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Friday, January 4, 2008


You may remember a request I made, last November, about the BHG 2008 quilt calendar, and how Heather so generously offered to send it to me... Well, not only did she do it, but lookie what she put in that big envelope !
"Yummy" magazines, beautiful Moda charm squares, lovely quilty postcards, and...a tumbler plastic template to rotary cut my pieces for that tumbler quilt I long to make. The icing on the cake being that all that was wrapped in a gorgeous fabric, with a ribbon.. My ! I felt like the Queen of England !
I just can't wait starting to pre-cut my fabrics (and send some to Heather, as we're planning to make the quilt together). Heather also generously offered to send some pre-cut pieces in civil war repro's - as "poor" Nadine can't find these in her little corner of the world... :>)

A heartful thank you, Heather !
I'm feeling so lucky ...

Hereunder is a photo of the beauty I 've put on my nr.2 List (the realistic one, heheee...). By the way, I accidentally "fell" on the author 's Blog. Her blog header is showing this winner. Please, please, if you don't know it yet, run to it ! Each quilt is a treasure to look at!

This morning brought to me the latest issue of my Australian P&Q, to which I'm subscribing for about 5 years, now.... I certainly have enough patterns for my own life and the generations to come,but hey.... who said we have to make all of them ?
However..... look at that gorgeous quilt on the cover ! (not to speak about the 10 other ones inside :>) ...Hmmmm... shall I put it on the (nr1) "dream list", or on nr.2 ???

Yesterday was fiesta, as well ! I had ordered this treat at Quilt Books USA, and OMG what a treat ! You may know that Rebecca Barker is a very talented aquarellist (and a quilter). She paints fabulous quilts as if they were part of landscapes. Not only can you just relax, watching the pictures and dream, but she also provides the patterns for each quilt (18 in this book)... As you will guess : I want to make them all !

I just can't resist showing you some of them (believe me, choosing was very hard !)

Well, what else can I say ?..... SWEET DREAMS, MY FRIENDS !

OOPS ! I almost forgot to tell you that I also ordered this one.... just to make a balance :>)


Edit :

Still no SSCS envelope in my mailbox... However SANTA, aka Jenny has emailed me, and the poor dear is sooo worried about this. She mailed the parcel by end of November, and doesn't understand why it still hasn't reached my home. Now I'm sorry for Jenny ! I'm so sorry for the time and money) she spent in order to please me, and I perfectly understand how she's feeling (remember when my car was stolen, with quilty parcels for friends inside ?)....

We'll move on over that, Jenny. Please stop worrying, it's not your fault at all, dear ! And, by the way, it can still come. Maybe it's blocked at the customs, or something like that. Who knows ? ....


  1. He he he.....am I very strict now LOL

  2. WOW.....you sure did get some goodies. And that Rebekka Barker book......lovely. I think I have to order that one :)
    And the last book....LOL....you really need that.
    No new projects in january you now. The first allowed new project is the one you are starting on here in norway

  3. What a beautiful parcel, lucky girl, and what great books. We'll look forward to seeing all the finishes from them.

  4. I love Rebecca Barker books. They are so pretty to look at!

  5. Look at all those wonderful goodies and treasures to enjoy.

    Oh, go ahead and start a new project - just do it - I won't tell May Britt. LOL

  6. Lucky you...again...to get such goodies :))

  7. This was a special day getting all those goodies. Is this Calender 2008 something everyone should own?? ;) I don´t think anyone dares to start a new project, we all have to finish something first and show, May Britt is going to keep us on track.

  8. What a wonderful package of goodies!

  9. What a wonderful collection of gifts and books. I'm sure you will enjoy all of them.

  10. Oh my - after reading/gazing/clicking through all your goodies, I AM on overload!! So many good things to check out. Lovely package, lovely NEW Landscapey Quilts (I have the first on next to my bed, presently!). I gotta keep you as NEW, so I can get through it all and come back again. A giant GIANT THANK YOU!

  11. What a wonderful goodies you recieved! And thank you for the link to Kathie's blog, she sure makes beautiful quilts!

  12. Lucky you! What exciting goodies to receive in the mail. Lots there to keep you busy and to enjoy. Now I shall look forward to seeing posts of the projects you make from such bounty and inspiration. ;o)

  13. And what lovely dreams they are when you are dreaming up a new quilting project. Those goodies are just such fun! I love your chicken wallhanging you are working on, isn't amazing what we put aside?

  14. thank you so much!
    you made my day!
    this is such a fun simple quilt to make and a great way to document your stash.
    Can't wait to watch you make your own tumbler quilt!
    What a wonderful friend sending you that goodie bag!
    Send me your address and I will send you some repro fabrics to include in your quilt too!

  15. Nadine, you have enough goodies to keep you busy well into spring. VBG I love the tumbler quilt on the calendar cover, too. Good choice of the book for UFOs.

  16. Beautiful calendar!!! I'v finally stopped subscribing to magazines, but find myself stopping and looking through all of them when I'm in the market. I even buy one every now and again. lol!

  17. Was that all belated Christmas presents?! So many goodies to look at and to be inspired by! If I don´t make a list, do you think I will get more finished?! Enjoy your loot and take care.

  18. decisions, decisions, decisions


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