"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Friday, February 5, 2010


... Or, if you prefer :
Some time ago, I discovered THIS Dutch blog
and I was sooo much inspired...
Can you imagine that Ingrid is only piecing by hand
No sewing machine with her (here's a girl to my heart!)
Among all the beautiful quilts and projects, were those tiny spools.
These cuties measure (approx) 2.5" finished size
and I'm sure they are going to make such gorgeous scrappy quilts !
I couldn't resist having a try, and here are my first attempts...
Together with my friend Valentina,
we were VERY tempted starting such a (long term) project,
so we decided to contact Ingrid for permission
to use her idea...
Well, not only did she agree with such kindness
and enthusiasm, but she welcomes us into her virtual
"Spools Project Group"
Quilters are such wonderful ladies, all over the world!
Our Dutch friends are devoting one day a week
to this adventure (guess which one ? LOL)
I bet I'm gonna write about spools
for a veeeeeery long time!


Latest news in Blogland :

Valentina (Cyprus) just started a BLOG.

Knowing her, I can promise you some very inspiring posts !

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  1. Hallo Nadine welkom to the 'klojes club"I startet to make spools some time ago and my quilt is not finished.
    Good luke with your spools.

  2. Welcome to the club, Nadine.
    I am also a member of this club and you can find my spools at the left side of my blog
    (click on the word; Patchwork / Quilting
    and you will see lots of spools and their stories).

  3. Hello Nadine, welcome to our "Klosjes-Wonderland". Good luck with your spools and I'd love to see your quilt growing..
    You are from Belgium? Speaking "dutch" or "french"?

    greetings, Joke

  4. Good luck with the spools,you will use nice fabrics for them.I finished my quilt already.

  5. Hoi Nadine,
    ik vind dat je een schattig klosje hebt gemaakt!
    En 't klosje dat over je scherm beweegt is ook super!

  6. Hello Nadine, it's nice to read you are going to make a 'klosjesquilt' Please join the group. You will have great fun to make it, and I will love to read every saterday how many 'klosjes' you made this week. I started mine in december 2008, and she's nearly ready to be sandwiched. Have fun this week, many greatings Peti

  7. Welkom bij de club het is er erg gezellig. Leuk dat er weer nieuwe mensen zijn bijgekomen. Je klosjes zien er geweldig uit, ik heb mijn top bijna af maar ben er nog lang niet klaar mee.

  8. Hello gorgeous Nadine!!
    Love your spools too and V has started a blog.... Wahooooo!!!!
    The ride just got 'funner'!!!! ;)

  9. I saw the spools on Valentina's blog. I didn't realise they were so tiny! They are precious. Can't wait to see them all together in a quilt.

  10. I will enjoy hearing about your spools for a long time as well - an ambitions project if I ever heard of one!


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