"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Friday, May 7, 2010

Saturday, already ? !

How time flies !
Well, a little bit of this and that, this week, with...

7 new klosjes...

2 stitched blocks for the "Life is Beautiful" quilt...

The first Xmas "Wish Quilt" stitchery block completed, and the 2nd one started...

And a "homework" that I brought back from Cyprus
Actually, I was lucky enough to get some "private workshops" from Valentina, who decided I needed to practice machine piecing (you know I'm a handpiecer, don't you?)
-she's such a good teacher- and the first exercise was "Double Four Patch", a rather simple pattern but yet very effective. So, here is "Fields of Gold", as I named it (I love giving names to my quilts)... It still needs a border, and I chose a lovely rusty red fabric .

I'll piece that border very soon, Vali, I promise.
Next exercise is ... surprise ! HeeHee... My fabrics are ready for cutting,
and all I can tell you is the name for that one : "Murano".
Wait and see...
Until then, enjoy your sewing, my friends !


  1. Lovely klosjes again.And veru nice LIB blocks.Also your Xmas stitcherie is very sweet.
    You make lovely works.

  2. Beautiful klosjes and stitcheries!
    You made a lovely top with Valentina!! I can see she's a great teacher! And you are a good student! ;)))
    Have a good weekend.

  3. quel beau travail Nadine ! toujours aussi belles les broderies de "life is beautifull" et le wish quilt avance bien aussi.
    bises - marité

  4. All so lovely , what beautiful photos !

  5. What a lovely show and tell. All beautiful and the stitcheries are coming along very nicely.

  6. You ahve been a busy bee, you must have followed the ultimate workshop: how to make time hihi!!! Ohhh lessons from Valentine!!! Can't go wrong now!! Happy sewing, Daniëlle

  7. Maar wel 7 nieuwe klosjes! Hoeveel heb je er nu? En mooi die LiB en de kerstmannen! Je kunt er niet vroeg genoeg mee beginnen. Prachtig die top, met de roestbruine border. Geniet ervan!

  8. Hi Maar,

    I also just went to Cyprus but didn't know about Valentina before I went, darn it! I went to Patchwork Station in downtown Limassol but the girl mostly makes handbags since quilting isn't popular there she said. I didn't find any fabric to buy at all there, did you? Enjoy quilting, Sue in Georgia, USA

  9. Je hebt er weer zeven mooie klosjes bij, mooie projecten heb je onder handen.
    Heerlijk hé seringen op de vaas ik heb de blauwe in de kamer staan, ik ruik ze als ik achter de computer zit.
    Fijn weekend Hennie.

  10. More beautiful spools and I love your stitcheries. I think I might have to buy the LIB patterns. Congratulations on your double four patch - it looks fantastic. You can't beat the simple designs, they always look good. The border fabric is going to look great around it.

  11. I am a hand-piecer (does this word exist, if does not - it should ;-)!) and would like to practice a little bit of machine stitching as well, so I am very tempted by this particular pattern as a first exercise. I think it is a good one to start with since it will be rather forgiving - there are not too many tricky points, no y-seams and no 6 or 8 patches coming together in one point.

  12. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog.
    You are very productive! And i like the 'klosjes'. But the stitchery is so pretty too.
    And a private quilting lesson is always inspirational.

  13. What nice klosjes you made this week and the orther projects are also so beautifull.

  14. :)

    It turned out beautiful!
    and your Stitcheries!!! Oh my... That Santa is so cute!
    and lovely Klosjes again...


  15. Variety of projects .... that is what I like to have on hand, too! Gorgeous projects you are working on!

  16. I love love LOVE your Fields of Gold. I want to make one of those too!
    Your other blocks look great too, especially your stitching.

  17. All so nice!

  18. All so nice!


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