"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Saturday, January 26, 2008


No quilty news in my little corner of the world, though my head is filled with beautiful projects, fabrics, patterns, and a very particular sewing room to visit soon :>) Look at my counter in the sidebar ! Can you imagine how excited, thrilled and anxious I'm feeling, ?
I can't even touch a needle, and I keep checking my "trip list", "home list", "kids list", etc....
However, I wanted to share this short story with you, and I know that many among you will recognize themselves in it... I called it


Dad and mum were watching TV, when mum said :
"it's late, I'm feeling tired, I'm going to bed"...

She went to the kitchen, in order to prepare the sandwiches
for school tomorrow,
She put the popcorn plates in the dishwasher, and took some meat out of the freezer, for our dinner tomorrow,
She checked the breakfast cereals, filled in the sugar box, put bowls and spoons on the table, and she set the coffeemaker...

In the meantime, she emptied the washing machine, filled in the dryer, and thought that dad's shirt needed some quick ironing. She also sewed a button, gathered some toys, put the phonebook back on its shelve, watered a plant, and closed the bin bag...

Then she yawned, stretched, and went to her room.
She stopped a minute to write a note for the teacher, counted money for our school day-out, and picked up a book under a chair. She also signed a birthday card for a friend and carefully wrote the address on the envelope. She put it in her bag, together with a list for the butcher...

Then mum washed her face with sweet tissues, put on some anti-wrinkles cream, and brushed her teeth...
Dad shouted : "Honey, I thought you were going to bed ! ?"
"That's what I'm doing, darling" she said...

She had a look into our rooms, switched off, put a tee-shirt and socks in the laundry, and chatted some minutes with our eldest brother who was studying for an exam...

Once in her room, she set the alarm-clock and sorted her clothes for tomorrow. She suddenly added 3 items on her "to-do" list, and lied down with a mysterious smile on her face: she was peacefully viewing herself reaching her personal objectives, and achieving an old dream. Actually, she clearly visualized herself, flying to her quilting friends and she happily fell asleep...

Dad switched off the TV, and said "It's late, I'm feeling tired, I'm going to bed".... And that's EXACTLY what he did !

He snuggled under the big bed quilt, heard her voice murmuring :"Norway...", and said to her :

"don't worry, darling, I'll manage, nothing extraordinary"...

Picture 1 : "Sleeping Woman" Pablo Picasso

Picture 2 : "Aeroplane" Rebecca Barker


  1. This is a great story. And it's so true. Women organizing everything and men.....LOL

  2. Nadine,my friend,I know it's been a very long while since you have flown in an airplane sweetie...the plane you fly in will be nothing like the one in the painting...they are closed in now and they have windows you can look out of without the wind mussing up your hair. There are lights on the inside so you can read or knit. Some times there is even a movie that you can watch. And some of the really new planes have PHONES in them, can you even begin to believe it phones in airplanes!

    But you better pack a wee snack in your bag because I hear that airplane food isn't really all that good. And I guess I'd rather have them concentrate on getting you to where you are going safe and sound then having a really good meal.


    Have a FUN for those who aren't going anywhere! Don't forget the rest of us now that you are a jetsetter off to exotic locals.


  3. Please take lots and lots of pictures on your trip. Especially all of the great architecture!

  4. That´s our real live! I love this story! It seems to be a story in our house but without the chance to go to norway ... :-)))
    I wish you a lot of wonderful dreams still your plane goes!
    Have fun!

  5. I'm just so excited for you Nadine, you're going to have the very best time. I love the Rebecca Barker print you shared, I have some of her work in my hallway.

  6. Love that story, It sounds like me.
    My kids always want to stay up with me. Why? So you can help me wash, iron, washup????? Oh NO!!! We're off to bed. Good Night. xxx
    Not long til you see May? Can't wait to hear the stories.

  7. Great story and it's exactly what goes around in my house!I made a copy to show it to my husband and kids...
    have a wonderfull trip!

  8. Great story! I wish u a safe trip to Norway and im sure u and May Britt are going to have a fabulous time!!
    The countdown is on for Anne Idas visit to us....13 days to go!!

  9. Have fun and be safe on your trip Nadine. I know you are going to have the best time ever. You deserve it.

  10. Take lots of photos to share and have a wonderful time with your friends...give them hugs from all of us too!

  11. The story is wonderful - thank you for sharing. I love the Rebecca Barker picture - perfect!

    I'm getting more and more excited about your trip, too. I can hardly wait for you to arrive and start relaxing and enjoying. May Britt is going to be the perfect hostess - I know she's going to keep you very busy. :-) Did you notice on May Britt's blog that Frida is looking out the window looking for you. :-)

  12. Hi Nadine, Loved your story and pictures. It is such a true reflection of a day in most women's lives. Have a safe and enjoyable trip.
    Kind regards from liz

  13. I would bet that a million and one wives/mothers can relate to your little tale, Nadine! ;-)

    You are going to have an amazing time on your trip! I cannot wait to hear details. PLEASE take tons of pictures of you and May Britt together!!!

  14. Please give all of our friends in Norway a big hug from me when you see them.

  15. One week and 40 minutes from now - 8 am, next Tuesday, I am behind the wheel to meet you. That will be great !!

  16. This happens to me every night though I don't have the kids involved anymore. Hubby just turns off the TV and off he goes!

  17. Cute story :o) The journey is getting close! Hope you have a great time packing, and see you in a week :o)

  18. That is such a great story, as I begin to type this message my daughter brings me her watch which needs a new battery so there is another thing to add to MY to do list tomorrow! Have a safe trip to Norway I know you are going to have fun fun fun. Ciao Sandra

  19. That story is wonderful -- and all too true. Have a wonderful time visiting May Britt!

  20. Hi,
    It will be a great trip!!!

    Please, where did you find the pattern for the quilt Any Mail? I love it !!

    Have a wonderful time with your May !!

  21. To ---> "Anonymous"

    I'd gladly pass on the information, but can't reach you !
    Please change your blog settings.
    THANKS !

    Smiles & friendship threads from Belgium,

  22. sorry,
    i'm new in this blogged world...i haven't got any blog yet...

  23. Fortunately I can’t relate to your story. We have no kid and my DH is not like that at all. It’s a wonderful story though and often very true I guess.
    I hope you will have a wonderful trip to Norway and lots of fun with May Britt and all the other bloggers and people you are going to meet!
    Have a safe flight!

  24. Love the story.....have a wonderful trip! Looking forward to hearing all about it. :)

  25. Have a nice time, a lot of laughter, fun,and love with may Britt

  26. That is such a cute and real story!!!It connects us all!


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