"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Dear Friends,
My heartful wishes to you !
Thanks for the inspiration
throughout the year,
Thanks for your lovely comments
on this blog,
Thanks for your constant encouragements.
Enjoy this coming New Year,
Enjoy your family & friends,
Enjoy each and every moment,
May your secret wishes & projects come true...


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wednesday... Xmas Flowers Day !

Helloooooo, dear friends !

For this special Wednesday, I thought it would be fun to stitch
some Christmas flowers...

Wishing you all a peaceful, joyful,

Enjoy your family and friends !



Monday, December 13, 2010


Tomorrow is my birthday, and I wish to share with you this happy song that I heard some weeks ago. For some reason, it keeps haunting my mind and I just can't help singing it, so I thought we might sing it together, if you like it ?
The name is "I just wanna be OK today"
Nice program for the coming next year, isn't it ?
E N J O Y ! ;>)

Note : before clicking on the video, you might need to click on the stop button of my music box (2 vertical bars), otherwise you might get some "happy minestrone", HeeHee....

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Starting the Season ... ;>)

First Sunday of Advent Time...

Hello, dear friends !

With this magical view from my window...

I thought it was about time to start the festive Season with this tipsy snowman...
                                                            Isn't he cute and funny ?

Also, you all know how I love music,
particularly those "good oldies", and I could finally
find a way to bring it back on my blog, yeaaaaah...
Please feel free to switch it off,
or listen to another song, eventually,
by simply clicking on the corresponding buttons.

Busy, busy as a bee,
I'm still working on my "Life is Beautiful" project,
enjoying every stitch, as always,
and I'll soon be back with some good news

Stay tuned , and dance with me!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Catching Up... Finally !

A new grand baby...
A new blog...
And what's new on the quilting front, Nadine ?
Aha !
Well, I think my last quilty update was posted on 20th September,
with the blue birds quilt - time flies, indeed !
OK, let's go

I handpieced 48 new ones, since my return from Provence (beg. Sept)

Not so much in 2 months time, actually. 
I'm planning to come back to my successful "klosjes rythm" :
"rise up early and make 3 while the house is still asleep"
 (it works ---> makes 90 in a month time!)

Hexie flowers
One more flower was "planted " last week

Life is Beautiful
All 4-patch blocks are pieced, and 22 stitcheries were appliqued.
I'm halfway done for the quilt top (pictured on my design wall).
This is my focus project for the moment

Xmas 2010 wall quilt
Blocks 1, 2 and 3 are done and I started nr.4 yesterday evening 
(picture by next post)
Are you still here ?

I also wanted to mention some additional projects I worked on, while in Provence
but these will probably keep sleeping, until next vacations, HeeHee...

Little Houses
This is a fun project made of repro. fabrics that Kathie
generously sent to me, some time ago. 
Most of them were used in my (pending) baskets quilt
but I absolutely wanted to use the small leftovers. So I cut as many pieces as possible,
in order to build my "repro's village".  I think I'll have enough to make 20 houses...

Tumbler Doll Quilt
And I had so much fun, handpiecing this one with the relaining tiniest pieces. (No waste!)
I'm still hesitating about the border.  Thought about that yellow one,
but  it's much too light...

Phew !  That was an update, wasn't it ?
Now all I have to do is :
keep on stitching,
keep on dreaming,
keep on blogging !

Enjoy your sewing, dear friends

Note :
Thank you sooo much for your lovely comments about our
darling grand daughter Lily, you really touched our hearts.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


 to this new blog, my friends !
Hope you'll like it,
crossing my fingers (and toes) everything will be allright, from now on.
Also, if you still wish being a member of my blog,
you will have to do it again. Thanks.

I'd like to take this opportunity to send
a huuuuge & heartful thank you to my dear blog fairy.
This would certainly not have been possible without her

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


On Sunday17th October,
our family was blessed with the birth of
A new life's begun,
and our circle is richer with
our darling first grand-daughter

Dear friends,
my blog is still under re-construction
(actually, I think we're going to create a new one)
and I don't post a lot,
but I wanted to share this wonderful news with you all !

Friday, October 8, 2010

Blog under re-construction...

Dear friends,
Looks like Blogger is still playing with me,
and I'm so sorry for the inconvenience caused.
A good angel friend of mine is now trying to solve this problem,
and I won't post until everything comes back to normal...
THANKS for your patience,

"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another,
 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Stitching for Xmas - Block 1

Time flies and Christmas is only 10 weeks from now !
I just couldn't resist this lovely project, created by 9 of our talented Dutch quilting friends
(see my sidebar)
There will be 9 stitchery blocks (one block a week), 
then pieced together in a cute Xmas wallhanging.

Here's my first block...

This first block was designed by ELLEN . It is free, and you can still download it !
To participate, just leave a comment, and eventually stick the logo on your sidebar...
(The second block was created by JACQUELINE and is already available)

Other designers :
DORRY (block 3)
INGRID (block 4)
GERDA (block 5)
JOOKE (block 6)
BARBARA (block 7)
SANDRA (block 8)
JANINE (block 9 + piecing, borders & quilting instructions)

OOPS, maybe you'd like seeing the whole project ?

Enjoy your sewing, my friends !

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blog Problems... but Flowers anyway ;>)

I spent this whole afternoon, trying to solve these layout problems
NO WAY  Grrrrrrr
I had more than 10 sidebar widgets (+ blog wallpaper) etc...
that suddenly refused to appear. including Blog archives and Blog members
So I contacted Blogger ---> no satisfying/understandable answer.
Then I decided to clear out all gadgets, and started reloading everything again :
only my profile and 2 gadgets are now appearing on the sidebar,
the rest is total mystery...
I'm fed up, discouraged, and even about closing everything
(although erasing 6 years of happy blogging would make me very sad)

Would there be a good friend, among my readers, who would accept
going inside my blog, check everything and play the mechanic ?
I'd be sooooo grateful !


my garden is growing and here are some flowers to you
Enjoy your sewing, my friends!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday... Flower Day !

Aaaaah, nothing better than a few flowers, under such chilly weather...
Inspired by our talented Dutch friend Ria,
(check her gorgeous flower garden under the label "Hexagonnetjes" in her sidebar)
I just started this flower garden (3/4 inch hexie papers)
and I'm hooked !

Enjoy your sewing, my friends !

Note : I'm still experiencing problems with my blog layout, thanks for your patience.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blog problems.....

Don't know what's happening ?
I'm experiencing some problems with my blog :
the font (wallpaper) doesn't show anylonger, and most of my sidebar gadgets disappeared !?
Yet, I re-initialized all information, etc...
No way.
Did any Blogger users among you already experience this ?
I'd be grateful if you could help me

Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm in the mood for blues... Life is beautiful !

Leaves are changing colors,
Dancing in the cold breeze, and playing music in the trees...
Little birds now gather together,
Preparing for the big migration,
and celebrating the change of season...
It took me 2 years to organize this birdies family reunion,
quietly handpiecing one or two, here and there...
Now they're ready for their handquilting trip,
and my needle will happily fly among them.

Meet "The Blues Brothers and their cousin"

Original pattern : "In the Leafy Tree Tops"
designed by our talented friend Nanette,
Thanks dear !
No matter how long it took me,
I'm sooo grateful for the pleasure I had, piecing these cuties together !

(backing fabric)


Life is beautiful - Update nr. 5

These looong vacations allowed me to progress on the LIB project, and I really enjoyed completing all (32) stitcheries.

I'm now busy machine piecing the 4-patch blocks for the background,
and will then applique the stitcheries on them.
Still a lot to do, one stitch at a time,
among other new projects (? ? ? ) ...
but this is another story, for next post !

Enjoy your sewing, my friends !

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Back...Just in time for Klosjes Day ! ;>)

Hellooooooo, dear friends !
Back from beautiful Provence,
where we had such a wonderful time...
(although I missed you!)
We visited a lot of heavenly places,
tasted the most delightful fresh local products,
AND spent an unforgettable week with Vali & Hubby...
Boy, did we have FUN !
Yet I was a good girl, and made some progress in my sewing :
first with my klosjes, as I managed to piece 132 of them
(which makes my total reaching approx. 300)
I was happy with that, but "fed up", as I told Vali.
She always has such brilliant ideas, and suggested it was time
to start piecing them together !
This gave me the right push I needed to keep going
And here's the result...
(The background fabric is a little treasure I found in a local quiltshop, and I'm planning to use it as the border fabric)
I've got SO MUCH MORE to tell you,
(and even more progress to show, HeeHee.....)
I guess this will take several coming posts.
not to mention those last 2 months posts of yours
that I have to catch up
(and I know I'm going to discover such treasures)
Have a nice weekend, THANKS for visiting,
and by all means

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Blog Break until next September...

Among my quilty luggage, is a little suitcase...

filled with looooads of pre-cut "klosjes" !
Is that what they call optimism ? HeeHee...
I just love being "ready-set-go"
All I need now is needle & thread
I'll miss my daily visits to you, but I'll catch up sooner or later
and we'll have a "cuppa'" all together chit-chatting about last news...
Take care my lovelies, be happy, enjoy your sewing !

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Don't miss this !

Hello friends!
Still alive and busy, busy preparing our summer holidays,
which means cutting, cutting, to fill in a big sewing bag...
However, I'm still visiting many friends (you all are such a great source of inspiration!)
and I just read that sweet Sandra is having a wonderful giveaway.
Don't miss your chance !

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday Cut...Cut...Cutting...

The summer holidays are not so far, and I decided to have a hexies big cutting session,
so that everything is ready when packing...
The process was easy, as I'm only using 4 different fabrics.
3" strips - hexie template designing - rotary cutting (several layers together)
I much more prefer basting hexies, rather than squares, around my paper pieces.
This way I don't have to cut / adjust my seam allowances...

Can you imagine there is a whole 85"/85" quilt in this box ?
(1825 hexies)
The best is yet to come...
Enjoy your sewing, dear friends !

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Help needed !

Edit : "mystery" solved !
THANKS for your lovely comments and care,
quilter friends are really the best !
I'm calling this pattern "The Mystery Stitchery".
I saw it some time ago while browsing the Web, and immediately fell in love with it.
I love the intricate design and how you can use colors to give special effects.
I asked for some more information, regarding the designer
and where I could order the pattern, eventually.
Unfortunately, I never got any answer...

Could anyone help me, pleazzzzzze ?
I'd be SO grateful !
THANKS, friends ;>)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Klosjes and LIB...

Hi, my friends !
At last a wonderful sunny day, here in Belgium, Hurray !
I really had to catch up with my klosjes, this week, and managed
to piece 25 of them.
Happy dance !

Four new stitcheries for the "Life is beautiful" project are also
joining the stack, which is growing slowly but surely,
one stitch at a time...
Now I still have to catch up with visiting many of you,
Don't worry, sooner or later, I'll be there !
You're all such an inspiration ...
Have a wonderful weekend,
Enjoy your sewing !

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wednesday, Flower Day ! Update 3

"I'm singing in the rain...."
Summer, summer where are you ?
It's raining cats and dogs, here !
Fortunately, we've got sunshine in our hearts,
and we keep planting flowers to enlight our days...
So I took some crayons, and drew a rough plan,
in order to visualise clearly the whole thing.
See where I'm going ?
Each flower measures 35cm (14") diameter and requires 73 hexagons.
I'm aiming a large single bed size, so I'll need approx. 20 complete flowers,
plus white borders...

.... And here's what I planted, up to now

I'm really happy that I changed my mind about the fabrics + layout,
now I can feel this quilt as "mine", and making those hexies is such a pleasure !
I was fearing that using only 4 different fabrics would make the piecing a little boring,
but actually it's very relaxing.
I love the simplicity and joy that are slowly coming from the design and colors.
This fills my heart with gratitude...

Now, I need some exercise, so on to visit your own lovely "gardens", my friends,
and see the gorgeous flowers you planted this week !

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The recipe

Some friends emailed me for those sun dried tomatoes recipe,
so I'll share my "secrets" with you.
Everything I know, regarding Italian cooking, comes from my sweet Mother-In-Law, Chiara, whom everyone named "La Nonna" (the grandmother).
La Nonna was a very simple woman from Southern Italy, mother of 6, and a genius, creative cooker who was aiming to feed her family with few money, but LOTS of taste.
As a young bride (37 years ago) I spent hours in her kitchen and have learned so much, from the basic ingredients, to her mantra :
"You need to cook joyfully and add a pinch of your heart !"
I consider as an honour to pass on what she taught me, from the basics, to comfort food and preserving, and I'm totally convinced that good cooking is part of happy family gatherings, and even a happy marriage !
Thinking about all this, I might consider creating a special file on my sidebar, under the label :
"Ricette della Nonna"
...what do you think ?

For approx. 4 x one pound jars
(you don't want to waste your time for one small jar only, do you ?)
Note : I prefer those smaller jars rather than big ones, as I will open them frequently, and also because the bottom would taste too hot in the end...
You will need :
1 liter (33 Fl.oz) good quality olive oil

1 liter (33 Fl.oz) white balsamic vinegar
(this is part of the secret : white balsamic vinegar will give that sweet taste, much less acid than with ordinary white vinegar. A little more expensive, but you won't regret it).

3 big garlic heads
(what would be Italian cooking without garlic ?)
finely chopped

A nice big parsley bouquet
finely chopped

1 kg (2.2 pounds) SUN dried tomatoes
(please don't use those oven dried tomatoes - there's a world difference in taste)

Your tomatoes will look like this : totally dehydrated and shrinked...
Important :
You will also need some small red hot chili peppers
finely chopped (don't touch your eyes with your fingers !)

How to :
1. You need to re-hydrate your tomatoes ---> put them in a big plate, and add the white balsamic vinegar. Let them "rest" for approx. 45 minutes, stirring from time to time (use your hand ! They're the best cooking tools, besides white vinegar will give you beautiful hands)...
2. Then you'll use your muscles and twist the tomatoes, so that you take off as much vinegar as possible...
3. Sit down, have a cuppa', and start unshrinking/opening each tomato piece. You want to get them nice and flat. Take your time, no rush, have FUN chit-chatting ;>)
4. Your jars are ready on the table (rinsed with boiling water and dried), with the rest of the ingredients (chopped parsley, chopped garlic, chopped hot peppers, olive oil)
5. You will work in layers, like this :
- a) some olive oil + a pinch of parsley + a pinch of garlic + a (small) pinch of red hot pepper
- b) 5 to 6 half tomatoes, gently arranged to cover that a) layer
- and on, and on..... from a) to b).... Pushing on the layers, from time to time (use your hand---> olive oil is sooo good to them)
You also want it to be nice looking, of course, eating begins with the eyes !
- Finish with one nice layer olive oil at the top of the jar.
Then comes the hardest part : you'll have to wait for one whole month, before tasting your "jewels" ! (Have a check during first week : tomatoes will "drink" a lot, and you might need adding some olive oil).
Use :
- We like them simple, to accompany Italian cooked meats and bread,
- or chopped and mixed with warm pasta + chopped black olives and parmiggiano (Hmmmmm!)
- Try them on warm roasted bread + cream cheese (to die for!)
- or with mozzarella slices and basil (close your eyes : you're in Italy ;>)
- finely diced and mixed with green crispy salad
- on pizzas,
- as appetizers, rolled around some mozzarella cheese,
Note : when your jar is empty, don't throw away that precious perfumed oil ---> use it on your pizzas, or in salads, or even on hot pasta + ruccola and cheese...