"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Sunday, December 25, 2011


Dear friends,
Where did the months, weeks, days, go ?
This year passed so quickly,
with good and sometimes sad moments.
But we all did our best,
sharing our joys and projects,
sustaining each other when necessary.
Now we're reaching a New Year,
full of promises and unknown challenges.
I wish you
health, confidence and daily simple joys.
I wish you
lots of projects and perseverance.
I wish you
giggles with your beloved ones.
And of course
I wish we keep quilting, creating, and sharing !

Thanks for your friendship...

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


She 's such a talented quilter,
such a nice and caring woman,
and above all, such a cherished friend !
Knowing how much I do love stitchery quilts,
here's what she sent to me,
together with a cuuuuute Xmas brooch,
that I'll proudly wear on my Xmas apron...
Sweet Daantje,
not only do you mean so much into my life,
but you also know how to make me dance !
Thank youuuuuuuu!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011



Some weeks ago, while browsing into Flickr crochet groups,
I stumbled upon this beauty (clic) and couldn't take my eyes off of it.
I kept coming back to it, and looking, and dreaming...
The least I could do was leaving an enthusiastic comment
to the talented maker : RIA (a Dutch lady living in Turkey),
expressing my admiration for her work and the colourful yarns she's using...

Ria emailed me that she could eventually buy some yarn and send it to me.
"which colors do you want?" she asked
"I want them all !" I said, HeeHee.....
The deal was set in a snap,
and the big box hit my door this morning.

Now my hook is ready, and I just can't wait starting my blanket.
I'm hooked!

THANK YOU, dear Ria, for having made this possible.
As promised, you will soon be able to check my progress...

Note : you can visit Ria's Flickr photo stream
(don't hesitate to leave a comment, she really deserves it)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Ooooh, My oh My !
It was still dark outside, when the mailman knocked my window,
with a big package coming from Nicosia - Cyprus !
I can't tell you how excited I was,
discovering this lovely big box...

Hmmmm.... what could be inside ???
OMG, a quilt !
A wonderful quilt for me, myself, moi !
Look at this beauty and those gorgeous colors....

And who could have had this fabulous idea,
of mixing precious Den Haan&Wagenmakers fabrics
with polka dots, plus those we frantically collected
together, when in Provence ?
VALI, of course !
My dear, dear friend, Vali....

Here's a close-up
Each and every fabric is a new discovery,
bringing back such swet memories and perfumes :
lavender, blue sky, grapes, raspberries, tomatoes....
and all those laughters & giggles.
It really is a story quilt and you can imagine
how I'm gonna cherish this beauty.
(I can't show you the backing, (+ handquilting!) 
just know that Vali chose a very special, warm flannel,
 in order to keep me warm in this cold,  rainy country of  mine.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, dear sissie!

Really, I tell you my friends,
turning 60 is absolutely won-der-ful !


Friday, September 16, 2011

SPANISH UPDATE 3 ... a little bit of everything

Two Farmer's Wife blocks were completed, this week

Nr 5 : Bat Wing
(looking rather funny, when set on point, don't you think ?)

Nr 6 : Big Dipper

We're also strolling around, visiting markets, meeting people,
and having much fun  ;>)

Busy hands... Simple Life...

I WON'T move !

"Do you think they put garlic in there ?"

Cheap airco... 


Oooh, to be a little girl again, and wear those shoes for playing !

"Al' fresco" chatting...

See you next week, my friends,
Take care,
Enjoy your sewing !

Sunday, September 11, 2011

9 / 11 ... IN MEMORY

As long as we live, they too will live;
For they are now part of us,
As we remember them"

Friday, September 9, 2011


The fun goes on, and I've been stitching a little on :

The Farmer's Wife Quilt Project

Block 3 : Basket Weave

Block 4 : Basket

I'm aiming 2 blocks a week, together with
Valentina, Kathinca and Marga
 and have also signed in
These blocks are quite addictive, I must say,
and I'm so happy having started this project

My Travel Quilt

 Inspired by HER and her gorgeous EPP "travel quilts"
and started my own project, enjoying every stitch.
English Paper Piecing is mindless piecing, (yet very precise),
it often gives stuning results,
and above all : it is portable !
Who could ask for anything more ?

So here's the beginning of my project :

see the secondary tumbler pattern that comes around the stars ?
That's what made me immediately fall,in love with that project !
So... many, many more diamonds to come...

Have a nice weekend,
enjoy your sewing, dear friends !


Friday, September 2, 2011


After having experienced some delays,
(family comes first)
We finally could take the road to our Spanish retreat,
and here we are, happy as can be,
still pinching ourselves, when seeing the beauty from our terrace :
7am... such a pieceful moment !

We met some local old friends,
as well as quilters and quilt shop owners  ;>)
the latter proudly announcing their quilt exhibition
from today, until 13th Sept. on.
I'll post some pictures, of course...

No need to say I took some hand stitching projects with me,
including :

My travel Quilt
An English Paper Piecing project
(probably my most fav' technique), consisting of
loads and loads of 2 inches 60° white diamonds
to make 6 points stars,
connected with bright Batiks ones...

(next coming pictures will give you a better idea)

The Farmer's Wife Quilt
Inspired by Valentina ,
who convinced me that this was our best opportunity
of using those gorgeous shirtings we bought together,
some time ago...
And, of course, she was SO right :
these blocks are pure delight piecing !

So, here are my first attempts :

Block 1 : "Attic Windows"

Block 2 : "Autumn Tints"
For some reason, this picture refuses loading properly.
The dark blue squares should look horizontally,
and the tiny red ones are looking top and down. 
(but well, if you just bind your head to the right,  you'll get an idea. HeeHee...)

As you can see, I'm aiming to a "nautical look",
as this quilt is intended to our Spanish seaside nest.
(maybe I should re-name the project as "The sailor man's wife" ?)

 Another project in progress is
"The Wish Quilt"
(A Bronwyn Hayes Xmas stitchery-quilt)
While still in Belgium, I pieced the big blocks (6 in total)
so that I can complete the stitcheries at ease, while here.
I really would love to finish this quilt for next Xmas...
(pictures by next post).

Take care, friends,  enjoy your sewing !

Friday, August 19, 2011


A young, talended, Dutch quilter friend,
suddenly passed away,
last August 4th, while on vacations
with her beloved family.
I still cannot believe the news,
and I'm in deep thoughts with her,
as well as with her dear husband and 2 young sons.

Marieke, vriendje,
Samen, hadden wij zo'n plezier onze klosjes te maken,
en je had nog zoveel projekten!
Ik zal nooit naar mijn klosjes kijken, zonder een
speciale gedacht voor jou.
Vandaag, zal ik enigen maken,
in jouw eer.
Rust in vrede, schatje.


Note :
In case you'd like to write a comment,
please link directly to Marieke's blog.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


There must have been a quilty angel upon my head,
because this week was one of those special ones,
with lots of  fun mail filling my box

To celebrate the famous  "Sister's Outside Quilt Show"
the talented Bronwyn Hayes had organized a giveaway,
asking us to tell what the word "sister" means to us,
she would then choose 3 winners among the most appealing comments
And I won, I won, Yessssssss I did, lucky me !
So the big envelope arrived from far away Australia
(those long distance courriers, crossing the oceans to my little corner of the world,
still amaze me, and it always takes me a few minutes to realize)
 Look at that gorgeous wrapping !
And what's inside ???
Waow! Bronwyn's latest patterns + a cuuuute notepad !
Lucky, lucky me
THANKS, dear Bronwyn

But the mailman had a second envelope, HeeHee...
And this one came from The Netherlands ?!?
No pending order, no pending giveaway.
I was very curious...
Well, this lovely package came from a very special friend in Holland,
who decided to treat me "just because"
Look at that :
I love "just because" presents, aren't these the best ?
THANKS, sweetie!

And last, but not least, another envelope came today from Australia.
Did you check Liz's  Blog, lately ?
Ooooh, those "Dancing Dollies" ...
Such an adorable pattern from Trish Harper and available on Liz's Etsy Shop.
What ??  Of course I ordered it !  Resisting was useless, don't you think ?

THANKS, dear Liz,
Your envelope arrived in no time, as usual.

So I'll call this week "The happy Dance Week"
Don't you agree ?


Friday, July 29, 2011


Some family  issues caught my time and energy,
yet I could take some short relax times,
making small items :
("Tout ce qui est petit est joli")

1. A pincushion


                                                                     and down...
This is a pattern from Jeanneke
I ordered it from her Etsy shop and got it 2 days after
(very good service!)
Jeanneke's instructions and pattern sheet are SO clear,
it was a real treat to make this pincushion.
THANKS, Jeanneke!

1. A pouchie ???

                                                                     No... Three !
Aren't they cute ?
(from a Yoko Saito pattern book)

Now comes the time to slowly start preparing
my sewing projects for (long) vacations in Spain,
Finally !

Stay tuned, I'll post once more before leaving...


Thursday, July 14, 2011

LAURA... Empty Nest Syndrom...

24 years ago...
she came into our lives quite unexpectedly,
as the icing on the cake of our beautiful family.
We were quite surprised and anxious,
but as a blessing she has always been
the most smiling child
among our 4 kids,
with such a good temper,
and a human caring nature...

Now she's starting an exciting new chapter in her life,
settling down with her beloved Nicolas
in their brand new appartment,
and we wish them
love, peace, happiness...

A strange feeling of emptiness is now filling our hearts,
as we realize the long path we walked hand in hand.
34 years of  love, joy, care, but also fears, tears, anxieties,
sometimes rich, sometimes poor, counting our dimes,
but with such a collection of blessings and precious moments.
Oh, those giggles, when we were 6 around the table !
Oh, those rushes to reach school on time !
Oh, those evening stories, we read together before sleeping !

We will now pay love and attention to this new chapter
in our own lives,
The story never ends, we're just walking a new path,
As time goes by...

More news on the quilty front, by next post.

Enjoy your sewing, dear friends !

Thursday, April 21, 2011


 WooooHoooo, long time no see !

I thought I'd share with you my latest (slow) progress, dreams and projects...

Lily's quilt
is coming along.
Some dollies still need hair, some flowers are waiting for stems and leaves,
and the last row is still simmering in my head.
But, all in all, I'm happy with the way it's taking shape...

New Patterns !
I've been doing a little "business" with sweet INGE, about a Sue Dalley's pattern that I love,
which she had, but didn't feel like doing any longer.
Some emails and postoffice visits later, a sweet package of happiness was hitting my door.
THANKS, dear Inge, trading with you was such a pleasure.

A new addiction ???  HeeHee...
I recently visited zillions of beautiful crochet blogs,
and just couldn't help trying my fingers on a particular, easy pattern.
Crochet is like bicycle : once you can, you never forget,
and -WOW - it's sooooo addictive, indeed !
Now I really can say I'm hooked
So I bought loaaaaads of cream, red and blue yarn in order
to crochet my first (big) afghan.
This will be my next summer holidays projects.
Wish me luck !

(6 squares down, 186 more to go!  LOL LOL)

A cruise !?!???
Hellooooo !  What do you think of that ?  HeeHee...
Yes, my lovelies, my sweet friend VALENTINA decided to join me for a loooong,
exciting Dear Jane Cruise !
 We chose the "Contemporary Dear Jane" (clic) one,
and I'm sooo happy and grateful !

(By the way, if you didn't do it yet, please go, go and check Vali's blog!
You'll see her breathtaking klosjes quilt top, as well as her gorgeous Camelot blocks.
Her use of colors & fabrics is so special.
Vali's got that talent of choosing a pattern and making it her own style)

Some years ago, I did start a DJ quilt.
Unfortunately, the teacher insisted on using CW repro fabrics,
which I love, yet I was constantly fighting against my instinct
of choosing more vibrant tones for that project. 
So I gave up after 38 blocks...

Now I'm using jewel tones and K.Fasset fabrics, on a natural white background,
(including the sashings)...and it feels sooo good !

DJ  A1 - A2 - A3 - A4 + A5 in the making...

Well,  I still had A LOT to tell you,
about Lily's birth celebration,
about an award I got from sweet JOLANDA,
but I guess these will be for next posting, OK ?

ENJOY this new life,
spreading all over our souls, hearts, and nature !


Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Lori Holt, from "Bee in My Bonnet"
is having a wonderful giveaway.
If you love 1930's repro's, then hurry to her
blog, you won't regret it !

Good luck my friends,
ENJOY your sewing !

Friday, March 4, 2011


This afternoon, I suddenly felt the urge of baking something.
So I thought about Lucy's Cheesy Nibbles
A very simple, yummy looking recipe,
exactly what I needed !

It only took me 10 mins. preparation.
3 simple ingredients : flour, butter, cheese (I used Emmenthal)
(knowing my folks - and myself - I doubled the quantities, HeeHee....)
and my rebel side decided to add a tea spoon of
heavenly smelling Cyprus dry basil

I put them in the oven for 15 minutes
(oh, the smell !!!)
and here they are...

Believe me, you just have to try these !

Not only do I adore your colourful crochet pattterns,
but your cooking is divine !


Note to self :  these could be worth a try with Parmiggiano and chopped black olives

Hmmmmm..... possibilities ......

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Well, no doubt Lily is inspiring me,
no matter how long it takes deciding among
the most appropriate fabrics,
 but mainly trying to figure out some appropriate designs by myself.

Here's the first row, up to now... One down, 3 more to go.

This is the first time I'm not following any particular pattern,
or setting, and I'm out of my comfort zone.
More than once, have I thought about our famous designers,
and their wonderful patterns.
Everything looks so cute and easy when you look at their sketches!
We often forget the hours and talent it takes to achieve such result...

Anyway, I'm humbly and heartfully trying,
using the best ingredient I know :
a grandmother's love

Oh, and a BIG MESS, as well !

The quilt is due for 9th April, and I'd better keep on working,
as we'll reach that day before I know it !

Enjoy your sewing, my friends !