"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Starting a Garden...

When seeing this picture in the last "QuiltsJapan" magazine, my fingers were itching to start a new Flowers Garden, and I knew it had to be in that colors scheme. I just LOVE the soft and fresh look of it...

I know this will be a very long term project, as I've got so many casseroles on the stove, so I decided to subscribe to KAREN's idea of piecing at least one flower each Wednesday...
Here's the sidebar logo, designed by Valentina

And here is the very start of my version. I'm using 1" hexagon paper pieces with soft red, blue and white shirtings. I don't know yet whether I'll be setting a (white) path around each flower, I'll just enjoy piecing some more flowers and set them aside, before deciding about the full pattern... and it just feels gooooood

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Spring day
and our garden is wearing a new "dress"...

Klosjes Day

16 new klosjes were made this week, and I can see the stack is growing slowly but surely,totalizing 116 up to now...

Life is beautiful

I really enjoy this project, too and stitched 3 new blocks this week. Pure bliss !

The "Wish Quilt"
Never too early starting to stitch for Christmas!
This project was designed by Bronwyn Hayes and published in
"Australian Homespun" magazines, last year.
So, here is the first (almost finished) stitchery of block Nr 1

Don't worry, Santa will get his feet and socks this weekend!

Note :
A heartful thank you for your lovely comments on this blog. I'm doing my best to answer everyone. Unfortunately, some friends are still set on a "no reply" mode, so I can' t email them my gratitude...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Home again... ;>)

Back from a healthy break at our Belgian seaside,
where the weather was quite chilly and windy, but sunny,
allowing looong, invigorating walks along our beautiful littoral
Of course, some attractive shopping was due too !
When I saw this cute suitcase/box,
I just knew it was waiting for me...
Don't you think it's exactly what I needed to keep my
"Life is Beautiful" project in progress ?

Of course, lovely tin boxes were winking at me, as well,
And you all know I can't resist tin boxes !
I can always find a good reason to bring them home
Home.... where lovely mail was waiting for me !
You might remember I was the lucky winner of Lynette Anderson's
"Scandinavian Christmas" BOM pattern set giveaway
and it's already here, and sooo beautiful...

THANKS A BUNCH, dear Lynette,
this was so generous of you !
And what's new on the quilting/piecing/stitching front ???
Hey, but now I'm here, ready to catch up,
with hopefully some nice progress to report by next week



"Be not afraid of going slowly, be only afraid of standing still"

- Chinese proverb -

Friday, April 2, 2010


Heartful wishes for a happy and sunny Easter
to all of you !

Traditionally, we celebrate Xmas at one of my Sils,
then New Year at the other one...
and Easter at our home.
It is always very funny,
and we use to be around 25 around the table.
Cooking already started today,
preparing fresh "pasta" all together
(remember I married an Italian ?)
and all sorts of yummy recipes,
decorating eggs for the kids, and baking.
We always enjoy those moments all together
celebrating Christ and the new season...

Then I'll have a BLOG BREAK,

spending some time at the Belgian coast

("just the two of us" ;>)

But don't worry, my friends,
Pre-cut "klosjes" + the "Life is beautiful" project
are coming with me !