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Saturday, February 9, 2008


I know, I know, I've been laaaaaazy :>) and I let May Britt keep you aware about this wonderful trip... but it was sooooo good ! I'm sure you'll forgive me, won't you ?

so now it's my turn to tell you about my trip to "Norway Wonderland" and believe me, I'll need several posts

Let's start with the beginning. .. The last thing I saw from Belgium was a beautiful crazy quilt in browns, greens and beiges, when the plane took off, and after a short, safe flight, the first thing I saw from Norway was thousands of pine trees and snow everywhere. It was so beautiful ! I crossed the airport, heart beating strong, my head full of "what if ?", and then I saw her ... We had agreed for a green vest for her and a red scarf for me, but we recognized at once and the connection - you know that "special feeling" that tells you "this is going to be wonderful" - was immediate.... The two hours drive from the aiport to Elverum seemed like 10 minutes to us, and we chatted and chatted like good old friends.

Have you ever met Norwegian angels ?

Well, I met some very special ones. Here is the first one :

May Britt

My very special angel,

caring for everything,

so sweet and generous,

so strong and organized,

giving me the precious feelings of

confidence and security,

showing me the paths

to so many unexpected outside discoveries
and also to so many inner possibilities...

Our first stop was at "Lille Stasjon" , the local quilt shop (and what a quilt shop !), where two other angels ,Irene and Laïla , were waiting or us.

I'm sure that many among you are used to beautiful quilt shops, but I wasn't and , my-oh-my what a shop ! To me it was "Alibaba's Cavern" :>) I was in quilter's paradise.... And such a warm welcome : big hugs, laughs, coffee, yummy cookies, everybody speaking English and smiling to me, while May Britt was leading me everywhere through the shop, introducing me to everyone (I think even some customers knew who I was, HeeHee)...

Then it was time to go to May Britt's home.

Where Frieda was waiting for us, of course...

Norwegian hospitality is not only a word, it's a real way of living . Let me tell you that May Britt's home is the best quilters hotel in Elverum : all wooden, so cosy, warm and well decorated. quilts, quilts, quilts, everywhere ! I was shown my beautiful bedroom, which actually is Lena's (May Britt's beautiful, smiling daughter) - while my dear friend was already busy, preparing our yummy dinner : Norwegian meatballs (hmmmmmmm)...

Not to forget.... the sewing room ! (Oooh how I dived into it !)

Then it was time for our first evening out : quilt meeting with Elverum quilters ! But that will be for tomorrow, I think.. :>)


A friend 's house is a place where you feel



  1. I miss you!!! But we have wonderful memeories to share.

  2. How exciting to hear about your trip . . . okay - we did hear from May Britt, but see again see everything through Nadine's eyes *s*

  3. Welcome home, Nadine! What a wonderful adventure you had with May and other friends. I look forward to the rest of your story about the trip.

  4. Hello. I'm so glad you are safe back home. Miss you , but remember how fun it was. Big hug

  5. There's nothing like home sweet home but I'm very sure that May Britt's home was also "home sweet home". What a delightful visit you enjoyed. So many memories! I can't wait to see more pictures.

  6. What is hanging behind the bunny in the first picture? If that is a real quilt, then I am in love!

  7. Welcome home Nadine, so glad you had a wonderful time with May Britt and the other laides, and I look forward to hearing the rest of the tales. Hope you received the email from me, thanking you for the beautiful winter quilt.


  8. Wow! It does sound like you had a great time and that's just the "First" post. Can't wait to here more about your lovely trip.

  9. How simply lovely for both of you!

  10. What a wonderful journey we have shared with you. It has been such fun reading about all your adventures. I'm so pleased you have had the very best time.

  11. so glad you had a great time!

  12. Welcome home Nadine! Thanks for the lovely memories - we will meet again :-)

  13. So glad you had a wonderful trip! I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures.

  14. So glad to know that you're home safe, Nadine!

    The pictures of both you and May Britt are lovely! I can't wait to hear more about your stay in Norway!

  15. Welcome home Nadine. I'glad you had a wonderful trip with May Britt.

  16. Hi, Nadine!
    Welcome home from Norway! I can see you had some wonderful days in my country. Hope it wasn't too freezing cold!
    I really look forward to see both your quilts finished! What a great memory from your trip!
    Take care!

  17. I see that you had a great time in Norway.

  18. I am so glad you had a great time! I've been reading May Britt's to see all the fun! It will be fun to see you reliving it again!

  19. Welcome home Nadine!!!Da hast du ja wunderschöne Tage in Norwegen gehabt!! LG!!

  20. welcome home my friend!! it seems you really had special days in Norway... :-)))
    un bacione!!!

  21. Bentornata Nadine,
    welcome home Nadine, i know you have had a wonderful week with May Britt.
    We have saw the pics that are wonderful but I think you have in your heart some magical pics that will stay
    for ever.
    Un bacio e un abbraccio.
    ciao ciao

  22. Welcome back and I can't wait to hear about all of your adventures!

  23. Thank you for sharing your visit - I can't wait to hear some more and see the pictures. I am just a new comer to your blogs and have butted right in, but do so much enjoy seeing your projects and fun times. Welcome home and happy for you and May that you had such a wonderful visit.

  24. What an incredibly marvelous trip you had. I'm thrilled for all of you that you had this opportunity to get together. Quilters are such marvelous people!

  25. Welcome home! So glad to hear that you had a good time - but we all knew you would!!!



  26. Sounds like such a great visit!!! Nice to have you home again to update your blog for us :)))))

  27. Wow, I know you were so happy to meet her and spend time there. I am loving reading about it.
    Mama Bear

  28. Thanks for sharing your adventures of your trip to Norway.
    It sounds like a fairy tale.
    I'm off to read part two. So glad your trip turned out to be all, and more, than you dreamed of.


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