"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Hello, my friends !
I do hope everyone is doing fine. I know how buzzzzzy, buzzzzy you all are, as I'm visiting your wonderful blogs very regularly (and, Boy, you're all making such beautiful quilts !)...

I'm "turtle- progressing" too, one stitch at a time :

1) my angels

These blocks are now blanket-stitched and embroidered (some pics. are dating a few days ago)
So : 11 done and 4 more to go... YESSSS
2) A new project (call me crazy ! :>)
I recently signed in a challenge with some French quilters. It's a one year project, and I chose to hand piece those cute little baskets (the block is a 4 inches square). Here is what I've done, so far (I 'm piecing one block a day) ---> 25 done..... and I need 338 of them in total (call me completely crazy ! HeeHee....)
For these baskets, I'm using the wonderful CW reproduction fabrics that Karrin and Kathie generously sent to me, some time ago.

NOW, A LITTLE REQUEST... With a little help from my friends ;>)
While visiting Connie's blog, some days ago, I fell in love (once again ! ?) with a quilt made by one of her friends, in her mini group. Of course I couldn't think of anything else (you all know how it goes : obsessions, obsession ! HeeHee). I found out that the pattern name is
"Fresh Traditions" by Darlene Zimmerman
and that it was featured in
American Patchwork & Quilting - February 2007 issue.
As you can imagine, I did my best (and browsed a lot) in order to find that back issue through the Web, but unsuccessfully :>( So now I'm sure you guess what I'm going to ask :
Would anyone have that AP&Q Feb.2007 issue, and be ready to send it to me ??
Of course, I'm ready to pay for it (+ postage), or sign for a gift certificate at your name, in any Web quilt shop of your choice, or any other suggestion you might have. In any case, I would be soooo grateful ! THANKS ;>)

I enjoyed discovering some new-to-me blogs (maybe you know them already). But if you're as curious as I am, don't miss to visit : this one, and this one, as well as this one (because quilters get hungry, sometimes !)
- the beautiful falling leaves, in their gorgeous colours
- such good news from my eldest son, who is settling down in Luxemburg
- a very nice evening meal at my youngest son's and his girlfriend
- hubby, singing and teasing me about both our retirements by next December
- a real pleasure in blog-posting today, like meeting old friends ;>)
Special thoughts :
for a very dear friend, in far away Ohio - she knows why....
Well, that's all for today,
Take care,
Enjoy every minute !
Karrin just emailed me to confirm she's sending the APQ magazine to me. Thanks, dear Karrin ! ;>)


  1. Okay...I wasn't going to use the word crazy...but you said it first! ;) You certainly have hand sewing stamina, my friend!! Everything looks WONDERFUL! Keep up the good work.

  2. thank you sweet friend!

    Your baskets are wonderful! I love the colors. You are making GREAT progress...you just do your turtle thing and all will work out in the end.

    I checked the few magazines that I have saved, but I don't have the one you are looking for.

    Off to see if I can busy my hands to distract my heart.


  3. The basket blocks are great. You can get the pattern for the doll quilt "Fresh Traditions" on allpeoplequilt.com. You are probably talking about the pattern for the big one.

  4. I subscribe to AP&Q so I probably have that issue. I will look and email you if I do.

  5. I love your angels, they're so cute!
    Thanks for the link to my blog, always appreciated.
    Those little basket blocks are wonderful...happy stitching.

  6. Love your angels, they look great!

  7. Nadine, I have the magazine you are looking for if you still need it.

  8. Oh my goodness, the Angels are wonderful and the baskets are so cute. You keep plugging away at "turtle speed" because you're making wonderful progress. Just enjoy and I'll take my cue from you!


  9. Hei, love all your work ;-)
    I cant say you are crazy,more like anyone else I know. LOL
    Have a wonderful weekend. KLEM

  10. Your angels are wonderful. Love the baskets! They're gorgeous!

  11. I love your Angels and your little baskets. Isn't it wonderful to just enjoy the stitching. :)

  12. Turtle speed is good, progress every day adds up! Love your Angels (gotta make this one soon) and your baskets. Hand piecing is great because it's portable! Cheers, QGB

  13. VERY CUTE angels. What pattern is that????

  14. hello, happened by your blog -love the tiny baskets... I have been thinking about a tiny basket quilt for many years...inspiring me to begin. Christine

  15. Wonderful blocks, and I'm glad that you are still blogging with us. I don't post as often,either. Nor do I comment as frequently as I should, but I do read each time something is posted.

  16. Oh my...turtle speed or not...the ANGELS are wonderful!!!! :o) I love them!!!
    Basket quilts..it is something special about them!! :o)

  17. Lovely work an dI just love your Angelblock. Good work with them!

    Take care!

  18. de très jolis patchs et très bien présentés compliments et amitiés violette


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