"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Saturday, March 15, 2008


MusingsI'm convinced that we can learn lessons from most events in our ordinary life, and tis bad flu was not an exception. Actually I felt like "sorting out my things" - read my UFO's - :>)

Do you enjoy sorting out your UFO's ? I DON'T : they're pointing where it "hurts" in me ! But I was determined to make a true inventory : no complaints, no bla-bla explanations, only the exact list. I first sorted them in 5 piles :

- big quilts (8) (to be hand quilted)

- throws (3)

- wallhangings (1)

- stitcheries (3)

- crosstitch (2)

And then I cried (5 minutes :>)... Ridiculous, isn't it ? I totally agree. I think I felt kind of "overbooked", discouraged, not knowing where to start, etc, etc....... I know, some friends among you will tell me that 17 UFO's is nothing and there's no need to play any drama. But I also know myself, and these 17 "teasing needles" are way too much for me.

So, the best thing to feel better is to smile and take action ! I know I'm a good starter, now I want to be a good finisher :>)

Consequently, let me introduce my oldest UFO (dating 2002) and the first on my list :

" A Year with Sunbonnet Sue".

One block has still to be done (July), and another needs some more appliques (December).

The fabrics for sashings, borders, and (red) cornerstones are ready and pre-cut.

This doesn't mean I won't have any new project, (how could I stop dreaming ?). But I'll wisely put them in a big file, taking notes, photos, selecting fabrics & tips.... and keep my stitches for my UFO's. As most of them are to be handquilted and quite big, I will however allow myself some portable projects ---> stitcheries, and a tumbler quilt in repro fabrics that I wish to handpiece....

Wish me luck !

I couldn't finish this post without showing this new pic. of my best encouraging pal : ANDREA, my grandson (notice the curly hair !)...

Today's Quote :

The difference between perseverance and obstinacy is that one comes from a strong will, and the other from a strong won't...

(H. Beecher)


Note : I still have a last serie of pictures from Norway

---> next post, I promise!


  1. Nadine, now that you have made this decision, I bet you will follow through. Good luck!

  2. My UFO's play on my mind too so I am making a real effort not to start anything new for a while. Very difficult isn't it ? Your little grandson has the same name as me but is far cuter - lol !

  3. You don't have too many UFO's Nadine, and now that you've identified them, you can easily work toward making the number smaller if you want to.
    What a dear sweet face Andrea has, he's a cutie.

  4. You will finish them - one stitch at a time as another blogger has said. I really smiled when I saw your oldest UFO. This quilt was designed - and the book was written by - an old quilting friend of mine. I've not seen her for hears and years. She lives about 3 hours north of here. That quilt was one of my UFO's also - but I tossed it out because I'd never gotten farther than I did in her class - which was to make the background for one block. Two of my friends who were in class with me finished the quilt completely, and one of them - Kathi Anderson - has her quilt in the book. I can't wait to see yours finished!

  5. Nadine, your grandson is just a darling. But you knew that! ;-)

    One day at a time, my dear. You've taken important steps...and only good will come to you and your UFOs. ;-)

  6. Nadine, I read and enjoy your blog every day like so many other people. Your grandson is a cutie pie! Love the curly hair and pink cheeks!

    Several years ago I took stock of my UFOs too. I had over 50! I have whittled down that number to under 20 with sheer determination! When I get in the mood to finish a UFO I usually find the one closest to being finished.

    Good luck on your journey through your UFOs! I think you'll succeed!

  7. It would be a shame to leave works as advanced as far as UFOS ... Good luck for these beautiful little sunbonnets. We will follow very closely your work, shows us.

  8. Good luck I am sure you will be completing those UFO's in no time at all...and what a handsome little man you must be most proud...

  9. Dearest friend,

    one stitch at a time!

    Yesterday I pulled out a quilt that was started in the same year as yours. It was to be a picnic blanket that summer for my young family. The children where just 2 and a newborn.

    I became discouraged that the machine quilting wasn't good enough and packed it away. After my one stitch at a time post, it hit me...Who is even going to care about the quilting on a picnic blanket! And if the ants complain I'll step on them.

    I can't wait to see the girlies hanging on your wall. It's wonderful. Don't be afraid to finish.


  10. That is a gorgeous Sunbonnet Sue.. and only one more block to go! It will look beautiful with that sashing. Can't wait to see it!

    And Andrea.. I could just squeeze his little cheeks.

  11. I have one of those Sunbonnet Sue's too, and not as many done. You will get them done, now that you have a list. Mine is probably triple yours, I really don't want to be that depressed. I have a vague idea though. But I am pulling out one thing at a time and finishing it. Andrea is adorable! Hugs, Karrin

  12. First I must comment on Andrea - he's getting soooooooooo big and how is it that he gets cuter and cuter? :-)

    Don't fret so much about your UFO's - remember to just enjoy the journey. And, who says you have to work on your oldest UFO? Work on the one that speaks to your heart. :-) ((HUGS))

  13. I love the Sunbonnet Sue Year quilt.
    Mama Bear

  14. Hi Nadine!
    So beautiful! You must finish it!

  15. How brave you are to do inventory of your UFOs! I get dissy just thinking of mine, and if I were to go through them I'd be crying for more than 5 mins, believe me! Best of luck on your decision, Nadine! I'm cheering you on, here :o)

    Your grandson is soooo cute!!!
    Take care, my friend!
    Big hugs

  16. Hi Nadine,

    I have no problem with my UFO's.I loved every stitch I made on them. Even if the quilt will be never finished. Nobody can take that feel away :-)
    On a day someone who finds one of my Ufo's - or all ;-) - is happy with it. And maybe she or he will finish it, I hope that she enjoy every stitch as I did. No matter if the quilt will be finished or still is an UFO!


    btw. you can always reduce a lot of UFO's in one ;-) See this post ! http://lucyquilting.blogspot.com/2006/10/i-sewed-my-third-ufo-together-add-some.html

  17. I have to say I don't think you have too many UFO's (um, if I took an accurate count I'd be in trouble) -- but, if they are bothering you then that is what you should work on! Those sunbonnet sue's are lovely and it will be fun seeing them together in a top!

  18. Hi Nadine, I love your blog and that Sunbonnet Sue is very nice. It is so easy to mount up UFO's as there is so much we want to do. I already know what my next two quilts will be, but I am making myself finish the three I have near finished before I start another. I just keep reminding myself to enjoy the journey and keep it stress free!

  19. Nadine I've more UFO (20) and sometimes I look and then I think that it is nice to have a quilt that is waiting for me.

    Andrea is very nice my dear NONNA.
    ciao ciao

  20. Hi Nadine

    You can do it - one thread at a time :-)
    Pick only a few projects first - like in 2-4, work on them, and before you know it, you will see progress. Trust me, it works! I have worked myself down from close to 100 projects ( no kidding) to about a handful. It took time, but I enjoyed every thread of it :-)

  21. Nadine, I'm on a same boat with you.*S* So don't worry, we just need to keep our heads up and stitch! :-)
    Your Grandson's smile is so presious. *S*
    Your sunbonnet quilt is sooooo beautiful! I love it!
    Japanese quilters loves sunbonnet sue and I've been seen many of Sue quilts. Your quilt is one of the best I saw.*S*

  22. I had this one as an UFO too, but only january was ready and I stopped it totally and throw it away.

  23. Cute grandson - those curls are adorable!
    Life's too short to worry about ufo's. I dread to think how many there are lurking in my cupboard!

  24. That cutie Grandson look SO much like his Grandma!
    I love your SBS quilt. The border and sashing fabric are wonderful!!

  25. How is your sewing coming along Nadine ? :-)
    I sent you a mail a yesterday that came back undeliverable just now.
    Your Yahoo mail does not like me much by the looks of it........

  26. Me again :-)
    All mails I send to you private are returned by Yahoo as undeliverable - I am giving up!!
    I got your last thank you mail, just so you know :-)

    Let me know if you set up a hotmail or gmail account :-)

  27. Good luck with your plan. I hate having UFO's too. Your grandson is absolutely adorable!

  28. I'm visiting the blogs of the quilters at 4 Seasons since this is my first time being involved. I enjoyed seeing your work. My UFO's even extend to knitting projects, so I cry all the longer! Have you started your spring mini yet? What a gorgeous little boy!

  29. Tu blog es precioso, lo voy a incluir en mis visitas habituales
    Besos desde España

  30. My UFO pile would continue to grow and grow and grow if Andrea came around too often...he is so adorable I would be spending all my time playing with him!

    Little cutie pie he is!


  31. I love your SunBonnet Sue!!!!
    Where did you find those patterns?

  32. Hi Nadine, dropping by to leave you a big hug, a happy smile *VBS*, and a pat on the shoulder. The hard part is over...the 'owning up' to the projects. I, too, and determined to finish up many 'beguns' this year. We'll do it together...and I know we'll succeed. Love the DGD pic..adorable. Big hugs, Finn


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