"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Friday, March 26, 2010

Klosjes + this and that ...

Time flies !
Yesss, it's Saturday again,
and I can add 10 new klosjes to the pile.
Less than previous weeks indeed,
but I've got some other cuties "on the stove"...

Such a beautiful name for a new project, started this week !
Helen Stubbings really created a gorgeous quilt.
You can also follow other friends' progress by visiting
(check also the names list on her sidebar)

A friend of mine also reminded me of an "oldie"
that I handpieced some time ago, and needing some nice handquilting ...

next grand kid could be happy cuddling under it,
don't you think ?



Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Spring !

How wonderful those miracles of nature !
I brought this Jasmin from CYPRUS, a few weeks ago
(Thanks, Yaya !)
when visiting my dear friend Valentina ...
and look at its new leaves already !
Soon it will move to our sunny porch,
and a sweet perfume will fill our garden

This one came back from Norway, 2 years ago,
when I visited May Britt
The main plant was in her sewing room,
and already belonged to her mother, before...

And finally, this block I made last year
(together with 15 other ones)
and this reminds me that I should piece that quilt together!
("An Angels Story" - Anni Downs quilt pattern)
(and to finish your quilts! HeeHee...)
... ... ...

Friday, March 19, 2010

Saturday again ... ;>)

with a wonderful book to discover,
a real enchanting reading ! ...
with 21 new "klosjes",
lovingly handpieced,

such precious moments,
allowing meditation, loving thoughts, wishes
and gratitudes
for my beloved, our wonderful kids,
and the moving news of a second grandkid
expected for next September!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday.... "Klosjes" Day !

18 new "klosjes" this week

I've been busy, planting tulips in my "quilt garden",
but I'm planning some more "klosjes" today, for sure...


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring is in the air...

She says ! WOW, we'd better prepare...

soon the tulips will colour our gardens...

This reminds me of a gorgeous quilt made by LUCY

some years ago...

Of course I fell in love with that quilt,

and Lucy had generously shared her pattern with me...

Now it's about time to finish it !

Still 3 more blocks to applique, then piece the whole top together ,

and choose a nice border...

And you know what ? I'm still even more in love with it !


Yesterday, our grandson Andrea (5 years old) was spending the afternoon with me

here's his own contribution...

Monday, March 8, 2010

First finish in 2010...

I devoted last January to stitchery,
and enjoyed so much making this
"Quilters Blessings" quilt.
(original design by Bea Galler of "Capricorn Quilts")

Giving it to the recipient was a real friendship blessing, as well.
Now that she's got it, I can post it on my blog.
Isn't it lovely, among the springy Lobelias in Cyprus ?
(and your "klosjes", eventually!)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Saturday/Spools Day - Zaterdag/Klosjes Dag

Those cute Dutch "Klosjes" really hit the world,
and I want here to thank our Dutch sisters
for their unconditional help, support and blog posts, particularly :
and all other members of that wonderful Dutch Klosjes Club.
Reading their blogs, or even just looking at their pictures
is so inspirational !
And so quite a number of very talented quilter friends
are now joining the FUN,
among them (hope I won't forget anyone) :
(some ladies might have contacted Valentina so we'll try
keeping our records alike)
So if you like spools/ klosjes,
those links above might show you many of those cuties today ...
And I'm going to go and visit them right now,
WooooHoooo, fun, fun, fun ...
PSSSST..... As to me, I made 23 of them, this week.
Grand total ---> 48

Pin and Needles...

It's not a secret that I love pincushions,
especially BIG ones...

and this week I made a new one.
It's 7.5 inches from point to point,
and I filled it with lentils, so that it stays in place.
One side or the other,
depending how I feel...
A special thank you
to the lady who inspired me the pattern
(she will recognize herself)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spools... Klosjes...

Looks like many friends are tempted
with those cuties and I'm thrilled !

So, like my friend Valentina, and in order to answer many questions,
I just added some tutorial links on my sidebar.
Hoping this will help you...
Of course, please feel free to email me,
in case you need more details.

You will also notice that our spools might look slightly different,

as Valentina and I chose to cut our center square a little bigger,

(in this case : 1inch3/4, seam allowance included)

so that it doesn't look like a "bow-tie", rather a real spool.

This choice is up to you...


and rendez-vous on Saturday !