"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Starting the Season ... ;>)

First Sunday of Advent Time...

Hello, dear friends !

With this magical view from my window...

I thought it was about time to start the festive Season with this tipsy snowman...
                                                            Isn't he cute and funny ?

Also, you all know how I love music,
particularly those "good oldies", and I could finally
find a way to bring it back on my blog, yeaaaaah...
Please feel free to switch it off,
or listen to another song, eventually,
by simply clicking on the corresponding buttons.

Busy, busy as a bee,
I'm still working on my "Life is Beautiful" project,
enjoying every stitch, as always,
and I'll soon be back with some good news

Stay tuned , and dance with me!


  1. OK, Nadine, now I have to stick around and make a comment so I can hear the rest of the song! Cleaver! The first day of Advent and leftover Thanksgiving dinner in the fridge. I think I'm having a seasonal transition but the fall runner is still on my table. Hmmm.....

  2. I just love the music....!!!!! :)))
    Can you see me dancing.......!! ;))
    And I love this season as well; the cold and clear skies and the whole quietness in nature......
    Enjoy your sunday and "let it snow.....!" ;0))

  3. Your snowman is soooo cute. Have lit the first advent candle here now. Love advent :)

  4. Love your little snowman!! Pff, what a view Nadine!! Gorgeous! Now snow here as yet!! You make me get into the mood my dear! Happy stitching on your LIB!! XXXD

  5. Love the snowman. Love to read and see what is going on with your. Love the pictures. (But I am not ready for snow yet!!)

  6. Dat zag er inderdaad mooi uit bij jou buiten! Hier heb ik geen sneeuw gezien: wel veel vorst, al 2 dagen. En: wat een leuke sneeuwman! Geniet van je projecten!

  7. brrrrrrrrr de la neige ! mais quel beau spectacle !!!!!
    trop mimi ton snowman, bravo !
    biz marité

  8. That is one charming snowman you have put together ;o) Enjoy the frost and the snow and the cozieness of December!

    Big hugs

  9. Just calling in, to say Hi, and wish you a very Happy Christmas. XX

  10. vos images sont superbes et votre présentation belle et légère amitiés violette


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