"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


So I decided that Sunday would be the day for starting with this quilt, and carefully read JERI 's instructions sheets, starting with choosing the 13 colors I needed, among the 18 ones she had sent to me (this was not so easy, as they're all so beautiful).

Jeri cleverly divided the quilt in 9 sections, the first step being the 4 corners - each corner composed of a 10 x 10 squares...

The pictures below are showing the upper right corner.

I cut ten 2,5" strips, each of a different color, corresponding to my choice, and pieced them together.
Then I cut 2,5" strips accross them

and started to arrange them, unpicking at the top...

until I reached this arrangement (which was half the final big square I needed)...
Then I completed each row, using some of the unpicked squares...
Back to machine piecing, watching carefully to the matching seams, and...

T A D A A A A ! ;>)
Happy dance, here is my first upper right corner...
Now, on to the 3 other ones, before reaching Step 2.

If the mountain looks too high to climb,
divide your efforts into several achievable goals.
Sooner or later, you'll reach the top...

Friday, August 14, 2009

OH HAPPY DAY.... ;>)

"Heaven, I'm in Heaven...."
(love that song!)
This morning my door bell rang,
and I knew this had to be a package of happiness !
It was a BIG box, coming from JERI
Lookie, lookie, all those wonderful solids (22 different colors!)
that will soon become that "Sunshine & Shadow" quilt that I love so much
(see picture on my blog header)

Jeri will make it with me, so she wrote step-by-step instruction sheets, and she cleverly labelled each color with a number, so that we don't mix anything...

Dear Jeri, thanks to you, one of my quilty dreams will soon come true,

and I'm sooo grateful !


Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Last year, I was lucky enough to visit May Britt, in Norway (such nice memories!)

One day, she told me :
"you can dive into my stash and, please, help yourself"
Boy, I was in quilters heaven !
I cut little bits and pieces, including a piece of that cheater fabric, above.
It really fascinated me... Not only for the colors, the nice blocks arrangement, the scrappy, vintage look,but also the words on it. (click on the picture)

Back home, I searched the Web to find more of it, but couldn't...
Yet, I wanted to make something simple out of it, as a memory.
I kept it in my sewing box for a long time, until this weekend,
when I decided to make this humble wallhanging.
I just added the black fabric, it didn't need more. I know, it looks more like a table mat,
but I wanted to cut the least possible out of the fabric...
Now it's hanging above my computer screen, and I'm happy.
"Keep your feet on the ground, Nadine !"
(especially when you look at sooo many beautiful quilts in Blogland
"Reach for the stars !"
anyway.... with Love, Wisdom and Virtue
"Success is a journey, not a destination"

Sunday, August 2, 2009

I' M BAAAACK..... ;>)

Well, it's been a while since I came here to blab, isn't it ? These vacations were certainly needed, after last June sad events, and were highly appreciated... We spent 2 weeks in (hot, hot) Spain (definitely waaay too hot for me) and 2 weeks in wonderful
Provence (France) , where we'll certainly go back
(actually, we already booked for next year, HeeHee).

And what did this silly quilter do in a month,
as she forgot home all her well prepared sewing things ???
Well, she (almost) cried...
and then she read, and read A LOT !

I won't bother you with too many pictures, except quilty ones, beginning with

this one hereunder, for which I'd need your HELP

I didn't see that quilt in Spain, but stumbled upon the picture

while browsing Spanish blogs.

No name, nor designer... nothing but a picture.

I emailed the blogging lady, but never got any answer. Sooo....

does this pattern speak to you, eventually ?
* * * * * * * * * *
While visiting a small Spanish quilt show, I was amazed with this quilt.
It's a nine patch design, with a Japanese folding technique
and the story behind it is quite funny,
as it was made by a man (the quiltshop owner's hubby) !

Interesting and beautiful, isn't it ?
I was kindly given the pattern - another one on my "must-do" list...

* * * * * * * * * *

Back to normal, I was sooo happy to sew again, and finally decided on
my "Little Blue Birds" borders...
which was not so easy, as I wanted a vintage look,

but I happily found
that "grandma's aprons" repro fabric on the web (E-quilters.com)
There will be a surprise wink in this top,
you'll see it soon...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


My next big project will be that gorgeous
Sunshine & Shadow
that you can see on my header...
I'll be doing it together with JERI and JOANNA
(can't wait !)

I'm still catching up with Blogland posts, and see that
you've all been sewing treasures,
congratulations to you all !

I'll be back soon,
Thanks for your visit