"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Friday, January 9, 2009


Well, I started this new year trying my brand new Pfaff (a present from sweet hubby for my retirement), and though being a handpiecer, I must admit it was veeeeery pleasant and it worked like a breeze (nothing to do at all with that naughty, old Toyota!)
So I chose to make a nice top with the 9 beautiful Lemoyne stars, that Christine had sent to me last year (remember?)

And tadaaaaaa...... here is
"The Blue Hour"

I didn't make any busy border, as I wanted the eyes to focus on the stars...
It's 52 inches square, and I'm planning to start handquilting it tonight.
(note : it really is straight, but I'm so bad at hanging a quilt and making pictures ;>)

This leads me ---> to my 2009 quilting program (ooohlala!)

(1) Arkansas Snowflake (one of my favourite patterns)
I was sooo lucky getting this wonderful quilt kit, last Xmas, from Santa Claus
(bless him!... or her ???? ;>)
It's a handpiecing project and I'm planning one block -a-day

(2) An Angels Story quilt
15 blocks ready, one more to go, scrappy squares ready, then piece the whole together

(3) Little Blue Birds (a pattern designed by Nanette).

I'm half-way with handpiecing this one...

(4) "Little Baskets"
(one block-a-day, as well... long term handpiecing project. I need 338 blocks! LOL)

(5) Nine Patch Friendship quilt
A handpiecing project with Christine - reproduction fabrics

(6) "Obsession" A machine piecing project with K.Fasset fabrics

(still must decide on the pattern... it's "obsessional ! LOL)

(7) A Kaleidoscope quilt (no picture)

together with a nice friend, who designed the pattern, so I'd rather let her tell you about this one ;>)


Well, this is quite enough for some time, don't you think ? Not to mention some nice trips, forecasted with (also retired!) DH..... but that's another story, for another post !






  1. Good luck with your projects for 2009!

  2. My My you are going to be busy this year. I will be watching your progress. Those 'one a day' blocks look like a great plan.

  3. Congratulations with your new sewingmachine. you are going to sew a lot not I guess with a new machine and staying home. Love your projects. The birds are so cute and so is your baskets.

  4. Nice work on the LeMoyne Stars - I really do like the layout you used.

    A very nice retirement gift indeed - now how did your hubby know which one to buy?

  5. And what will you be ding with your free time ? lol. My - you will be busy but your projects are all so beautiful - I LOVE the little baskets. I have loads of engish paper piecing on the go - so relaxing.

  6. The "Blue hour" is gorgeous, Nadine! I remember admireing those Lemoyne Star blocks Christine made you, and your setting for them is perfect!! How are you going to quilt it? My initial thought would be in the ditch in the star blocks and then a star in each of the setting squares and triangles... And perhaps a cable in the border...

    Your quilting program for 2009 sounds ambitious, but I have a feeling you'll be able to pull it off :o) You have some gorgeous projects to work on, and I'm sure they will keep you inspired! Best of luck to you, anyway!

    And well done on having 15 Angel blocks done!!! Ouch, I'm soooo far behind on that project!

    Congratulations on the new sewing machine, I'm sure ypu have a new friend there :o)

    Take care and happy quilting!
    Hugs and stitches from me

  7. I have a early 1990's Pfafff that sews so smoothly and I love that machine. Wow, you got a new one, fantastic! Congrats on that and on your retirment.
    You have many beautiful quilts and projects pictured!

  8. A new sewing machine! That's wonderful, Nadine. And, a wonderful project completed with your new baby! :-) I'm anxious to see your 'one a day' block progress - great idea! I love your baskets! Your handpieceing project is super!

    Stay busy but remember to enjoy this new chapter in your life!

    Hugs for you and a little beso for Andrea! :-)

  9. I have that judie rothermel pattern and kit. I"ve been too afraid to start it! Oh and I have a Pfaff - I LOVE mine!

  10. My goodness - sooooo many lovely projects! You have been and are going to BUSY!

  11. Hope you're enjoying your new sewing machine! I much prefer to sew by machine instead of hand sew. :)

  12. What wonderful projects you have planned for 2009! I love that four patch one. The little baskets are adorable. What size are they? Your finished LeMoyne top is stunning. I love the fabrics you chose, and so much room for beautiful quilting.

  13. You've got some lovely things planned. Love them. ANd I'm a tad partial to the birdies. A new Pfaff!!!! WOwie! Good for you.

  14. Hi Nadine,
    thank you for visiting my blog.
    It's lovely to be here looking at all your wonderful work...
    Congratlations on your retirement...you will wonder how you ever had time to go to work...
    A new Pfaff,,, I see lots of sewing happening..enjoy!
    Julia ♥

  15. I really enjoyed your blog. Your patchwork is lovely

  16. Quel programme ! j'espère que tu le tiendras et que tu feras plus encore ( des petites choses entre...)la musique et la voix quelles merveilles !
    Tu ne vas pas t'ennuyer et nous non plus à venir admirer tous tes travaux, tu n'es pas la seule à être une tortue, moi je dis que je suis un escargot !!!

  17. a new sewing machine wowowowowowo!!! congrats ;-)))
    I see you're always busy of projects... ^___^ all beautiful! (I LOVE THE KAFFE FASSET ONE!!)

    I've just posted some photos on my blog... thank you SOOOO much ;-))


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