"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Saturday, January 19, 2008


This week, I only managed to add a pieced border to this WISP. I also basted it and started the handquilting this morning... better than nothing.

Like tomatoes in a can, I'm concentrating. My trip to Norway is filling my mind, so I'm inundating May Britt with (silly)questions, writing lists for hubby and the kids, and even practicing my walking with moonboots (not so easy in a living room !) Nervous ? Me ? Noooooooo :>)

However, I can still feel attracted and get some "light bulb" while browsing through the Net. Do you crochet ? I used to, some years ago... Why, oh why did my mouse bring me there ? My fingertips are burning to make such squares, I even looked for my crochets and found these, well preserved in an old wooden box, but couldn't find any yarn... Strange, how come ? And then I remembered : I gave them away years ago, when I fell addicted to quilting... Ha !

Now some questions keep haunting my mind :

" Do you think I 'm on the road to start a yarn stash ?

Is there any medication to prevent such catastrophe ?"


  1. If you find the medication to prevent the growth of the yarn stash, let me know. I'm right there with you (only with knitting needles in my hands).

  2. That's one that I don't have to worry about . . . I become all thumbs when I pick up a crochet hook *s*

  3. Hi, I think it is called bankruptcy!!! I have problems with my mouse too leading me to new things to make and when my monthly craft magazine subscriptions arrive I drool over all the lovely things to make there too. It is unfortunate when you have the ability to turn your hand to many different crafts because you end up with the dilemma of what to choose and more things to buy. But life is short so if it takes your fancy do it I say. Envy your trip to see May, she is an amazing lady.
    Kind regards from Liz

  4. Love the little hanging - especially the scrappy inner border. From what I read on the various quilting blocks where the author has also taken up knitting it would appear that a second stash of yard starts fighting for space with the fabric. I think we are doomed by our very nature - to collect what we love, especially when it's so colorful and touchable. I'd still say go for it!

    I'm so envious of you and your upcoming trip - you are going to have such a great time!

  5. I've seen stores with fewer yarns than you show in this picture. =) Fun, though, and all ready for projects when the mood to crochet strikes you. I much prefer it to knitting.

  6. Nadine,

    I like the pieces you've cleverly set into each of the corners!

    Don't forget your camera!

  7. I know exactly how you feel except I've already got the sickness! I tried to resist too because I knew it was a big can of worms to open but I'm loving every minute of it. It is so much fun but it is true that I haven't touched my fabrics or threads. I know the fever will go down and I will be interested to see how it balances out. Crochet and (knitting) open a BIG door with endless possibilites. It is a great hobby to carry with you, to work, on the plane to Norway, traveling while hubby drives. And there are yarn stores in every town.
    Gee, I'm no help am I? lol
    Oh and there are so many lovely crochet blogs! Thanks for the granny square link.
    Good luck with your dilema.

  8. BEWARE! My yarn stash has taken up all the space I had set aside for it and it is trying to crowd into my fabric stash. If you find the medication I NEED to know about it.

  9. Your wallhanging is adorable! Stop being so hard on yourself, my friend - don't fret about what you should be working on - you're suppose to be enjoying the journey.

    Speaking of journeys - I'm getting so excited for you and May Britt. I can hardly wait! :-)

    Oh, my goodness so many years ago I used to do alot of crocheting. Recently I found a small very old zippered bag with all my crochet hooks. Brought back many fond memories but not the desire to crochet. I tried to learn how to knit last year about this time and found it's not for me. LOL So, if you feel the need to do a little crocheting then just do it! :-) We'll be here cheering you on and on and on and on. LOL

  10. You can avoid the yarn addiction if there is chocolate and fabric nearby. Enjoy some of both and you'll forget the knitting idea. Well, hopefully. Love the chickens!

  11. There are no silly questions hehehe
    Only 11 days left now til you come :)

  12. Hope you'll enjoy your visit to Norway!! I've visited your blog from time to time, but haven't written any comments until now!! I'm sure MayBritt will take good care of you all,
    regards Lise in Oslo

  13. I don´t have any advice for you. Maybe you will forget it while you go to Norway.

  14. Wow she has some pretty neat crochet'd blocks. I love your wip!

  15. Oh I do so love crochet! Sooo relaxing to do!

  16. your hanging is wonderful, really lovely the chickens!!
    Have a good days in Norway!

  17. Your wall hanging is coming along nicely! It's so cute :o)

    Crocheting is fun!!! Long time since last time I did some, though...

    I guess your feelings towards coming here is somewhat alike my feelings about going to Oz :o) I really look forward to getting to meet you while you're here!

  18. Nadine,
    I don't love to do crochet but I love all that is done with crochet..............
    Have a good, happy, fantastic, interesting, bla bla bla,
    friendly trip to May Britt and remember that we are here waiting for you and for many pics.
    ciao ciao

  19. How exciting your trip to see MAy Britt. I do see a yarn stash in your future!!!!
    Love your wallhanging!

  20. Nadine,
    Your little hanging is so adorable - love the saying on it :)
    Ah yes, I've been to that granny along blog before and love what I see there. I would love to do some granny squares and it is in my head to "do someday"
    I can crochet but am by no means an expert. I am much more comfortable with knitting needles in my hand.


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