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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Back...Just in time for Klosjes Day ! ;>)

Hellooooooo, dear friends !
Back from beautiful Provence,
where we had such a wonderful time...
(although I missed you!)
We visited a lot of heavenly places,
tasted the most delightful fresh local products,
AND spent an unforgettable week with Vali & Hubby...
Boy, did we have FUN !
Yet I was a good girl, and made some progress in my sewing :
first with my klosjes, as I managed to piece 132 of them
(which makes my total reaching approx. 300)
I was happy with that, but "fed up", as I told Vali.
She always has such brilliant ideas, and suggested it was time
to start piecing them together !
This gave me the right push I needed to keep going
And here's the result...
(The background fabric is a little treasure I found in a local quiltshop, and I'm planning to use it as the border fabric)
I've got SO MUCH MORE to tell you,
(and even more progress to show, HeeHee.....)
I guess this will take several coming posts.
not to mention those last 2 months posts of yours
that I have to catch up
(and I know I'm going to discover such treasures)
Have a nice weekend, THANKS for visiting,
and by all means


  1. Welcome back.
    your klosjes looks nice.

  2. Welcome back...how smart to have your border-fabric already, that is so very inspiring! Your klosjesquilt will be great!

    And uh... has anyone told you that Valentina and you look like sisters?

  3. Welcome back, you were missed. It looks like you've had a lovely time and sewing up so many klosjes too. They look wonderful.

  4. Woohoo..... welcome back Nadine, you were missed indeed! Your klosjes are looking lovely pieced together and that fabric is perfect for them. Have a great weekend :)

  5. Good to have you back on blogging world. And what a perfect job on the klosjes. I love your background fabric, it's lovely!

  6. Just love to have you back!Good to hear you had such a great vacation!
    Enjoying your klosjes and that beautiful backgroundfabric, and ofcourse that lovely picture of you and Valentina!
    Tineke is right: you look like sisters.....!! ;0)
    Enjoy your weekend! Love, Ria.

  7. What a wonderful smile you have, I kept smiling the whole way through remembering the great time we had!
    But now it's back to work, right? So many more dream projects to bring to reality!
    Love you, Sis!

  8. Delightful post! What a wonderful holiday in Provence! Guessing that will fuel many fun memories over the next few weeks! The klosjes are wonderful...sparkly little jewels! Happy stitching and welcome back!

  9. Good to have you back, Nadine! Your klosjes are gorgeous!

  10. Fijn dat je weer terug bent. En van Valentina had ik al begrepen, dat je het reuze naar je zin hebt gehad.

  11. Welcome back. It's so nice that you've had a wonderful vacation.

  12. I found your blog through Valentina's. You guys look like you had such a good 'girlfriend' time. Your klosjes are great. I am 'almost' inspired to try this!

  13. I know you had a very good time en France!!! Company not too bad hihi!! What a great find that lovely red fabric!! And well, your klosjes, how shall I say this mildly: GORGEOUS!!!! Have fun sewing, hugs, Daniëlle

  14. 132 klosjes??!!!! Dat is goed gewerkt! Mooie boordstof heb je er bij gekocht!
    Fijne zondag nog!

  15. Welkom terug! Leuk dat je er weer bent en wat ben je opgeschoten met je klosjes! Prachtige randstof!

  16. Welcome home Nadine!!! I've missed you. Love the pic of you and Valentina and congratulations on all those Klosjes!!!! Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures in Provence.

  17. welcome back!
    That has to be the most beautiful picture of you and Mrs V!

  18. I have goosebumps! What a beautiful place and beautiful friend to share the time with!!!! SO happy for ya'll!

  19. Contente de te retrouver après ton séjour en Provence ! j'aime ce motif, ce sont les bobines, non ?
    A bientôt !

  20. hello Nadine
    Come with us on Over The Trail for bobins you'll be our motivation to work hard
    come ,please
    good week

  21. Hi Nadine, lovely to finally visit your blog. I've heard so much about you through Valentina's posts. Glad you two had a wonderful time together. You are both looking gorgeous in the photo. I love your klosjes and the border fabric is beautiful - Looking forward to read all about your trip - Hugs Nat

  22. Coucou Nadine ! Heureuse de t'annoncer que je suis grand mère d'un petit Clément , heureuse de te retrouver et de savoir que tu as bien travaillé pendant l'été avec Vali ;
    Mes projets sont tombés à l'eau et je n'ai pas beaucoup avancé dans ma couture !!! A bientôt Bises .

  23. i am down here in hobart again, house sitting for my friends who are in france for six weeks, they have just left provence very relunctly, now moving on to more beautiful places. welcome home !


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