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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Hubby had decided to celebrate my birthday in Strasbourg - France (Alsace), so that we could enjoy the big, picturesque Christmas Market at the same time...

As you may know, the stork is the symbol of Alsace, and you can see it everywhere...

on yummy cookies,

decorating the houses,

and even inside , like this painting on wood, in a restaurant...

The architecture is so special, you could stay hours looking at the details,

Look at those details on the cathedral ! Really breathtaking.

To think it was entirely sculpted by hand, with no modern instruments !

The people considered working on the building as a prayer, a tribute to God.

It took more than 200 years to get finished...

Many treasures can be seen inside the cathedral, as well....

In December, the evenings are magical, with all those lights,

and the streets are sooo beautiful

I didn't see any quilt shop, rather many haberdasheries, with lots of
beautiful stitcheries, buttons, ribbons, lace.....
and when seeing those gorgeous Tentakulum (click on the name) hand dyed threads, I couldn't resist bringing
them home ;>)
Note : Tentakulum (see link above) are German coton and/or silk hand dyed threads. Due to their rich colors variations, almost all of them have a painter's name. Each skein is unique. You can stitch, using only one reference, and your stitchery will look sooo beautiful (like a painting), with the different assorted tones... You can find them in Europe.. or through the Web (I have linked the name, here above) ;>)
THANKS, dear hubby, for a wonderful birthday week end !


Back home, I found a lovely surprise package in my mailbox.
Who was it from ????? May Britt, of course !
And what was inside ?????

Actually there were 2 packages : one for my birthday and one for Xmas...
but I just couldn't wait and opened both, HeeHee....

hmmmmm, she spoiled me again with a lovely, lovely pouch
(she knows how bad I am at doing these, heehee....)
gorgeous Kaffe Fasset fabrics
applique needles (how did she know I needed new ones ???)
and cuuuute gingermen buttons.
THANK YOU SO MUCH, dear friend !


A saying for today :

Friends (and hubbies) are musicians,

they know how to make your heart sing


Until next time, take care, enjoy your sewing,

and come back for a visit!


  1. Happy belated birthday Nadine, it looks like you had a fabulous time in France. Lucky you, and ho such lovely threads.

  2. Hei. Happy birtday! A little late, but rather late than newer. Klem from me. ;-)

  3. Oh, what a fabulous birthday that was. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I feel as if I did a little tour for my birthday. What a nice DH you have. Those threads look absolutely fabulous! I think they would be so nice for crazy quilt seams. I have to go take a look at the shop online. Thanks for the link.

  4. I enjoyed stopping by your blog. I love Europe. I'm a novice quilter and am finishing up a quilt for our youngest this Christmas. It has vintage fabrics (handkerchiefs, fur(!), aprons, dresses, etc.) in it. It's turning out very nicely.

    Merry Christmas.

    Susan (Lila)

  5. Happy birthday dear. I knew I should have posted the two packages separately LOL So your christmas package had arrived later ROFL
    Loved seeing the photos from Strassbourg....I've been there some years ago. So fun to see the canal....think I walked there.

  6. I am delighted that you had such a nice trip. Many memories to take out and treasure it years to come.

    I think of you often. The postcard you sent to me is in the cardholder beside my sewing machine. I nice place for the eye to rest and then I think of you and smile.

  7. Oh the pictures are just breathtaking. Thank you for sharing and Happy Birthday to you!

  8. What a lovely place for a party! Lucky you. Happy BD.

  9. WOW! What a great trip that was and how beautiful everything was. Those threads are GORGEOUS though!

  10. Look at you, my friend, you are so beautiful. And, you look very happy!

    I'm so terribly sorry to have missed your birthday but I'm glad that it was wonderful. The threads at gorgeous.

    Is retirement right around the corner? :-)

  11. Happy belated birthday to you...and France and Alsace...wonderful...never went to Strasbourg when I was in France...but spent a month nearby ...and it was lovely!!
    And May Britt... what a friend she is...amazing!! :o)

  12. Oh wonderful pictures.


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