"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Well, it's raining cats & dogs here, in my little corner of the world, but :>)

I'm singing in the rain !

My PSP's (read "Partially stitched projects" - nice isn't it ?) are showing some good progress, and I'm quite happy. One stitch at a time... (photos soon). And THANKYOU sooo much, my friends, for your sweet comments (I'll skip over some mean, ironical, anonymous ones, that I immediately deleted - life is too short to worry about that :>)
Henri, the postman, rang my door quite often, these past two weeks.

First he brought the taxes envelopes....
Then he did better, much, much better !

You may recall when I fell in love with Kathie 's gorgeous tumbler quilt, published in the 2008 American Patchwork & Quilting Calendar.
Of course I left a comment on Kathie's blog, sharing my intention to make that quilt, regretting that reproduction fabrics were so hard to find here. Not only did Kathie answer my comment, but she asked for my address, as she wished to send some reproduction fabrics to me (WOW !). And look what came to me !

I'm sooo grateful. THANKS, Kathie !

And the fairy tale goes on...

I got another email from Karrin, also asking for my address, and saying she would be thankful if I accepted some repro fabrics, in order to help her reduce her stash (such kind, delicate words!)... Of course I refused ! LOL LOL So Henri rang my door again...

OMG ! THANK YOU, Karrin, you really made my day (and so many more).

These two packs of fabrics are sooo beautiful. It took me some days/weeks, before starting to use them. I simply couldn't bear cutting through them. Of course, I've started now, and I'm enjooooooying !

No, I'm not finished...

Have you ever visited Diana ? Oh, she's sooo good at photos, and she's very crafty, too ! I noticed some beautiful notebooks that she's making out of recycled magazine pictures and paper.

And I commented.
And she answered.
And she asked for my address.
And then Henri rang my door.
(hey, this could make a great song, too!)

THANKS, Diana, you're an artist. You'll be in my thoughts each time I'll use these notebooks
(though I still don't dare)...

I said I'm not finished... HeeHee

Hanne, my dear Norwegian friend, sent me such a cuuuute Pay It Forward present ! It was like a breeze of springy air in my house. THANKS, Hanne, the little bird is now hanging the door knob of my personnal cupboard, and it brings a smile to my face each morning :>)
(there was also a gorgeous heart glass bead ---> it's safe in my bedroom, in the treasures box , but everyone (read DH) is asleep now....)

Katherine, Tracey, Cdnj, and Gudrün, I haven't forgotten you (.... surprise !)

This PIF chain is so funny, that I did it again : when visiting Christine, I read that she was needing some "players" so I "played" ! I guess you all know the rules, now.

So the first 3 friends to enter a comment on this post will get a little something from me in the 6 coming months, under the promise to Pay It Forward .

Come on, it's fun and it feels sooo good !

Hem.....How come that strange feeling that I'm forgetting something ??? Aaaah, yes I know ! But no : this is still a "secret"... until next time. Stay tuned !



  1. So many wonderful goodies (except the taxes) in the mail in recent days. woohoo! I can imagine how excited Henri was while delivering all the envelopes and packages.
    Did you show everything to Simone? :-)

  2. You deserve it!! This was so many lovely goodies.

  3. What a wonderful display of goodies! But if anyone deserves to be pampered by quilty stuff it's you!

    Look forward to seeing some of those PSP's soon :o) ...love that! Perhaps I should ban UFO from my vocabulary all thogether? *lol*

    Take care, sweet friend!

  4. Great hearing from you Nadine! I missed you!

  5. Since you lie east of us I imagine that the rain you got is the rain we had last week!

    We had a sunny day yesterday and it should reach you in a day or two.

    Love the turtle block...very tempting to stitch him out.

    Very sweet little bird heart! I remember seeing a set on someone's blog and loving it then.


  6. Glad to hear you're feeling more like "Singing in the Rain!" Such lovely gifts to bring a girl out of the clouds! Now, enjoy the sunshine, sweet friend!

    Many hugs....

  7. Your quote is so lovely Nadine.
    I'm sorry for you and for the rain........ here there is a warm sun.
    And please tell to Henry that he is a Lucky Postman with a quilter like you that has many friends in the world.
    ciao ciao, un bacio

  8. Your turtle is very cute!!!

    I am waiting patitently :-) I knew you wouldn't forget!

  9. Nadine, I'm really surprised that you got mean nasty emails, but I'm not surprised you received such lovely parcels. The world needs more people like you, so loving, caring and giving. What beautiful fabrics you received, I look forward to seeing what you do with them.


  10. Thanks for sharing your goodies with us. Its a nice reminder that there are kind sharing giving people in this world and just reading about your gifts put a smile on my face. Enjoy!

  11. Lucky you, those fabrics look great.

  12. Oh, what wonderful mail (ahem, except for the taxes...). So many pretties to enjoy! Let's hope Henri keeps this trend going... ;o)


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