"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Saturday, January 26, 2008


No quilty news in my little corner of the world, though my head is filled with beautiful projects, fabrics, patterns, and a very particular sewing room to visit soon :>) Look at my counter in the sidebar ! Can you imagine how excited, thrilled and anxious I'm feeling, ?
I can't even touch a needle, and I keep checking my "trip list", "home list", "kids list", etc....
However, I wanted to share this short story with you, and I know that many among you will recognize themselves in it... I called it


Dad and mum were watching TV, when mum said :
"it's late, I'm feeling tired, I'm going to bed"...

She went to the kitchen, in order to prepare the sandwiches
for school tomorrow,
She put the popcorn plates in the dishwasher, and took some meat out of the freezer, for our dinner tomorrow,
She checked the breakfast cereals, filled in the sugar box, put bowls and spoons on the table, and she set the coffeemaker...

In the meantime, she emptied the washing machine, filled in the dryer, and thought that dad's shirt needed some quick ironing. She also sewed a button, gathered some toys, put the phonebook back on its shelve, watered a plant, and closed the bin bag...

Then she yawned, stretched, and went to her room.
She stopped a minute to write a note for the teacher, counted money for our school day-out, and picked up a book under a chair. She also signed a birthday card for a friend and carefully wrote the address on the envelope. She put it in her bag, together with a list for the butcher...

Then mum washed her face with sweet tissues, put on some anti-wrinkles cream, and brushed her teeth...
Dad shouted : "Honey, I thought you were going to bed ! ?"
"That's what I'm doing, darling" she said...

She had a look into our rooms, switched off, put a tee-shirt and socks in the laundry, and chatted some minutes with our eldest brother who was studying for an exam...

Once in her room, she set the alarm-clock and sorted her clothes for tomorrow. She suddenly added 3 items on her "to-do" list, and lied down with a mysterious smile on her face: she was peacefully viewing herself reaching her personal objectives, and achieving an old dream. Actually, she clearly visualized herself, flying to her quilting friends and she happily fell asleep...

Dad switched off the TV, and said "It's late, I'm feeling tired, I'm going to bed".... And that's EXACTLY what he did !

He snuggled under the big bed quilt, heard her voice murmuring :"Norway...", and said to her :

"don't worry, darling, I'll manage, nothing extraordinary"...

Picture 1 : "Sleeping Woman" Pablo Picasso

Picture 2 : "Aeroplane" Rebecca Barker

Saturday, January 19, 2008


This week, I only managed to add a pieced border to this WISP. I also basted it and started the handquilting this morning... better than nothing.

Like tomatoes in a can, I'm concentrating. My trip to Norway is filling my mind, so I'm inundating May Britt with (silly)questions, writing lists for hubby and the kids, and even practicing my walking with moonboots (not so easy in a living room !) Nervous ? Me ? Noooooooo :>)

However, I can still feel attracted and get some "light bulb" while browsing through the Net. Do you crochet ? I used to, some years ago... Why, oh why did my mouse bring me there ? My fingertips are burning to make such squares, I even looked for my crochets and found these, well preserved in an old wooden box, but couldn't find any yarn... Strange, how come ? And then I remembered : I gave them away years ago, when I fell addicted to quilting... Ha !

Now some questions keep haunting my mind :

" Do you think I 'm on the road to start a yarn stash ?

Is there any medication to prevent such catastrophe ?"

Monday, January 14, 2008


"I will always believe in Santa Claus...
AND in the Postal Services ! "

(my new mantra from today on)

Yes, you guessed, my precious SSCS finally arrived today, after a loooong adventurous trip from Jenny in Canada. I was just back from school, and found a note from Henri the postman on my mailbox : "quick, go to your neighbour, I left a parcel from Canada for you !"
Oh, my Goodness ! You should have seen me rrrrrrrrrun ! I shortened the visit as quickly as I could : I wanted to enjoy this all alone :>)
The box was quite big, but looked a bit "bumpy". Inside was a note from the Belgian Postal Services : "package damaged by the Canadian customs. Re-assembled by our services - Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused"
Apologies accepted ! Let me just see what's inside !...... And LOOKIE, my friends :

- first I found that lovely, lovely lady. Isn't she -oh so cute - ? Look at her smile, her elegant clothes, and her high heels.... I named her immediately : Jenny, of course :>)
- and that sugar baby yoyo cushion : I had admired it, some time ago, on Jenny's blog... She didn't forget that...
- she also remembered I'm a big fan of Bronwyn Hayes designs, and she made me that wonderful sewing case, with such a nice stitching, and many details added : a scissors holder, a needles book. I'm speechless....
- As this was not enough, my generous Santa added the nicest Gail Pan - Xmas stitchery quilt - pattern (that I promise to make for next Christmas), plus a big piece of fabric with lots of quilt labels, and Xmas labels printed....
- Did I forget something ? YES : wonderful postcards from Canada + the kindest friendly words on a Xmas card.


It was sure worth the waiting !

The quilters friendship and generosity will always amaze me : hours of sewing, patience, and love of nice work, just to please someone you never met in person. Yes, I admit there must be a quilty angel above my head and, by all means,

"I' will always believe in Santa Claus...
and in the Postal Services"

Sunday, January 13, 2008


I'm feeling "strange" these days... It's not the blues, neither a slump , no I simply don't feel like sewing. Maybe I'm experiencing an attack of winter lazyness ?

Anyway, I decided to shake myself and worked on my 4 Seasons Winter Swap. It's almost finished (did you notice that "almost" is one of my favourite words ? That could be the title of my quilting life !).

I still have to fix the binding on the backing (good job for tonight, while watching TV) and make a cute label... Then it will fly to the recipient - crossing my fingers she will like it.

I also signed in a very cute stitchery BOM, created by Bea . Not only did she create the designs, but she's offering them for free as a BOM. Isn't thay nice ? It's easy, quick (one small block to stitch each month), cute, and everyone is welcome. Here's my January block.

Next week will be devoted to my "Any Mail ?" wallhanging, and to some envelopes I have promised to send out to... some of you :>)

Have you noticed my ticker on the sidebar ? ---> 18 days until my trip to Norway ! Time flies ... I'll be busy packing my suitcase in no time, now ! WooooooHoooo, May Britt ! Can't wait putting my boots on !


- Nice music, sipping an "espresso"

- Watching the cats, having a "conference" in my garden

- Nice and tasty lunch with my family

- Watching hubby, VERY busy at writing a letter

- a sweet weekend


If you can't see the bright side of life,

then polish the dull side...


Friday, January 4, 2008


You may remember a request I made, last November, about the BHG 2008 quilt calendar, and how Heather so generously offered to send it to me... Well, not only did she do it, but lookie what she put in that big envelope !
"Yummy" magazines, beautiful Moda charm squares, lovely quilty postcards, and...a tumbler plastic template to rotary cut my pieces for that tumbler quilt I long to make. The icing on the cake being that all that was wrapped in a gorgeous fabric, with a ribbon.. My ! I felt like the Queen of England !
I just can't wait starting to pre-cut my fabrics (and send some to Heather, as we're planning to make the quilt together). Heather also generously offered to send some pre-cut pieces in civil war repro's - as "poor" Nadine can't find these in her little corner of the world... :>)

A heartful thank you, Heather !
I'm feeling so lucky ...

Hereunder is a photo of the beauty I 've put on my nr.2 List (the realistic one, heheee...). By the way, I accidentally "fell" on the author 's Blog. Her blog header is showing this winner. Please, please, if you don't know it yet, run to it ! Each quilt is a treasure to look at!

This morning brought to me the latest issue of my Australian P&Q, to which I'm subscribing for about 5 years, now.... I certainly have enough patterns for my own life and the generations to come,but hey.... who said we have to make all of them ?
However..... look at that gorgeous quilt on the cover ! (not to speak about the 10 other ones inside :>) ...Hmmmm... shall I put it on the (nr1) "dream list", or on nr.2 ???

Yesterday was fiesta, as well ! I had ordered this treat at Quilt Books USA, and OMG what a treat ! You may know that Rebecca Barker is a very talented aquarellist (and a quilter). She paints fabulous quilts as if they were part of landscapes. Not only can you just relax, watching the pictures and dream, but she also provides the patterns for each quilt (18 in this book)... As you will guess : I want to make them all !

I just can't resist showing you some of them (believe me, choosing was very hard !)

Well, what else can I say ?..... SWEET DREAMS, MY FRIENDS !

OOPS ! I almost forgot to tell you that I also ordered this one.... just to make a balance :>)


Edit :

Still no SSCS envelope in my mailbox... However SANTA, aka Jenny has emailed me, and the poor dear is sooo worried about this. She mailed the parcel by end of November, and doesn't understand why it still hasn't reached my home. Now I'm sorry for Jenny ! I'm so sorry for the time and money) she spent in order to please me, and I perfectly understand how she's feeling (remember when my car was stolen, with quilty parcels for friends inside ?)....

We'll move on over that, Jenny. Please stop worrying, it's not your fault at all, dear ! And, by the way, it can still come. Maybe it's blocked at the customs, or something like that. Who knows ? ....

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008 PROJECTS - Part 1. (she did it again !)

Aaah, that Projects List ! Have I listed, and listed, and added, and deleted ! I think the most difficult part is to choose among all those beautiful quilts and stitcheries, and I guess the key words are stay realistic...
Soooo, knowing that, I made two lists :>)
---> The Dream List :

the one I mentally review, when trying to find some sleep,
the one I won't share with you as it would be too long (thus boooooring),
the one I keep secret as you would seriously wonder if I'm losing my mind...

---> The reasonable List :
the one I'll stick on, this year (doing my best),
the one I'll visualise when I'll be losing my mind (LOL),
the one I'll share with you, bit by bit, month by month, in order to keep my good reputation of a serious, organized, realistic, trusty quilter... (why are you smiling ????)

Bust that Stash !
It's not that my fabrics are pushing the walls (yet)... but I really, really want to use what I've got on hand. I bought them because I loved them, therefore I'll use them ! Believe me : I'm in the best conditions to forecast some nice scrappy quilts.
Have you visited May Britt recently ? She is showing a beautiful sign, designed by Hanne, for that purpose.

Finish something !
Talking about May Britt, well she did it again ! I mean she pushed me (us) to action about those WISP's (Works in Slooow Process), you know those small projects you have almost forgotten, those poor orphans sleeping in a drawer, somewhere...
So I added an item on my sidebar, rumaged through my piles (yes, my piles ! Haven't you got "piles", somewhere ?)... and the winner is this one :

a funny wallhanging, that I started last Easter 2007. It still needs a pieced border and some nice handquilting, before parading on my kitchen wall - or above my desktop -"Any mail ?" being the first question I ask, when I get up...


Keep your promises ! ---> Winter - 4 Seasons Quilt Swap Due by end of this month.
I'm making a small stitchery quilt in winter colors. The stitchery is almost done. It still needs a pieced border, some handquilting, and a label of course...

And that's it for now, because.... :>)


On 31st January I'll be flying to visit May Britt in Norway, Yeaaaah !


- Good friends to "push" me on finishing something,

- Good friends to "push" me on fabric diet,

- Good doctor to "push" me on food diet,

- Good hubby to "push" me on less cooking,

- Good kids to ask me "what's for dinner tonight ?"


They say a good laughter is worth a steak...

So help me God !


PS : I still haven't got my Secret Santa Christmas Swap..... (???) and I'd be happy to know WHO was my secret partner ? Maybe she had a problem... (Donna, if you read me, could you check this ? THANKS dear !)