"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Passing on...
What a treat, when Laura my youngest daughter (21)
asked me to teach her making our traditional Christmas biscuits !
I was sooo happy, and she was very willing to learn.

Nice result, isn't it ?
I think the tradition will keep going without problem !
Always looking for new recipes,
particularly at this moment of the year,
when yummy menus and buffets are getting organized,
I discovered THIS RECIPE from Nan, at "Pots and Pins"
and wanted to give it a try...
Oh My ! Sooo easy, and the taste is just... delectable !
Give it a try, too. You won't regret it !
THANKS, Nan, for this wonderful recipe ;>)
(Oh, and by the way, Nan's other recipes AND quilts are worth it, too!)

Last, but not least, I treated myself with 12 wonderful
(scroll down to see them all in details)
These are cute, funny stitcheries that will become
a Xmas quilt for 2010 (never too early!)
I intend to stitch one - maybe 2 - each month
so that I can piece them together and quilt them on time...
(turtle as I am ! ;>)

Have a wonderful Sunday,
Enjoy your sewing !

(from snoooooowy Belgium ... LOVE IT !)


  1. Nadine che bello!
    Mi immagino tu e tua figlia che cucinate e Gaetano che guarda aspettando il momento di assaggiare.
    Brave a tutte e due.
    ciao ciao

  2. Nous aussi nous sommes dans les petits biscuits de noël (voir mon blog) !

  3. Hi Nadine! I just saw that you made my salad recipe and liked it!! YEAH! Now, tell me about those Christmas biscuits of yours...they look fabulous...will you share the recipe? I love your blog - it's fun and interesting and you inspire me! xo, Nan


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