"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Spring !

How wonderful those miracles of nature !
I brought this Jasmin from CYPRUS, a few weeks ago
(Thanks, Yaya !)
when visiting my dear friend Valentina ...
and look at its new leaves already !
Soon it will move to our sunny porch,
and a sweet perfume will fill our garden

This one came back from Norway, 2 years ago,
when I visited May Britt
The main plant was in her sewing room,
and already belonged to her mother, before...

And finally, this block I made last year
(together with 15 other ones)
and this reminds me that I should piece that quilt together!
("An Angels Story" - Anni Downs quilt pattern)
(and to finish your quilts! HeeHee...)
... ... ...


  1. Have fun!! Lovely plants and a gorgeous angel-quilt!!
    Lovely day!

  2. Oh, Hi Jasmina! All of us waving at you!!!
    How sweet, Nadine... Ofcourse she'll do well surrounded by such love!
    But somehow we feel you could use some more plants... Humm, so when you come again?

  3. Angel Story is so sweet! I must get started on that. Just so many things to do!

  4. How exciting! You have a little piece of Valentina with you all the time! Those buds on you May Britt plant look pretty.

    Anni Downs designs the most wonderful quilts and I am really looking forward to seeing yours when its finished.

  5. Your quilt will be lovely as will your plants !

  6. Unfortunately Jasmine gives me hayfever but it's so pretty. I think It's special when plants are shared.


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