"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Friday, March 26, 2010

Klosjes + this and that ...

Time flies !
Yesss, it's Saturday again,
and I can add 10 new klosjes to the pile.
Less than previous weeks indeed,
but I've got some other cuties "on the stove"...

Such a beautiful name for a new project, started this week !
Helen Stubbings really created a gorgeous quilt.
You can also follow other friends' progress by visiting
(check also the names list on her sidebar)

A friend of mine also reminded me of an "oldie"
that I handpieced some time ago, and needing some nice handquilting ...

next grand kid could be happy cuddling under it,
don't you think ?




  1. Your Klosjes look wonderful. I've seen a couple of the Helen Stubbings quilts and they are beautiful, as I'm sure yours is going to be. I am looking forward to watching it grow.

    Your teddy bears will make a wonderful quilt for a grandchild!

  2. Nice klosjes this week and you still did another 10 ones. The Life is Beautifull is also on my wishlist I find it also very nice. You block is wonderfull and the teddy bears are so sweet I'm sure it is a wonderfull quilt for a grandchild.
    Have a nice week.

  3. Beautiful Klosjes Nadine..Your teddy quilt will be loved and treasured by the little one..
    Julia ♥

  4. Your klosjes are beautiful and I think you are addicted to them :)
    Love your Helen Stubbings quilt. I have many times thought of buying it, but not yet. Love those sayings on them.
    Wish you a happy easter.

  5. Goedemorgen! Weer 10 klosjes erbij, dat schiet op! En begonnen met de LiB. Die vind ik ook fantastisch. Goed weekeinde!

  6. Nadine, your bobbins lok very beautiful and I love your first Live is Beautul blovk.
    Enjoy your weekend !

  7. Your spools are lovely, any number is good. I like the new project, I've admired that one and I'll cheer you on. Any child would adore the teddy quilt.

  8. Lovely spools,and you LIB block is so lovely,i like them also but have too many other works started that i say for the moment no.

  9. love your new spools
    great fabric choices,
    oh your new project looks wonderful and the teddy bears what a great quilt for a baby! oh yes you need to finish that!!!!

  10. Oh, Nadine, I love how you fussy cut your Klosjes! Lovely! I see a pine-cone, a rose, Grapes!
    Your LIB will be a BELLA! and for every quilt the is a season, right: Come- on Teddies! Now is your time to shine! Baby, Mom and Dad will really cherish this...
    Nadine, you are doing beautiful work... :)
    Love you, my dear friend!

  11. Hallo Nadine,

    Ik ben hier voor de eerste keer en wat een leuk blog heb je! Ik vind je klosjes erg mooi, zo'n vrolijke kleurtjes ook. Deze week 10 klosjes gemaakt, veel hoor. Ik had het even te druk met andere dingen en heb er maar 2 gemaakt.
    Wat leuk dat je ook met de LiB begonnen bent, het is heerlijk om er aan te werken.
    En nog meer "happy news"! Een 2e kleinkind, geweldig. Ikzelf ben oma van 4 en geniet er ontzettend van. De berenquilt wordt geweldig!

    Groetjes en tot gauw maar weer,

  12. 10 more beauties Nadine & that Life is Beautiful quilt is going to be amazing! Look forward to following the progress of this one.
    Have a lovely Easter.
    Gisele xox

  13. Les bobines avancent à grands pas ! Félicitations ; 600 à coudre si je me souviens bien!
    Donc on encourage son amie ! Amitié Mamifleur

  14. Wat een mooie klosjes, Nadine!! En je LiB wordt ook al zo schattig!
    Wat een lieve teddyberen-quilt! Daar maak je één van je kleinkinderen vast heel blij mee!!
    Geniet ze!

  15. Lovely klosjes and how cute is the Teddy Bear quilt!

  16. Your LIB block is lovely and I can see why you only got 10 klosjes done this week .... that is a hard toss of which one to work on. That teddies quilt is adorable and any child would just love it.

  17. I so want to get started on making Klosjes - yours look very nice and inspire me to jump right in.


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