"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Thursday, July 14, 2011

LAURA... Empty Nest Syndrom...

24 years ago...
she came into our lives quite unexpectedly,
as the icing on the cake of our beautiful family.
We were quite surprised and anxious,
but as a blessing she has always been
the most smiling child
among our 4 kids,
with such a good temper,
and a human caring nature...

Now she's starting an exciting new chapter in her life,
settling down with her beloved Nicolas
in their brand new appartment,
and we wish them
love, peace, happiness...

A strange feeling of emptiness is now filling our hearts,
as we realize the long path we walked hand in hand.
34 years of  love, joy, care, but also fears, tears, anxieties,
sometimes rich, sometimes poor, counting our dimes,
but with such a collection of blessings and precious moments.
Oh, those giggles, when we were 6 around the table !
Oh, those rushes to reach school on time !
Oh, those evening stories, we read together before sleeping !

We will now pay love and attention to this new chapter
in our own lives,
The story never ends, we're just walking a new path,
As time goes by...

More news on the quilty front, by next post.

Enjoy your sewing, dear friends !


  1. Wishing Laura and Nicolas a long and happy life together, and that she will also have her loved ones around her table!
    I am also excited about you and your new chapter. May there be friends and many stitches! Love you, my friend, V.

  2. I'll be thinking of you as I quilt on my youngest daughter's quilt at today's meeting.

  3. What a beautiful post Nadine! I can imagine you feel a bit lost now your children are going their own way but I'm sure they will visit you very often!
    And who knows... maybe you will have some new grandchildren in a while! ;-))
    happy sewing, Jolanda

  4. A new chapter begins and it sounds like you did a wonderful job of bringing this lovely young woman up. Happiness to both of them.

  5. trés émouvant ce message nadine, qui évoque autant de sentiments éprouvés par tant de parents au départ de leur enfants. nous souhaitons beaucoup d'amour, de joie, à laura et nicolas. bientôt , ton nid, si vide aujourd'hui sera rempli à nouveau par des cris d'enfants : ceux de tes petits enfants.
    bizzzzzzzzzzzz marité

  6. What a lovely and touching post! I have walked your walk and our "baby" of the family will alwys be the baby to us, her parents, as well as to her brother and sister!
    My, your Spanish retreat is lovely and something I've never seen. I'm amazed that the Internet can bring us all so close in a matter of seconds to see things we've never seen and talk with lovely people so far away in a land we can only dream about.
    Enjoy your retreat!
    Gmama Jane


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