"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Sunday, September 21, 2008


By the end of August, our friend Connie announced a lovely "Just because" giveaway. Guess who was the lucky winner ? :>) ..... Meeeee ! And look at the treasures that reached my home ---> a lovely 2009 Nature Pocket Planner, a beautiful postcard from Kentucky, some fun Hancock's fabric, a fabric quilt label (time to finish a quilt and use it !), a Susan Branch charm pack (sooo cute !) + a coaster, recipes cards for my kitchen, and a lovely table runner pattern.
The cherry on the cake was this beautiful Rebecca Barker postcard (how did she know I'm collecting these ???), with such sweet words that moved me to tears....

Did I only spend my time, browsing Blogland, visiting my friends (yes, you!), and looking at all your beautiful projects ? Well,

I PROGRESSED, TOO... AT MY OWN PACE (remember the "turtle quilter"?)

So I worked on my Little Blue Birds - a pattern designed by Nanette (scroll down to the last picture) - if you still don't know about Nanette's Blog - Freda's Hive - please go, go and visit her ! Right now, she's organizing a cuuuuute "Christmas cottage" block exchange.

Here's my first big block of 12 birdies... Five more to go. I really, really enjoy handpiecing them together, and adding some stitcheries for the eyes, beaks, and feathers..

I was thrilled, when finding this fabric for the borders. I just couldn't resist those heart shaped leaves :>)

I'm planning to use this yellow fabric for the sashing and binding, like a ray of sunshine in the trees...

A nice pile of blue fabrics are ready for many other birdies (72 in total), together with other ones for applique leaves, and yummy brown rick-rack for the branches where the birds are standing on...

I also made a felted needlecase + pincushion for a swap partner. It's flying to her now, shhhh...

This is the inside of the needlecase. It took me some time to finish, but I enjoyed making these

Of course, I spent some afternoons and evenings on my Angels Story quilt blocks, fusing and stitching. Can't show my progress today, as a local quilter friend borrowed them for the week-end (she's starting this project). I'm working on blocks 9 + 10 (out of 15).... slowly but surely, I'll reach my goal ...but I'll certainly won't win STINA 's challenge ! HeeHee. Never mind, what matters is the journey !

On another subject,

I'd like to share with you some personnal thoughts about my blogging.

I've been considering about closing this blog, the only reason being me.

Don't worry, there's nothing serious at all : I'm fine, happy, and life is beautiful (moreover, with retirement coming by next December, Yepeeeeee !).... but I'm enjoying taking my time, and I realize I've been a "bad blogger" for quite some time, now : few posts, slow progress, etc... Then I thought I would feel so sad, cutting that link between you and me - I've been blogging for nearly 3 years - and I've learned (and got) soooo much through you all. I'm so grateful....

So, maybe a "BLOG BREAK" ? Like I've seen some friends among us did ?

I'll think about it, with you all in my heart :>)



Monday, September 8, 2008


I promised some pictures of the Spanish village quilt show, as well as lace and crochet. The local "quilt shop" is rather a haberdashery ("Merceria"), organizing various weekly handwork workshops, including patchwork and quilting...

This one above was stunning for the handwork precision...

I liked this one below, too. Very feminine and romantic...

The pattern was based on the pineapple block and applique...

with a beautiful border.

First year quilting....

I liked this idea of a nice tray, with a cute, simple applique...

Beautiful needlework (Hardänger), so elegant !

And what about this one below ?... that Rosa-Maria gave me, to my delight !

Gorgeous embroidery, crochet and lace... Gold fingers !

And what did I do, do-do, do-do ???

Ehmmmm...... not so productive under the heat,
but I managed to make these blocks for my "Angels among us" quilt

still 8 to stitch, before assembling the top... One stitch at a time :>)


Don't forget to visit THIS BLOG and see what a wonderful giveaway, Jane proposes for her birthday !

Another fun, creative blog is Cath's one , where you can get a cute stitchery alphabet letter, each week, by email and for free. All you have to do is ask her...

And for the K.Fasset lovers-----> hurrrry ! Go there ! Fun, fun blog, with breathtaking quilts, fabrics and patterns... Colors, colors, colors . Yummy !


Thanks for your visit, enjoy your sewing, be happy :>)

Monday, September 1, 2008


Hello there, I'm baaaaack ! :>)
Trying to catch up in Blogland, discovering your wonderful posts and works... My, oh My, you really did a great job, while I was sweating and humphing under the Spanish sun !

Guess I'd better take back my needles, threads, and sew, sew, sew ! (How come that I always have that feeling that you're all waaaaay ahead of me ??? HeeHee...)

Well we had a really nice time together, just the two of us like newly weds, strolling hand in hand, visiting some picturesque places (and yummy restaurants), but let me tell you this, my friends : sunshine is OK with me.... but heat, and I mean real heat (temperatures rose up to 50°C/120°F !) was way too hot and uncomfortable (not to speak about my poor legs and feet, inflating and looking like tree trunks :( Humph !


Hereunder are a few Spanish pics. I'd like to share with you :>)

Our quiet village,

Humph !

(Hello, Weight Watchers, I'm coming !)

Escaping to the mountains, for some fresh air....

We visited a wonderful pottery...

where you could watch the potter at work.

Just look at those beauties ...

Spanish markets are a must, too...

with fresh fruits and veggies,

All sorts of perfumed spices...

of course, the traditional (and sooo useful !) fans..

And look at those tiny, Spanish red shoes for the Flamenco !


Despite those wet, wet hands, I could manage to sew a little and also visited a nice quilt show, organized by the small local quilt shop. That will be my next post...