"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Well, no doubt Lily is inspiring me,
no matter how long it takes deciding among
the most appropriate fabrics,
 but mainly trying to figure out some appropriate designs by myself.

Here's the first row, up to now... One down, 3 more to go.

This is the first time I'm not following any particular pattern,
or setting, and I'm out of my comfort zone.
More than once, have I thought about our famous designers,
and their wonderful patterns.
Everything looks so cute and easy when you look at their sketches!
We often forget the hours and talent it takes to achieve such result...

Anyway, I'm humbly and heartfully trying,
using the best ingredient I know :
a grandmother's love

Oh, and a BIG MESS, as well !

The quilt is due for 9th April, and I'd better keep on working,
as we'll reach that day before I know it !

Enjoy your sewing, my friends !

Thursday, February 17, 2011


   Hello, dear friends !

Have you been busy, just like me ?
How time flies, indeed !

While handquilting the "Life is Beautiful", I also tried to figure the "Wish Quilt"
 first block construction...
(never too late, working for Xmas!)

Then I couldn't resist starting a new project for Lily.
Inpired by Materials Obsessions, book 1,
I started with this block

Then thought she needed some hair + face details...

I don't know exactly where this will lead me, my main idea being
"Lily in the Garden"
I'm planning to make quite a few cuties like this, all with different details, then adding
other blocks with flowers, butterflies, trees, etc.
We'll see...

Looks like our little princess loves the idea !

While Andrea is veeery serious, playing hockey !

I still have another "secret" to share with you...
All I can tell you now is that I'm definitely "hooked", HeeHee....

Until next time,


Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I recently subscribed to a Doll Quilts Swap;
organized by Christine.
Here's a sneak peek, in order to tease my partner,