"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Friday, November 20, 2009


Some quilts just draw your attention,
only by their name.
That's what happened to me,
after the difficult moments I recently lived...
When I discovered that gorgeous new pattern
it couldn't have come at a better moment in my life.
It's red and warm, like love.
It's full of cute stitcheries & quotes
about the beauty of life,
come rain or come shine...

Moreover, Helen is offering a complete
pattern set, as a giveaway.
Wouldn't it be GREAT being the lucky winner ?
She also asks for a favourite quote that
the beauty of life inspires to us.
So, here is mine :

Life is a gift we are given each and every day,

that is why it is called THE PRESENT...



  1. Bellissimo e profondo il tuo pensiero.

    Ti sei un po' ripresa? spero di si. Ciao ciao Linda

  2. Je comprends assez bien tout ce que tu as dit en particulier la citation de la fin...
    J'espère que tu vas mieux... continue à avoir du courage et à cultiver le présent le plus possible dans la paix et le bonheur,malgré tout.

  3. I hope you win, my dear angel!

  4. Nadine, you have a lovely blog and I love the quilts. I'm sorry you've had a recent bereavement, I
    love the saying and good luck for a win.

  5. This quilt is calling your name ....


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