"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Monday, January 14, 2008


"I will always believe in Santa Claus...
AND in the Postal Services ! "

(my new mantra from today on)

Yes, you guessed, my precious SSCS finally arrived today, after a loooong adventurous trip from Jenny in Canada. I was just back from school, and found a note from Henri the postman on my mailbox : "quick, go to your neighbour, I left a parcel from Canada for you !"
Oh, my Goodness ! You should have seen me rrrrrrrrrun ! I shortened the visit as quickly as I could : I wanted to enjoy this all alone :>)
The box was quite big, but looked a bit "bumpy". Inside was a note from the Belgian Postal Services : "package damaged by the Canadian customs. Re-assembled by our services - Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused"
Apologies accepted ! Let me just see what's inside !...... And LOOKIE, my friends :

- first I found that lovely, lovely lady. Isn't she -oh so cute - ? Look at her smile, her elegant clothes, and her high heels.... I named her immediately : Jenny, of course :>)
- and that sugar baby yoyo cushion : I had admired it, some time ago, on Jenny's blog... She didn't forget that...
- she also remembered I'm a big fan of Bronwyn Hayes designs, and she made me that wonderful sewing case, with such a nice stitching, and many details added : a scissors holder, a needles book. I'm speechless....
- As this was not enough, my generous Santa added the nicest Gail Pan - Xmas stitchery quilt - pattern (that I promise to make for next Christmas), plus a big piece of fabric with lots of quilt labels, and Xmas labels printed....
- Did I forget something ? YES : wonderful postcards from Canada + the kindest friendly words on a Xmas card.


It was sure worth the waiting !

The quilters friendship and generosity will always amaze me : hours of sewing, patience, and love of nice work, just to please someone you never met in person. Yes, I admit there must be a quilty angel above my head and, by all means,

"I' will always believe in Santa Claus...
and in the Postal Services"


  1. Well Nadine, I guess that took your winter lazyness away in an instand!You ARE spoiled, you lucky girl! (and by the way, thanks for the friendly words you put on my blog:)

  2. That was a package worth waiting for all this time

  3. Here I am still smiling and dancing over in Canada! I too believe in Santa Clause and the post office, hee hee. It truly is a Christmas story to have such a wonderful ending. I may send you a Christmas present every year now :0)

  4. spoilt absoloutely..........made up for the postal service taking so long.........very lucky thanks for joining in the SSCS........

  5. Spoilt? Maybe. Too spoilt? Is there such a thing? Lovely gifts in the mail Nadine! And I love your four season's quilt -- whoever gets it will love it!

  6. It was worth waiting for these goodies:)

  7. It was indeed worth waiting for! You have received the most amazing gifts! Wonderful. Enjoy all of it!

  8. What a super duper lovely gift Nadine!
    Enjoy every bit of it!

  9. What a wonderful package :o) And well worth the wait :o)

  10. Oh you lucky girl, what gorgeous gifts.....

  11. Wow, what a wonderful package of goodies! Enjoy!

  12. Just wonderful! All those presents...wow, you are a lucky girl!

  13. You have such good friends because you are such a good friend yourself.

    I am still enjoying the bag you made for me. It is perfect to hold my sock yarn and needles and sits quietly in my chair till I can work on them.

  14. Great that your present came at last, and as you say they are worth waiting for, what a lot of goodies you got.

  15. That is such a beautiful set of gifts. It certainly should jolt you out of any slump! Lucky you, get to visit May Britt as well.

  16. this is a super gift..
    ciao ciao

  17. Just popping in to catch up with you! Wow you got some great packages lately! man a lot happens when I'm too busy to keep up!

  18. The waiting was worth it, I would say! Everything is beautiful. Have fun and enjoy. Take care.

  19. My goodness - your have music toooo! I was surprised. You are so clever. I wanted to comment on your package of goodies and especially the lovely lady! She is something else, and your apology from the postal service is the most excellence I've heard for a long time from an agency.

    Now back to your music, "I'll Say a Little Prayer for You." Does everyone get this?

  20. I received your heart yesterday.Thanks.
    Con affetto

  21. I'm so glad you got your package....nice goodies. It's nice to be spoiled. :)

  22. Wow! What a wonderful package you received from your lovely exchange partner.
    The doll is so cute and I love the yo yo cushion.
    Best of all I love the Bronwyn Hayes bag. I have the book with that pattern in it and one of these days I will make it.
    Enjoy your new treasures.


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