"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Spring day
and our garden is wearing a new "dress"...

Klosjes Day

16 new klosjes were made this week, and I can see the stack is growing slowly but surely,totalizing 116 up to now...

Life is beautiful

I really enjoy this project, too and stitched 3 new blocks this week. Pure bliss !

The "Wish Quilt"
Never too early starting to stitch for Christmas!
This project was designed by Bronwyn Hayes and published in
"Australian Homespun" magazines, last year.
So, here is the first (almost finished) stitchery of block Nr 1

Don't worry, Santa will get his feet and socks this weekend!

Note :
A heartful thank you for your lovely comments on this blog. I'm doing my best to answer everyone. Unfortunately, some friends are still set on a "no reply" mode, so I can' t email them my gratitude...


  1. Sweet Nadine, i love the new look of your blog and have been enjoying your selection of songs as I have been happily cutting tiny pieces in my sewing room.
    I love your klosjes and am very impressed by your LIB and santa is adorable!

  2. Your Klosjes count is really moving upwards!

  3. Your klosjes stack is really growing. I'm just getting started.

  4. Your klosjes quilt is going to be lovely!

  5. Lovely klosjes and the lib blocks are so nice.

  6. Du pur bonheur quand on vient chez une amie qui a changé la présentation de son blog et que celui ci a pris des allures fraîches et printaniéres ! tout simplement magnifique... Et dans cette chaumière on travaille , on travaille ....Super les "klosjes"
    super les broderies pour Noël...super la peinture...
    Toute mon amitié . Mamifleur

  7. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new look blog!!

  8. Your blog looks beautiful!! And your klosjes, LiB and Whish-quilt as well!!
    Have a real nice weekend!!

  9. Dear Nadine, How good to read your post. Such lovely stitches and photos.

  10. The stitchery is lovely, I collected the same pattern for my DD. The klosjes are looking wonderful and I love the new look on your blog.

  11. Nadine, your new blog header is gorgeous! Lovely klosjes and my Life is Beautiful pack came last Friday! I have now stitched two stitcheries, it was a lot harder than I thought but practice will help! Are you going to follow the pattern or alter it? I am thinking of sewing the 4 fabric blocks together and appliqueing the sitchery on...lots of ideas! Ann x

  12. Beautiful Klosjes Nadine..a nice little stack there..and I LOVE your new header.
    Hugs Julia ♥

  13. Another beautiful batch of Klosjes this week!

    I have seen a couple of the Life is Beautiful quilts and they are gorgeous. I am looking forward to watching yours grow too.

    Love the new dress for your garden!!!

  14. magnifique ce "life is beautiful", quel charme dans ces dessins; j'adore. j'adore aussi le choix de ta nouvelle page et cette toile de toute beauté - inconnue pour moi -
    biz - marité

  15. You did a lot Nadine and it looks beautiful !!

  16. So nice to see you really on the sewing now :) Lovely projects. And those klosjes are so tempting LOL

  17. Prachtige klosjes en al begonnen met de kerstman. Tja, daar is het niet te vroeg voor, want voordat je het weet. En ook nog een nieuwe look voor je blog en 3 blokken van de LiB! Jij bent druk geweest!

  18. You made very beautifull klosjes, lib blocks and a very nice stitcherie. I can see you are very busy.

  19. stitchery is so pretty...something on my list to try again.
    I love your spools!
    very pretty tree, we have those blooming here now too!

  20. Hoi Nadine,

    Wat heb je veel gedaan! Zoveel klosjes en 3 rondjes van de Life is Beautiful en dan nog een kerst-stitchery, wow..... goed bezig geweest hoor. Ik heb weinig quilterigs gedaan de afgelopen week. Ik was, samen met mijn DH, bij mijn dochter en schoonzoon, die hun tuin aan het veranderen zijn. DH moest helpen met de tuin, ik was er voor de kinderen (dochter moest werken)en ook om de hardwerkende mannen bij te staan met koffie, thee, eten en zo.
    De komende week hoop ik weer wat klosjes te maken.


  21. All your projects are beautyful, the klosjes are looking good.

  22. Love your new header photo! You are moving right along with your klosjes and the stitchery is lovely!


Thanks a bunch for your comments, they just make my day !