"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Thursday, April 21, 2011


 WooooHoooo, long time no see !

I thought I'd share with you my latest (slow) progress, dreams and projects...

Lily's quilt
is coming along.
Some dollies still need hair, some flowers are waiting for stems and leaves,
and the last row is still simmering in my head.
But, all in all, I'm happy with the way it's taking shape...

New Patterns !
I've been doing a little "business" with sweet INGE, about a Sue Dalley's pattern that I love,
which she had, but didn't feel like doing any longer.
Some emails and postoffice visits later, a sweet package of happiness was hitting my door.
THANKS, dear Inge, trading with you was such a pleasure.

A new addiction ???  HeeHee...
I recently visited zillions of beautiful crochet blogs,
and just couldn't help trying my fingers on a particular, easy pattern.
Crochet is like bicycle : once you can, you never forget,
and -WOW - it's sooooo addictive, indeed !
Now I really can say I'm hooked
So I bought loaaaaads of cream, red and blue yarn in order
to crochet my first (big) afghan.
This will be my next summer holidays projects.
Wish me luck !

(6 squares down, 186 more to go!  LOL LOL)

A cruise !?!???
Hellooooo !  What do you think of that ?  HeeHee...
Yes, my lovelies, my sweet friend VALENTINA decided to join me for a loooong,
exciting Dear Jane Cruise !
 We chose the "Contemporary Dear Jane" (clic) one,
and I'm sooo happy and grateful !

(By the way, if you didn't do it yet, please go, go and check Vali's blog!
You'll see her breathtaking klosjes quilt top, as well as her gorgeous Camelot blocks.
Her use of colors & fabrics is so special.
Vali's got that talent of choosing a pattern and making it her own style)

Some years ago, I did start a DJ quilt.
Unfortunately, the teacher insisted on using CW repro fabrics,
which I love, yet I was constantly fighting against my instinct
of choosing more vibrant tones for that project. 
So I gave up after 38 blocks...

Now I'm using jewel tones and K.Fasset fabrics, on a natural white background,
(including the sashings)...and it feels sooo good !

DJ  A1 - A2 - A3 - A4 + A5 in the making...

Well,  I still had A LOT to tell you,
about Lily's birth celebration,
about an award I got from sweet JOLANDA,
but I guess these will be for next posting, OK ?

ENJOY this new life,
spreading all over our souls, hearts, and nature !



  1. Oh so many bits and pieces. I do love that quilt so far. Dear Jane? Rules are made to be broken.

  2. oooooh! thanks, my sweet! Now the pressure is on, :), your dear Jane's are looking gorgeous... I love how Lily's is turning out -seeing the blocks come together is magical! spyros loves tante Nadine (he wrote this himself!

  3. Moi aussi j'ai décidé de suivre Valentina et j'ai choisi comme toi (mais c'est le hasard), kaffe fassett sur fond blanc !!!

  4. Coucou Nadine ! J'aime beaucoup ton Lily's quilt et bon vent pour Dear Jane ! Je suis en train de terminer le top du mien en repro, pas prête à recommencer de sitôt lol Joyeuses Pâques à toi et ta famille !

  5. The dollies are oh so cute. Just my style.

  6. Nadine!! Good to see you again!
    Wow, you have been busy and these dollies look great! Nice colors too.
    The crocheting looks great too... I'm very curious if you are going to finish this project. I started something simular a while ago, but never finished it. Maybe someday, lol.
    hugs, jolanda

  7. Love your dollie quilt! Also enjoyed viewing all of your other projects.

    Easter blessing to you and your family.

    Carolyn :)

  8. You sure have been busy with all these gorgeous projects! I bet you will have a great cruise with Valentina, sunny colours hmm love them!! Lily's quilt is, of course, well .. breathtaking, it really is!! Enjoy your stitches!!! XXXD

  9. The Lily quilt is just gorgeous!! So girly!
    Enjoy your crochet-project; crochet is so great to do!
    And your Dear Jane cruise will be a great succes! I love the colours!!! Together with Valentina it will be so much fun! Enjoy!!!!
    Love, Ria.


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