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Sunday, July 20, 2008


Two years ago, we decided that after 26 years good service, our old kitchen deserved some remodelling. So we started saving money for that project, and visited many show rooms and local manufacturers...

We finally chose a local carpenter, specialized in wooden kitchen furnitures, running his business as a family affair. That wonderful man spent some evenings at home, his first questions being : "do you like cooking ?" and "would you opt for a "parade kitchen", or a "laboratory kitchen" , or an "easy living, heart of the home, kitchen" ?

That's how that wise craftsman won our hearts (and wallet! LOL)...
Our house is a small cottage in the country, and he took advantage of every space available, taking into account our lifestyle and habits. He drew plans, changed them as often as needed, calling the project "our baby", asked his wife (a nice, wonderful housekeeper) to come with him and she gave some wonderful advises, like a mother would have to her daughter...
And so, on last 3rd July, we started taking off the wallpapers,

emptying all cupboards (decluttering !),

and went


(OMG, what a mess !)


(OMG, that dust everywhere !)

New lovely Italian tiles...

Our carpenter, checking everything...

(When that nice man heard that our old kitchen was going to the Goodwill, he immediately proposed to bring it there, and install everything for free. So now, our "old Lady" is starting a new life in a good place :>)


(Christine, this one is for you :>)



Thanks for your visit.

Next post will be quilty, hopefully !


  1. It is WONDERFUL! Oh, Nadine, you must be so happy to have you new kitchen completed and things back in order.

    Someday perhaps I'll stop by your kitchen and we can sit and have sweets and a cup of tea and talk about quilts and all the things we hold near and dear to our hearts.

    And thank you for the special photo! Silly little nine patch! pfft! You were cheated! There's still a pif owed to you....hmmmm...now there's something to consider.

    Have a wonderful week!


  2. Congratulations on your new kitchen! It's gorgeous. You must be thrilled to have such a wonderful kitchen.

  3. Ohhh Nadine, it's just lovely. He's done the perfect job. I'll be over shortly for a coffee!

  4. It's just lovely, Nadine! I bet you LOVE your new kitchen.
    (We remodled a kitchen once. It was murder going through the process but once it was finished, I was so happy with it.)
    I hope you have loads of fun making it just the way you want it to be!
    Happy day,
    Jo-Anne oxox

  5. Nadine it's just lovely. It must be so nice to have all those new fixtures. I'll be over for a cuppa too.

  6. Oh Nadine, how very beautiful! You must just go into that room and pinch yourself to make sure you aren't dreaming. I know that's how I felt when we finally were able to have our kitchen remodeled. Yours looks so very warm and inviting - I sure wish I could drop by for a cuppa!

  7. Hello. Yes I like some tea please ;-)
    Your kitchen turned out soooo great. Enjoy it. Klem

  8. Your kitchen is beautiful. How nice to have it finished and ready for company. I will get there some day, lol.

  9. What a beautiful makeover Nadine, it is just lovely. Thanks for sharing the before and after pictures!

  10. Ooooh! Your new kitchen is just gorgeous, Nadine! It looks as though it fits you to a T!


  11. Nadine - it's beautiful - absolutely stunning! I can imagine the big smile on your lovely face every time you spend time there. Enjoy!

  12. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your new kitchen. You deserves it dear. Wonderful colours. I wish I could come right away for a cup of tee now!!!

  13. Nadine it's fantastic...........congratulations your new kitchen is BELLISSIMA.
    I imagine to drink a coffee with you chatting and chatting.
    ciao ciao

  14. Don´t you just love to stay in your kitchen now? It is beautiful, congratulations.

  15. Simpy gorgeous! It's so pretty I'd hate to make a mess by cooking!

  16. How beautiful! Your carpenter sounds wonderful. I love it when people ask "how" are you going to use something before they try to sell or make something for you. Enjoy your new kitchen!

  17. Wow what a joy.
    I redid mine in '92 and it still looks new and I have loved it all that time.
    Hope you get just heaps of pleasure and wonderful food and kitchen times from this.

  18. How fabulous! And isn't it wonderful that it turned out to be a positive experience for you (your contractor is a treasure). PS - never hurts to start the day with a little Monty Python. Thanks.

  19. What a beautiful kitchen you've got there! I really know how this change is, having a kitchen from early 70's to having a new one when we moved into our new home this year. It feels so good to get it "the way you want it"!!!! I have not been sewing stuff for my kitchen yet, but I will:-)

  20. What a wonderful transformation. Love your new kitchen!

  21. bon je cherche tes snowladies mais je ne trouve pas , je pense que c'est pas la peine que ja'ille plus loin dans ton blog , car en fait elles sont sorties pour le salon de houston , donc à bientot pour voir tes bonhomme de neige lol


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