"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Friday, September 16, 2011

SPANISH UPDATE 3 ... a little bit of everything

Two Farmer's Wife blocks were completed, this week

Nr 5 : Bat Wing
(looking rather funny, when set on point, don't you think ?)

Nr 6 : Big Dipper

We're also strolling around, visiting markets, meeting people,
and having much fun  ;>)

Busy hands... Simple Life...

I WON'T move !

"Do you think they put garlic in there ?"

Cheap airco... 


Oooh, to be a little girl again, and wear those shoes for playing !

"Al' fresco" chatting...

See you next week, my friends,
Take care,
Enjoy your sewing !

Sunday, September 11, 2011

9 / 11 ... IN MEMORY

As long as we live, they too will live;
For they are now part of us,
As we remember them"

Friday, September 9, 2011


The fun goes on, and I've been stitching a little on :

The Farmer's Wife Quilt Project

Block 3 : Basket Weave

Block 4 : Basket

I'm aiming 2 blocks a week, together with
Valentina, Kathinca and Marga
 and have also signed in
These blocks are quite addictive, I must say,
and I'm so happy having started this project

My Travel Quilt

 Inspired by HER and her gorgeous EPP "travel quilts"
and started my own project, enjoying every stitch.
English Paper Piecing is mindless piecing, (yet very precise),
it often gives stuning results,
and above all : it is portable !
Who could ask for anything more ?

So here's the beginning of my project :

see the secondary tumbler pattern that comes around the stars ?
That's what made me immediately fall,in love with that project !
So... many, many more diamonds to come...

Have a nice weekend,
enjoy your sewing, dear friends !


Friday, September 2, 2011


After having experienced some delays,
(family comes first)
We finally could take the road to our Spanish retreat,
and here we are, happy as can be,
still pinching ourselves, when seeing the beauty from our terrace :
7am... such a pieceful moment !

We met some local old friends,
as well as quilters and quilt shop owners  ;>)
the latter proudly announcing their quilt exhibition
from today, until 13th Sept. on.
I'll post some pictures, of course...

No need to say I took some hand stitching projects with me,
including :

My travel Quilt
An English Paper Piecing project
(probably my most fav' technique), consisting of
loads and loads of 2 inches 60° white diamonds
to make 6 points stars,
connected with bright Batiks ones...

(next coming pictures will give you a better idea)

The Farmer's Wife Quilt
Inspired by Valentina ,
who convinced me that this was our best opportunity
of using those gorgeous shirtings we bought together,
some time ago...
And, of course, she was SO right :
these blocks are pure delight piecing !

So, here are my first attempts :

Block 1 : "Attic Windows"

Block 2 : "Autumn Tints"
For some reason, this picture refuses loading properly.
The dark blue squares should look horizontally,
and the tiny red ones are looking top and down. 
(but well, if you just bind your head to the right,  you'll get an idea. HeeHee...)

As you can see, I'm aiming to a "nautical look",
as this quilt is intended to our Spanish seaside nest.
(maybe I should re-name the project as "The sailor man's wife" ?)

 Another project in progress is
"The Wish Quilt"
(A Bronwyn Hayes Xmas stitchery-quilt)
While still in Belgium, I pieced the big blocks (6 in total)
so that I can complete the stitcheries at ease, while here.
I really would love to finish this quilt for next Xmas...
(pictures by next post).

Take care, friends,  enjoy your sewing !