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Thursday, May 22, 2008


"Sunbonnet Sue all through the year"

Hand applique - Machine pieced

I started this quilt in 2005, when my eldest daughter was pregnant.... I don't know why, I was sure she was certain she was expecting a baby girl... Of course, you all know it was a boy and I couldn't decently make this one for our beloved grandson, Andrea :>)

As there was no emergency, I made a block from time to time, stacking them into a big box, for the future...

I finally managed to machine piece all of them together, and "sweated" on it for a few days... whew ! (you all know how nervous I get, when using my naughty "robot"! :>)

I'm quite happy with the result... Now it will rest until we get our first grand daughter... What matters is that I enjoyed very much making it, and it's filled with much love and tenderness. I'm sure it will make a little girl happy, some day...

* * * *

I was also quite surprised - and honoured - to get this award from Anne Ida, who makes such wonderful quilts !

THANK YOU, Anne Ida ! I'm not really sure whether I'm that creative, but your kind words have touched me very much...

Of course, I'd like to pass that award to all of you, who are inspiring me every day, but three of them really deserve a special mention :

Christine, at "Liberty Star Farm"


for her wonderful quilts, writings, pictures, love of hand piecing & quilting, raising her beautiful children with so much love, as well as growing her garden with the seeds of love and patience, and courage. I'm so grateful for her special, cherished friendship. She never fails...

Darlene, at "Quilting Daze"


One of my first, special blog friends. So multi-talented... and quick ! (for a "turtle quilter" like me, she's a dream !) I was honoured to be the happy recipient of one of her wonderful quilt tops. (yes, dear, I know I still have to quilt it, but its turn will soon come :>) I'm missing our "cuppa's", but I do know how busy you are....

Romina, at "Il Calderone"


An Italian friend. One of the most cheerful, funny girls I know in Blogland. She introduced me to cross stitching (a new addiction !) with such kindness and talent ! AND she makes me practice my Italian :>)

And all my dear Norwegian friends,


And so many, many more who are filling my days....

A quote for today

We have to trust our own choice after all,

and end with the simple belief that what pleases us is beautiful...

Richard Hatton

OOPS ! Almost forgot to tell you that our friend Linda is organizing a Pincushion Swap. Do we ever have enough cute pincushions ? ? ? Of course I signed in and just got my secret partner's name..... Is it you, or you, or you ? ? ? ? ? HeeHeee..... What fun !


  1. Your quilt are soooo great. Luckey little girl who get it. Have a great day. Klem

  2. This quilt is georgius. I'm glad you finished it. Hope to get some sewing done this evening. Can't paint in rain LOL

  3. The quilt is fantastic, it will be loved wherever it lands; to be sure!

  4. Nadine - your quilt is timeless. You don't have to be little to love the little sue blocks.

    I'm excited to start on my one little sue. The fabrics have been waiting all week for the courage to catch up for cutting and stitch her. All I needed was your photo this morning and off I go...

    Thanks for the award...means so much coming from someone so sweet and dear to me.


  5. What a beautiful quilt Nadine, I'm sure you must be very happy to have it completed.

  6. oh my!!!! this quilt is absolutely FAN TA STIC!!!!! Bravo Nadine :-))))

    thank you soooo muche for the award, you're too sweet... ^___^


  7. That is a delightful quilt and one for you to keep and cherish!

    Thank you for the sweet award and your kind words. It's hard to express how much they mean to me. You'll always be very special to me. Someday you will quilt the top I sent to you but it can wait. ((HUGS)) I miss having a 'cuppa' with you, too. :-)

  8. Beautiful quilt Nadine, makes me want to finish mine!

  9. Your quilt is just lovely...and congrats on the award

  10. This is ONE pretty quilt! SOME little girl will love it, or maybe a bigger girl, like a grannie!

  11. Your Sunbonnet Sue quilt looks wonderful, Nadine! I'm sure some little girl will be very happy to receive it! Hope you have fun with the quilting on it!

    You deserve the award and I'm happy to see you are passing it on to other deserving bloggers :o)

    Hope you have a great weekend!
    Big hugs from me

  12. What a beautiful quilt you have made! I'm so sorry I'm not one of your children, I would certainly claim it if possible! :)
    Wonderful, wonderful ...

    Have a nice weekend & greetings,

  13. Oh! I think the first post I ever read in your blog was theone where you showed this quilt in progress. I am so thrilled to see it finished! Gorgeous. You did such a beautiful job.

  14. Hello Nadine,

    Thanks for your nice comment on my sampler! It's a sampler of Permin, design no. 39-9442. It's called the sampler 1830. When you go to the archive on my blog you can find a picture of the sampler, I put it in the entry of November 18th, 2007.

    Have a nice weekend & greetings, Carolien

  15. The Quilt is Beautiful !!!!
    Kind regards,

    Sonnja & Beertje Zonn
    from the Netherlands

  16. I love it. Do you have the pattern to share?
    I made a dainty little crocheted blanket when my daughter was expecting her 2nd child hoping it would be a girl. One day she remarked,"I hope you're not making that for my baby." Needless to say, once finished, after I won a first place ribbon, I put it away. I will give it to that same little girl when she is expecting. Maybe she'll feel differently. My daughter never wanted the cutesy things for her babies. Now she has a Girly girl for a daughter.
    Mama Bear

  17. What a beautiful Sunbonnet Sue quilt - I love all the fabrics you have incorporated into the quilt.

  18. Your quilt is wonderful and you definitely deserve that award!

  19. I am LOVIN that Doris Day music!!!!
    Your SBS is gorgeous! I am creating one for my new granddaughter to be. Hope she doesn't turn out to be a boy!!!!

  20. I love your sun bonnet sue quilt! I'm sure whoever is getting it will love it!

  21. I think your quilt is so nice!
    I have also made a through the year quilt. It is fun to make.

  22. Oh it is wonderful! That is such a sweet quilt. Maybe someday you will have a granddaughter.

  23. Nadine... your work is GORGEOUS!!!!
    I am a very novice quilter, I just did my first project all by myself recently. It is a housewarming gift for my little sister. :)
    I am going to bookmark you... we must be kindred spirits, you have one of my favorite songs on your player...
    The very thought of you~Billie Holiday. I LOVE that song!!!!
    Have a wonderful day and I will be back soon, I look forward to hearing from you also! :)



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