my next post will be written from there...
In the meantime, take care, dear friends, and...
Enjoy your sewing !

Monday, January 23, 2012


Although fighting a bad cold (flu?) since last week,
I'm trying to focus on some progress with my projects,
sitting in front of the wood fire,
drinking hot chicken broth (yum!),
and watching some Jane Austen DVD's...
Hey, not so bad, after all !

As I told you before, one of my 2012 projects is
"A Gardener's Journal Quilt"
and I managed to piece Block N° 1.

There are 9 blocks in total, and I'm aiming
to piece them all (without joining them together),
so that I can bring them with me to Spain, and do all
the stitcheries, while there.
(We're leaving by end of April, until November)

Here are the fabrics I chose for the borders,
as well as the DMC embroidery threads.
I like preparing every project, using lovely boxes.
This helps me staying organized...

Crochet is also giving me so much fun,
and I added a 3rd row to my
"Gipsy Blanket"
 (taking a full picture is difficult because it's wide)
There are 13 squares width, and I'm planning to make 16 rows in total

Other projects (including 1, maybe 2 Ufo's )
are still simmering in my mind, but I'm not hurrying,
enjoying every stitch.
Tomorrow is another day...

Enjoy your sewing, my friends !

Monday, January 9, 2012


Well, the festivities are all behind us,
Xmas decorations have been put back to sleep,
A gooooood rest was taken, as well...
New year, new projects  !
Here are  my humble beginnings :
AaaaaHem !  Tadaaaaa
"Japanese Boxes"
From Quiltmania nr 81
A very simple, yet effective pattern,
giving me the opportunity of using all those Japanese
fabrics from my collection.
(The picture doesn't show the right color for
the upper triangles border, which are rusty red).
I'm planning to handpiece one row a week...

Aaaaah, crochet !
You might remember this recent post  of mine (clic),
about those delightful Turkish yarns...
Well, I finally started my "Gipsy Blanket", as I'm calling it,
and I can tell you it's pure blisssssss !
I'm planning one row a week for this one, as well,
for a total of 17 rows...

Another wonderful project (clic)
is on my working table, and I'm now busy
transferring the cute stitcheries on a beige background...

Of course, I won't let down some of my UFO's
(including handquilting),
and I will tell you more as I go, I promise.

I also chose my  focus word for 2012 :

- P E R S E V E R A N C E -

Until next week,
Enjoy your sewing my friends !

- Days are slowly getting longer...
- Some pheasants looking for food in the field, early this morning...
- Two of my kids coming for supper, tonight...
- Coffee brewing in the kitchen for a nice cuppa'...