"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Starting a new page in your quilt journal,
share it with friends, is such a blessing,
and there's nothing like some new (long-term) projects
to focus your mind on the bright side of life...


First of all, look at my blog header.
You might remember I saw that beauty in a French quiltshop in Paris
and I shared a picture with you...
Well, Jeri loves it, too!
So she kindly proposed to design the pattern, calculate the yardage,
and help me find the right solids color palette. Isn't that sweet, indeed ?
Sharon will be joining us, as well (after her big moving).


Some weeks ago, I posted a comment to Rae Ann ,
about her lovely 30's repro fabrics quilts...
She proposed to share a lovely pieced/applique pattern with me,
(and some of those 30's repro fabrics, that I love)
Ain't I lucky ?


And here's the BIG fellow that will keep me busy
for the coming year (s ?)
Actually, it's the reproduction of an Antique Quilt
that Guute recently adapted with EQ6.
Originally, she intended to share her pattern on her blog,
but the demands of enthusiastic quilter friends were so numerous (more than 100!)
that she decided to create a Yahoo Group (see the logo on my sidebar).
You're all welcome to join the fun!
(Guute is posting both in Dutch and English)
I'll be starting handpiecing mine by end of July, when returning from vacations.
This will give me time to think about my colors scheme,
and collect some repro fabrics...


"Those good old hexies" are another long-term,
handpiecing project that I love.
I've been part of The Great Heaxagon Quilt Along for some months.
This is a fantastic hexies lovers blog, created by sweet Robyn
If you love hexies and got some spare minutes,
don't miss a visit, it's full of inspiration!
I'm using bright K.Fasset fabrics, on a black background,
and will bring my tin box with me on vacations...


Aaah, my sweet little blue fella's!
This lovely quilt was designed by the talented Nanette, from Freda's Hive
(pattern available on her Etsy shop, see her sidebar).
Mine is just about being a flimsy, and I love it.
You'll soon be seeing it ;>)

So that makes 3 new projects, plus 2 "oldies"...
This is quite a lot to "cook" in the coming days/weeks/months,
but my stove's ready!
Ain't that quilt therapy,
then what is it ?
PS : special thoughts for some special friends.
Though not mentionned in this post, you will recognize yourself,
and you know you're in my heart...


  1. Beatiful projects and I look forward to seeing your progress on them. There is so much inspiration and great ideas on the blogs I read, just not enough time to get to do all the wonderful quilts I want to.

  2. I'm up to my elbows in hexies too. I didn't join "the group", but surely enjoy reading both hex blogs!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful projects! I love your hexies, my friend.


  4. Dear Nadine, please don't forget me when you start your Parisian Amish Beauty with Jery and Sharon. You let me know, ok?
    Have a beautiful vacation and don't forget you'll be with me on mine with my 'Nadine-hexies' :)

    Valentina from Cyprus

  5. So many wonderful projects :)
    I have looked at Guutes quilt to and think I will make it to.

  6. Your hexagon quilt is going to be unusual with the choice of the Kaffe fabrics. What a good idea!

  7. Oh my... you have a lot going on here.. but all will be just wonderful!! :o))

  8. oh to see that spark beginning to kindle and beam in your heart...

    thoughts of you fly on my needle and thread...and it makes me smile to see the projects that are pulling at your heart..especially the quilt from the header...Sunshine and Shadows....never one without the other...can't wait to see it bloom as it in the end be beautiful.


  9. Oooooh, prachtige hexagonquilt wordt dat, Nadine!
    En je hebt nog leuke quiltplannen!
    Ik ben erg benieuwd naar jouw stoffenkeuze voor Guute's quilt en kom dus zeker weer kijken!
    Geniet van je vakantie hé!

  10. Hei. You have a lot of beautiful projects going on. ;-)
    Have a great day. Klem

  11. Hoi Nadine, 't ziet er naar uit dat je je zeker niet zult vervelen de komende maanden...jaren.....

  12. You are going to be very busy with some wonderful projects. And I love your hexagons. The fabric is beautiful!

  13. Quilting got me through some tough times after my Mom passed away last year .... it is good to have something to keep our hands busy and you sure do have a lot going.

  14. I believe that quilt is featured in this book that I bought today.

  15. I want to make Guute's quilt too. If I can only find the time!

  16. Wow! I think that is the nicest antique quilt I've seen in a long time! Just beautiful!


Thanks a bunch for your comments, they just make my day !