"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Friday, April 25, 2008

STILL ALIVE...... :>)

Did you think I would disappear, or vanish in the air, just like that ?? Naaaaaa :>)
Just busy, busy at school, and sewing at my own pace.

Actually, I questionned myself a lot about my quilting - as well as my blogging.
We all change and evolve. Having an honest look backwards is necessary, from time to time. I realized that I was acting as if my quilting was a "race", each new pattern being a must-do or a must-try. Same feeling against each new fabric, or notion... not to speak about the books and magazines...

Of course there's nothing wrong with this, as long as it makes you happy, and gives you that good feeling of accomplishment. Well, frankly, I felt something had to change with me and my conclusion was :
"simplify, slow down ! Chose your favourite process and enjoy it, no matter how long it takes. You can't do everything!"

All quilters have the same love of fabric and thread, but all quilters are different.

Maybe I'm "a turtle quilter"? or "a CPQ" ("crockpot quilter") ? LOL

Anyway, I was (and still am) determined to finish some SISP's (read "stitching in slow process" :>)

So I started hand quilting this flimsie (dating 2004)...

The slow process gives me the opportunity to re-discover all those bits of fabrics that I "bought, steeled, begged, or borrowed" at that time , and I'm really enjoying these quiet moments, full of memories...

Hand quilting opens doors to meditations, and I decided that my next quilt will be entirely hand pieced. It's soooo relaxing ! So I started some nine patch blocks, together with Christine. We need a huge amount of blocks, but we're not in a hurry and we're planning to exchange a nice stack with each other. :>)

While browsing, I saw a cute doll quilt here and wanted to give it a try....

Some other "things" are in the crockpot, but I can't show them as the recipient is reading my blog :>)

Finally, my eldest daughter fell in love with a quilt she saw on May Britt's blog, and asked me to make it for her : lots of applique, on a black background. Gorgeous ! What a daughter wants..... So I promised to make it...one stitch at a time, one after another...


- Self questionning
- New beginnings
- Special friends
- Needle, thimble and thread
- My garden in its spring suit

It is the sweet, simple things of life
which are the real ones after all.
Laura Ingalls Wilder
(Little House in the Ozarks by Hines)

Sunday, April 6, 2008


We woke up this morning with this beautiful present from Lady Nature in our front garden...

Then I switched on the radio, and heard this oldie song. It made me feel even happier, and I started dancing in the kitchen.....

My two youngest (22, and 20) were "playing with Dad" and they had a big giggle, all together...

A quick check on my scale indicated "minus 1 pound" (hurray !)

Of course I thought about lunch, and suddenly remembered having cooked everything yesterday evening (Yeaaaah!)

I looked at my quilting notions (read mess :>) on the table, and thought about a very special friend, bringing sunshine into my life...

Coffee was ready, and I quietly sipped my first cup, while still alone in the kitchen....

Simple pleasures, gratitudes,

that I wanted to share with you.

Have a nice Sunday !