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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008 PROJECTS - Part 1. (she did it again !)

Aaah, that Projects List ! Have I listed, and listed, and added, and deleted ! I think the most difficult part is to choose among all those beautiful quilts and stitcheries, and I guess the key words are stay realistic...
Soooo, knowing that, I made two lists :>)
---> The Dream List :

the one I mentally review, when trying to find some sleep,
the one I won't share with you as it would be too long (thus boooooring),
the one I keep secret as you would seriously wonder if I'm losing my mind...

---> The reasonable List :
the one I'll stick on, this year (doing my best),
the one I'll visualise when I'll be losing my mind (LOL),
the one I'll share with you, bit by bit, month by month, in order to keep my good reputation of a serious, organized, realistic, trusty quilter... (why are you smiling ????)

Bust that Stash !
It's not that my fabrics are pushing the walls (yet)... but I really, really want to use what I've got on hand. I bought them because I loved them, therefore I'll use them ! Believe me : I'm in the best conditions to forecast some nice scrappy quilts.
Have you visited May Britt recently ? She is showing a beautiful sign, designed by Hanne, for that purpose.

Finish something !
Talking about May Britt, well she did it again ! I mean she pushed me (us) to action about those WISP's (Works in Slooow Process), you know those small projects you have almost forgotten, those poor orphans sleeping in a drawer, somewhere...
So I added an item on my sidebar, rumaged through my piles (yes, my piles ! Haven't you got "piles", somewhere ?)... and the winner is this one :

a funny wallhanging, that I started last Easter 2007. It still needs a pieced border and some nice handquilting, before parading on my kitchen wall - or above my desktop -"Any mail ?" being the first question I ask, when I get up...


Keep your promises ! ---> Winter - 4 Seasons Quilt Swap Due by end of this month.
I'm making a small stitchery quilt in winter colors. The stitchery is almost done. It still needs a pieced border, some handquilting, and a label of course...

And that's it for now, because.... :>)


On 31st January I'll be flying to visit May Britt in Norway, Yeaaaah !


- Good friends to "push" me on finishing something,

- Good friends to "push" me on fabric diet,

- Good doctor to "push" me on food diet,

- Good hubby to "push" me on less cooking,

- Good kids to ask me "what's for dinner tonight ?"


They say a good laughter is worth a steak...

So help me God !


PS : I still haven't got my Secret Santa Christmas Swap..... (???) and I'd be happy to know WHO was my secret partner ? Maybe she had a problem... (Donna, if you read me, could you check this ? THANKS dear !)


  1. Nadine, your little quilt with the chickens is adorable!! I have to decide which projects I'm going to work on for May Britt's challenge myself, too many to choose from!!

    I certainly hope that your Secret Santa gift turns up soon!!!! I'm sure that Donna will investigate and straighten it out soon.

  2. I love your chicken quilt! That is the cutest thing. A visit to May Britt? How delightful. I know you will have a wonderful time there.

  3. What a darling quilt Nadine! I can hardly wait to see this one finished. It's so cute - I don't know how your resisted finishing it last year. I know - something else even cuter came along LOL!

  4. very cute wallhanging....look forward to seeing it completed

  5. The chicken quilt is absolutely adorable! Have lots of fun finishing it! And know you can enjoy it on your wall once it's done :o)

    I wasn't goint to take May Britt up on her challenge since I really need to focus on my B&W SBS, but after some e-mailing she convinced me *lol* - I do need to finish up some UFOs!

    I really hope your SSCS pressie shows up soon!!!

    Isn't February 2008 just the perfect month? *lol*

    Take care and happy quilting :o) Hugs...

  6. The chickens are adorable! We have little space on our wall in the kitchen, or I would have to ask you for this pattern as well!

    Can't wait to see how you finish it!


  7. I so hope you get your christmasgift soon.

    Push push........on WISPs hehehe

  8. Nadine...you make me smile!!

    Make sure you put a box of tissues next to your computer, the next one is a real tear jerker, perhaps I will wait until next week though. The children are in dire need of the mittens that I have been putting off. They have store bought ones, but they won't wear them. They are insisting on the wool ones that keep their hands toasty warm, even when the outside are stuck with snow.

    I can't believe you heard me way over there! Is that really what I sounded like? Maybe my husband is right after all, maybe I do have a big mouth!

    As long as you like the winter quilt I will stay the course...let me know when you see things going awry....

    I may have to give you credit on the label for all the inspiration support and input you have provided....heehee


  9. Ohh yes,many are the projects and the good intentions that we do in this period! But the temptations from the Web are so a lot of... and many my UFOs in the closet.... LOL!
    Your quilt of chickens is so really nice!!!Have a great New Year :)))

  10. What they said, LOL---no really that chicken wallhanging is adorable. Norma needs to see that one as she collects chicken items.

    Looks like a lot of us are taking stock and setting some goals for the coming year.

  11. Hi Nadine, what a fantastic idea to separate the different lists; everybody has an ideal list (long, too long!!) and a realistic list. I'm sure you'll do your second list and you'll show us also a bit of your ideal list!

  12. I am looking forward to seeing some more of your WISPs if they are all so nice as the appliqué chicken! Bonne Année and take care.

  13. Any mail, exactly what we are always checking on, very cute wallhanging. I do hope that you will receive your SSCS gift soooon.

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