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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Flowers Wednesday - (belated) update nr.2

Here's one flower from my growing stack of hexies...

I have noticed a tendency to keep basting hexies without piecing the flowers together, so I'll have to improve on that. However, one thing that will remain unchanged is the FUN I'm having, while piecing those cuties!


  1. Well now that you have so many basted, you can sew them together for awhile with no breaks to baste. :) Love this weeks flower, it's so pretty. I am also having a great time with them. So much FUN!!!
    That is a beautiful header photo!!!

  2. I dont' see anything wrong with the way that works for you! If it is faster or a better way for you to add up the petals, then I'd do it this way. Sure do wish I had a nice stack to look at! :) It is fun, isn't it?!!?

  3. What a sweet Flower! I love the fabrics! LOL
    And that turquoise centre is sheer brilliance...
    Now I need to copy you! LOL
    Loving this...

  4. Another beautiful flower grown in your garden.

  5. Love the flower colours you are using Nadine, can't wait to see more :)

  6. Such a fun flower Nadine! I'm almost out of basted hexagons and must prepare more. It's great to have a bunch ready to go.

  7. What a beautifull and sweet flower.

  8. your flower is great - how many do you have now? Hope you had a fantastic Mothers day

  9. I really like your color combinations.


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