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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Stitching for Xmas - Block 1

Time flies and Christmas is only 10 weeks from now !
I just couldn't resist this lovely project, created by 9 of our talented Dutch quilting friends
(see my sidebar)
There will be 9 stitchery blocks (one block a week), 
then pieced together in a cute Xmas wallhanging.

Here's my first block...

This first block was designed by ELLEN . It is free, and you can still download it !
To participate, just leave a comment, and eventually stick the logo on your sidebar...
(The second block was created by JACQUELINE and is already available)

Other designers :
DORRY (block 3)
INGRID (block 4)
GERDA (block 5)
JOOKE (block 6)
BARBARA (block 7)
SANDRA (block 8)
JANINE (block 9 + piecing, borders & quilting instructions)

OOPS, maybe you'd like seeing the whole project ?

Enjoy your sewing, my friends !


  1. Thank you for posting this. How cute!

  2. Oh your block is so cute! What a fun project!

  3. Beautiful first block, hugs from France !

  4. Good to see you've updated your blog.
    Is everything back to where it should be? Only the words seem kind a lost in that beautiful block-quilt!!!! ;)))
    Now I love quilts!!!! That's for sure, but I also think its important to see what you are writing.... ;D)
    Love your cute little snowman!
    Love to you and a big hug!! Ria.

  5. What a cool idea to have a group-designed project! That is a new idea to me.
    Our little group here has tried challenges several times but they are not so adventuresome as a group I have heard of in the states.
    It will be fun to watch the progress. Thanks for sharing.

  6. merci nadine pour cette belle info,
    un trés joli projet qu'il sera possible de réaliser pour ce noël qui approche à grands pas. biz marité


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