"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Friday, August 19, 2011


A young, talended, Dutch quilter friend,
suddenly passed away,
last August 4th, while on vacations
with her beloved family.
I still cannot believe the news,
and I'm in deep thoughts with her,
as well as with her dear husband and 2 young sons.

Marieke, vriendje,
Samen, hadden wij zo'n plezier onze klosjes te maken,
en je had nog zoveel projekten!
Ik zal nooit naar mijn klosjes kijken, zonder een
speciale gedacht voor jou.
Vandaag, zal ik enigen maken,
in jouw eer.
Rust in vrede, schatje.


Note :
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Thursday, August 4, 2011


There must have been a quilty angel upon my head,
because this week was one of those special ones,
with lots of  fun mail filling my box

To celebrate the famous  "Sister's Outside Quilt Show"
the talented Bronwyn Hayes had organized a giveaway,
asking us to tell what the word "sister" means to us,
she would then choose 3 winners among the most appealing comments
And I won, I won, Yessssssss I did, lucky me !
So the big envelope arrived from far away Australia
(those long distance courriers, crossing the oceans to my little corner of the world,
still amaze me, and it always takes me a few minutes to realize)
 Look at that gorgeous wrapping !
And what's inside ???
Waow! Bronwyn's latest patterns + a cuuuute notepad !
Lucky, lucky me
THANKS, dear Bronwyn

But the mailman had a second envelope, HeeHee...
And this one came from The Netherlands ?!?
No pending order, no pending giveaway.
I was very curious...
Well, this lovely package came from a very special friend in Holland,
who decided to treat me "just because"
Look at that :
I love "just because" presents, aren't these the best ?
THANKS, sweetie!

And last, but not least, another envelope came today from Australia.
Did you check Liz's  Blog, lately ?
Ooooh, those "Dancing Dollies" ...
Such an adorable pattern from Trish Harper and available on Liz's Etsy Shop.
What ??  Of course I ordered it !  Resisting was useless, don't you think ?

THANKS, dear Liz,
Your envelope arrived in no time, as usual.

So I'll call this week "The happy Dance Week"
Don't you agree ?