"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Sunday, January 13, 2008


I'm feeling "strange" these days... It's not the blues, neither a slump , no I simply don't feel like sewing. Maybe I'm experiencing an attack of winter lazyness ?

Anyway, I decided to shake myself and worked on my 4 Seasons Winter Swap. It's almost finished (did you notice that "almost" is one of my favourite words ? That could be the title of my quilting life !).

I still have to fix the binding on the backing (good job for tonight, while watching TV) and make a cute label... Then it will fly to the recipient - crossing my fingers she will like it.

I also signed in a very cute stitchery BOM, created by Bea . Not only did she create the designs, but she's offering them for free as a BOM. Isn't thay nice ? It's easy, quick (one small block to stitch each month), cute, and everyone is welcome. Here's my January block.

Next week will be devoted to my "Any Mail ?" wallhanging, and to some envelopes I have promised to send out to... some of you :>)

Have you noticed my ticker on the sidebar ? ---> 18 days until my trip to Norway ! Time flies ... I'll be busy packing my suitcase in no time, now ! WooooooHoooo, May Britt ! Can't wait putting my boots on !


- Nice music, sipping an "espresso"

- Watching the cats, having a "conference" in my garden

- Nice and tasty lunch with my family

- Watching hubby, VERY busy at writing a letter

- a sweet weekend


If you can't see the bright side of life,

then polish the dull side...



  1. There's no question at all that she will love it - it's perfect!

    I think that may be part of the reason I'm running around organizing everything. Now that I have all this time I find myself strangely not in the mood to sew! Not a good thing - especially when I'm trying to win May Britt's challenge!

  2. Your snowman wallhanging is sure to be a hit- it is wonderful! And I love your BOM stitchery, I'll have to go over to Bea's blog now...

  3. I'm sure she will love it. It is absolutely adorable.

  4. It must be the winter lazyness... I think we all can relate to that sometimes...
    I guess I´m not your swap-partner this time :)) What a shame, I like that quilt!

  5. A wonderful snowman quilt. If your partner dosn´t like this quilt you can send it new to me! I love this cute snowmen.
    Thanks for showing the BOM-stitchery.

  6. Cute snowmen Nadine and thanks for giving the information for the stitchery BOM - when my current stitchery is complete I'll be starting on this one. Thanks!

  7. Both stitchery's are very nice. Love your quote of the day!!!

  8. Your swap piece is gorgeous!! It will be loved I am sure. I always cross my fingers when I see one I love...I am crossing my fingers here.
    I joined the BOM too. I love how you did both a bluework and redwork mix. I chose 4 colors and will use those 4 in each block...I should have mine done by the end of the week.

  9. Oh...the snowmen are soooooo cute. I know the lucky reiceiver of it will love it!!!
    Yes only 18 days until you are here in my home....jippiiii....we are going to have great fun.

  10. Very precious your block, Nadine! I have read some suggestions that you have given to Linda, I will make treasure for the next Blocks! Thank you very much! Have to great week :))))

  11. Your little stitchers is lovely! Have a good year sewing it. It is probably just the thing for picking up when you don't feel like doing anything else!

  12. Darling little swap piece . . . can't wait to see where it goes to live - maybe here? *s8

  13. Thanks Nadine
    this snowman is wonderful and your BOM too.
    ciao ciao and goodnight.

  14. Hello friend..there you are..I wondered where you had gone to..just busy with your stitching!

    Try to get into the sunlight as much as possible. Have the days been gray for a number of days? The reduced amount of sunlight during the winter can contribute to feeling sluggish, just not our cheery selves. Try to wear bright colors and maybe stop for a flower or to to brighten up your day where you would see them most often.

    I'll try to catch a little sunshine and put it in your box for you!


  15. Your 4SQS quilt is wonderful, Nadine! Who wouldn't love to get this little cutie? :o)

    ...very tempted to start Bea's BOM... so sweet :o)

    Take care, and hope your "strange feeling" soon will be over! Hugs...

  16. That wallhanging would be hit with anyone - it's adorable!

    You're "slump" maybe caused by your excitement and anticipation of your trip to visit May Britt.


  17. Sooo glad you are making progress on your projects. I believe that winter is the time for stitching that cheers us. I hope you have a wonderful, marvelous, fantastic time on your trip. And of course, we'll want to hear all about it when you get back!

  18. I love the 4QSQ! I would be very happy to receive it.
    You did well on the Bea´s BOM. I like your colour choice. You are right, they can really be done in-between! Then they don´t really count as a new project! Take care.

  19. And now there are only 17 days until visit to May Britt. Lovely 4season quilt you have made.

  20. Lovely stitchery Nadine :-)
    I think more than you are in a slump at this time of year.

  21. You have some very cute projects going there! I too am having a hard time settling down and sewing much of anything - I am too busy enjoying my time cleaning! Cleaning? Yup. Oh dear.



  22. How could anyone NOT like the little stitchery quilt? It's gorgeous.
    I am printing off the stitchery BOM bu haven't started it yet.
    Your block looks wonderful. Do you have wadding behind the stitching?


Thanks a bunch for your comments, they just make my day !