"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Or how to recycle an orphan quilt block into a cute wallhanging...


I just had to finish the appliqued flowers, and experienced 3D applique

with some tiny beads embellishments.

It's only 12 inches square, but at least it's a finish

and it feels gooooooood !

Now back to my blue birds BIG quilt piecing!

(seems I'm quite obsessed with birds, these days...)

Thanks for your visit,



A little saying for today ?

God gives every bird its food,

but He does not throw it into its nest.

(JC Holland)

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Last January, our children spoiled us with a 4 days trip to Paris,
as a retirement present.
We could choose the dates, so we opted for May,
hoping our stay would be sunny...
Well it was not sunny, but Paris is Paris :
one of the most beautiful cities in the world


We stayed in a very comfy hotel, and decided to visit

some of the many picturesque places, such as

L'Ile de la Cité, walking along les Quais de la Seine...

up to the Tour Eiffel...

Hmmmm...Stormy weather (but yummy restaurant ! HeeHee)

The day after, we went to the splendid Musée du Louvre, where we spent a whole day...

I think it takes 3 days to visit the whole museum,
so we decided to part, hubby visiting the (big) sculptures section,
while I opted for the Impressionist painters...

then sharing our feelings and emotions on a lovely terrace...

We also went to the beautiful Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral...

Of course I had planned a visit to a famous quilt shop!

So we went to Le Rouvray, just behind Notre Dame...

Such a pleasant and welcoming shop !

with beautiful fabrics, among some antiques

old quilts, so beautifully hand quilted...

and also gorgeous quilt tops. This one was was my absolute favorite one. I have to make such a quilt !

Of course, I couldn't leave empty handed, HeeHee..... And I chose a fabrics kit, to make a throw in sunny, colourful Provence toiles.

The pattern is very simple (sometimes these are the best ones) : four patches, with marbled yellow connecting blocks, and a beautiful border.

Hmmmm, I'm in the mood for starting it right now...


THANKS, kido's... you really spoiled us !

Friday, May 8, 2009


My story with Mom is a sad one... I missed her all my life,
as she was very often absent, living in Congo with my father, who worked there...
I've got very few pictures of her, but I could save these 2.
They're very small, blurred and aged, but I cherish them very much.
Mom passed away 15 years ago, and I still terribly miss her.
However, she's with me every day, in a way...
She's my Guardian Angel.
1960 in Congo - She was 30 -

and with me, in 1955 (she was 26, and I was 4)

To all mothers,
Some flowers, with my heartful wishes....

and a wink...


Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Hi, there ! ;>)
It's been a while, isn't it ? ...
I'm sorry.
Seems that retirement has made a laaaazy blogger of me : soooo many things I wanted to do, and see, and read, and try... on my "Once I've got time" list !
Not to mention Dear Hubby's own list - actually we both retired at the same time... and can I leave that darling alone with his own list, tell me ??? HeeHee...
We had (and still have) to find a new rythm, new routines.
Yet things are slowly getting back to normal... which means I started a new BOM with some French ladies. It's a huuuuuge project (I love these! Maybe because of the challenge included ?)
The name is Sally Post Floral Sampler
It's bright, it's cheerful, it's pink, red, green (with a touch of yellow)...
It's ME !
There are 36 blocks in total (but I'll only make 25)
The first 12 blocks are FREE, and then you have to order the others...
Here's my first block
and my fabrics choice

So far, so good...
Wish me luck !
(perseverance, perseverance...)

(and pot holes, too ! HeeHee...)